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4th January 2012


The NSCN is observing closely and tolerantly the intolerable situation created by unprincipled groups of gunmen in recent time elsewhere in Nagalim and also the way how it is tackle by the adversary government agency and for that matter by all national Nagas at large. Despite of willful provocation here and there, no effort is spare to keep the reconciliation process fulfils in the interest of Naga people and as per commitment given by the Collective Leadership. The NSCN also anticipate every peace loving people to extend all effort to safe guard the hard earned reconciliation process and the Indo-Naga peace talks.

The NSCN is saddened by the incident of the Reguri Village in Pochury Region, where an innocent daughter 13 years old School going girl and a housewife were blatantly shot by incompetent gunmen of Khaplang on 2nd January 2012. It also absolutely horrible when no condemnation is made by any one against such shameful act committed by unruly gunmen of Khaplang. Henceforth, all are advice to adhere strictly for recurrence of such uncalled state of affairs.

In the matter of two Assam official killed in Assam-Meghalaya border, the NSCN clarify that, it is simply accustom blatant lies and allegation made by the Assam Police and other agency against the NSCN.

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