Open Letter to CM of Manipur on NH-150

Open Letter to CM of Manipur on NH-150
– Hmar Tlawmngai Pawl (HTP) –
18 May 2010

Date: May 18, 2010
Subject: Open Letter to CM of Manipur on NH-150

Mr. Ibobi Singh
Chief Minister of Manipur


We, the Hmar Tlawmngai Pawl (HTP) have been silently observing your indifferent approach towards the Hmars in Churachandpur district and the NH-150 which is the arterial road that connects Tipaimukh sub-division with the rest of the State and other adjoining States of Mizoram and Assam. You are fully aware that the Hmars and other communities living within Tipaimukh sub-division have been suffering beyond limit due to non-functioning of NH-150. Despite the bare fact exposed in front of you and the government of Manipur, you have been paying deaf ear towards the suffering of our people.

Surprisingly, when economic road blockade takes place on NH-39, you have no shame in bowing down before the government of Mizoram, begging them with folded hands to let you take your trucks and tankers via Mizoram so that your vote-banks in Manipur don’t suffer. In this regard you have no second thought in scrutinising extra expenditures involving due to fuel, time, energy, and security. If you have the will and determination, you could easily take an abrupt decision in making trucks and tankers carrying human subsistance to Manipur via Mizoram. On the other hand, you and the government of Manipur have no will and determination to make NH-150 usable even though you are fully aware of its importance. In fact, had NH-150 been in good condition, your attempt to avoid NH-39 passing through Nagaland would have been easier, cost effective and more logical.

In view of your arrogant attitude towards the people of Tipaimukh area, we are now considering road blockade on highways connecting Manipur from Assam and Mizoram for trucks and tankers. This action will be discretely executed in order to let you realise the sufferings of our people in Tipaimukh sub-division. We will let you reconsider about full renovation of NH-150 and construction of Tuivai Bridge connecting Mizoram. If you agree in writing and start the works immediately, we will also reconsider our plan to sabotage highways and any other roads that can be used for plying trucks, tankers and any other vehicles travelling to Manipur.

You may carefully think over it. If nothing is heard from you and do not act posivitely to our demands within 24 hours, we will consider that you are hell-bent in not alleviating the sufferings of the people in Tipaimukh sub-division. We will go ahead with our own actions and you shall be taken fully responsible for any undesirable incidents going to take place.

Yours faithfully,

Lalramsan Hmar
Hmar Tlawmngai Pawl (HTP)

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