Open letter to K. Ranjit, Works Minister

Open letter to K. Ranjit, Works Minister
Apropos to Mr. K. Ranjit Works Minister’s press statement “By Road or By Air, Muivah will be banned” that appeared on Thursday 27th May, 2010 in Hueiyen Lanpao daily esteemed paper and Mr. Yambem Laba’s “Muivah-homecoming too far” in the same paper on Tuesday 25th May, 2010. Former represents SPA Govt. of Manipur and the latter represents the public minds of Meitei people.
If Mr. Minister is of the opinion that 95% of the people who were taking part in various forms of agitations are not willingly supporting Mr. Muivah but participated under pressure and if he thinks he is such and an expert on Naga Matter and statistics then he should be made the minister of Naga Affairs & Statistic Depts.
Nagas are more than happy to have Mr. Ranjit as one of the Hony committee members of any Naga Orgns. and see for himself whether people come out willingly or he has to go to every household and pressurize the people to come out.
Mr. Minister, politics is different from public/social activity. Its not like shooting Advocate General of a state and being rescued/covered by the power that be. Ones profession, as they say, is known by the initial-background of the person. Being involved in contract and business activities, you do not, as known, know about the ABC of social activity.
If such statement comes from such a Minister on behalf of the Govt. then one does not have to do indebt thinking to know the efficiency or the color of the Govt.
Mr. Yambem Laba, no doubt, is a great columnist. As per his statement, CM of Manipur sent him to Delhi to meet Centre Leadership to solve Yambem Thamkishore’s, the then DC-Chandel problem as the officer was abducted by Armed-group in Chandel. That, his effort solved the problem.
If he is such a good negotiator besides a good-writer, why does not the Hon’ble Chief Minister (O. Ibobi) of Manipur send him once again to Viswema to solve the present polluted atmosphere? His skills could cut short the suffering the people (both Hill/Valley) are undergoing at the moment.
Mr. Laba, Muivah holds Indian Passport, you acknowledge that. Having Peace talks betwixt the GOI-NSCN/GPRN. Mr. Muivah Ato-Kilonser has every right to visit his native village.
If, we were Mr. Yambem Laba, a good-writer, we would compose a poem as follow:-
I dot Welcome Mr. Ato-Kilonser
The Great Leader of Neglected N-E;
Why! UCM is right!
Why not! AMUCO is right!
Why! UNC is right!
Why not! ANSAM is right!
Thou the great people of SANALEIBAK
Wazir-e Azam, all India Radio Srinagar
Ato-Kilonser, thou know
Yonder in history-reasonable people
Done post-mortem; post-battle

Cry WE-why pre-homecoming
Sloganeering CHINGTAM-TAM amatani
Larger TAM-healing toucher
Call to, Alas! Yet falter yet
Comrades, think twice
Their Ato, could be harbinger! Wonder!
Presumption not but reasoning
Foreseen the world
Oh! This thinking world of mine.

Issued in the interest:
Media Cell, CNCSCCC

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