Condemnation Press Note

The 12th June, 2010
Press note:

The decision of Manipur govt. in declaring president of UNC & ANSAM as “WANTED” is inviting more enmity towards the Naga Society by Ibobi Led-Govt.
UNC & ASNAM covers all Naga areas of Manipur and declaring them “WANTED” will not solve the economic-blockade. There are thousands of Samson & David, and thousands are willing to sacrifice for Nagas Rights.
First, Ibobi must amend the ADC 3rd amendment 2008 and the impose ADC election must be null & void. If not, Nagas are ready for any eventuality and economic-blockade would not cease without mutual-understanding whatsoever.
We have fought against Indian occupation forcefully for decade and will continue to do so. And the present critical scenario initiated by Ibobi Led-Govt. is biased and communal beyond repairs.
Why are Manipur Tribals especially Nagas discriminated indiscriminately by Meiteis? Why don’t we have our legacy to govern ourselves by preserving our culture and customary norms?
Manipur Govt. attitude is communal and enslave to import products? Is it not our Rights to exercise legitimate ownership of land?
Don’t the valley orgns. & Govt. of Manipur knows that NH-53 & NH-39 pass through Naga inhabited areas? Rather than persuading us to table discussion, deployment of state Arm forces will not solve in Naga areas will not solve the present crisis. Does Manipur Govt. not know that Nagas have fought India Military powers and have come out for political solution? Can Ibobi save from Manipur from India? Impossible!!! So, stop playing Anti-Naga propaganda by declaring of President UNC & ANSAM “WANTED”.

President, Chandel Naga Peoples’ Organisation (CNPO)

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