“ Naga Youth Front open letter to all who wants to hear only the voice of Imphal valley on humanitarian ground only”

“ Naga Youth Front open letter to all who wants to hear only the voice of Imphal valley on humanitarian ground only”
This is an open letter to all concern that refuses to listen to the Naga peoples’ side of story on this present issue. The present economic blockade was imposed when all democratic means was exhausted against the imposition of the unwanted District Council election without peoples consultation. This was the first insult. This very act was rejected 20 years back by the tribals of Manipur. The present economic blockade was enforced under the aegis of All Naga Students’ Association (ANSAM) since April 12, 2010. First one week was imposed yet Ibobi kept quite and refused to listen to the cry of the tribals. Since then the indefinite blockade was announced. However, against all democratic means invitation was sent to UNC on 26th may on the day of 1st phase polling of district council at 2 pm through DC Senapati District after a gap of 3 months of representation and democratic means. This was the second insult. Ironically Ibobi has not invited for dialogue to ANSAM till now.
To make known to all who are trying to polarise/divert the present issue to Honourable Ato Kilonser Th. Muivah proposed visit to his home town to attend the fasting revival programme from 5th to 7th May which is an every year affair since 100 years after Christianity was accepted and also meet people to share on the progress of Indo-Naga peace process. This was the Third insult.
Much to the pain of people who have been affected by the blockade be it Meitei, Tribal, Nagas the Naga people is more painful to go up to extend of economic blockade which is the most unwilling act to do. Instead of exploring means and ways to end the impasse Ibobi along with Meitei Minister Biren, Ranjit without any remorse on Mao incident, Taphou, Khumji and Ukhrul communal indiscriminate firing upon women and children leading to 2 death and hundreds and hundreds of women injured. They went all out to suppress through media war, communal inciting meeting in all localities in the valley and taking commandos/MIRB to cut through the road where in Khumji women and children were targeted. Irabot, a senior minister instead of advising the government for peace means solution he went on for making into solo hero and ended firing in NH-53on innocent women in Noney. Local MLA Y. Surchandra of Kakching, under Thoubal District along with his supporters destroyed Maring Naga village sign board written as Chandel District, that there is no Naga in Manipur.
With the appeal from all section on the plight of innocent people in Imphal valley, to review on economic blockade issue from various perspective the United Naga Council (UNC) had call for presidential council meeting of all tribe on 7th June, ANSAM call presidential council meeting on 8 June and Coordination committee of UNC and frontal organisation of all district meeting on 8 June. It was open information to all tribe body, students, and members in all districts. Ibobi as Chief Minister was aware of it on review meeting been called, when all state intelligent agency are omnipresent in different colour and shaped. However, to the dismay of Nagas suddenly he came out on the same day of meeting with the arrest warrant with ‘wanted tag” of Rupees one lakh each on UNC president and ANSAM president in the name of acting president. However, the Naga people decided to give 5 days to IBOBI and his communal cohort if sense and sensibility would prevail. This cheap gimmick to criminalise the Naga Traditional body and members to sub-human was adding salt to the wound. This was the Fourth insult.
Now ladies and gentleman, tell us who is responsible for the blockade and who want to continue? Is it not sufficient that IBOBI and his communal cohort want this conflict to continue? Where was the logic to come out with wanted tag with prize when he knew the whole Naga people were having meeting to review the blockade? And when has Imphal valley media published Naga statement, except rejoinder to Nagas statement which was never published in their dailies papers? Rather the press themselves in different names/orgs issue rejoinder to confuse the whole population in the valley. Why did they black out the exodus of Indians from the valley quit notice issued?
Convince the Nagas and tribal, that who want BLOCKADE to continue and misled the world? Is it not Ibobi and his communal forces Government who wants to continue with the blockade? Nagas are simple who will stand to the fact not try to misled neighbours unlike IBOBI and his communal cohort sponsoring for counter blockade in Imphal valley and some miscreant in Assam undermining the people there.
The NYF condemn all who in the name of peace misled the people through false propaganda which is crime against humanity. Ibobi and his communal cohort trying to divert on arrest warrant to two Naga leaders from the main issue is a foolish planning. Nagas know what our right are before even he was born. NYF Appeal to all different Indian political parties and the power that be in Delhi, must understand not sway away to the cheap propaganda. No where in the world has problem been solved through false propaganda and misleading of hard facts.

Investigation and Publicity.

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