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It tears our hearts asunder to note that a movement led by completely devoted fighters of the Sikh community did not come close to a situation to which those fighting for Kashmir have taken theirs. Behind India’s claims that it has been successful in getting the militant organizations to come to a negotiating table in Kashmir, hidden beneath its glee that New Delhi has managed to somehow clinch a deal with the fighting Naga rebels is a hard reality that the world knows only too well, no matter how much the Indian media cooperates with the establishment to hide.
New Delhi has got its nose nastily bloodied and had little other option but to accept demands of Kashmiris and Nagas which it so casually rejected out of hand only a few years ago. The brave people of Kashmir and Nagaland have brought India to its knees.
Look at Kashmir .
Three young men with a tragic and powerful common bond — they lost their fathers to terrorists on exactly the same day 12 years apart (May 12), targeted for trying to talk to New Delhi . Meet Hurriyat’s new generation leaders Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, Sajjad and Bilal Lone and of course that often lonely voice who knows how much a gun weighs and what state persecution and prosecution can do, JKLF chief Yasin Mallik.
These are the men leading the secret talks which are no more secret.
The sincerity that has been displayed by these Kashmiri leaders has ensured that even the secret talks were undertaken after making an announcement that “secret talks will be happening.” That is the kind of transparency that often was lacking in Punjab . Even after India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram was made to admit in Parliament what his government took great pains to deny for months — that he was in ‘quiet talks’ with separatist Kashmiri leaders, there was a quite acceptance in the Valley.
The street is watching, and if the deal is skewed, it will rise. Chidambaram has done the right thing by announcing withdrawal of several paramilitary battalions from the valley, pushing Jammu-Kashmir police into the frontlines of state security and promising some other measures, but Kashmir needs a much more decisive healing touch.
Just like the north-east, Kashmir too must insist on completely scrapping the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). We understand that it will be difficult to find a consensus among Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Leader of the opposition Mehbooba Mufti, the various Hurriyat factions, the Hizbul Mujahideen, the Pakistan interlocutors and New Delhi but it should be clear to all that there is no sole representative of the Kashmiri people. In fact, that is a mistake that armed movements often make, and then pay heavily for.
The ongoing talks may not be an opportunity for final resolution but they are a chance to change the course of history from here onwards. New Delhi refuses to acknowledge that Pakistan has made a contribution to the ongoing talks that will be criminal not to acknowledge. The ceasefire along the Line of Control announced in November 2003 has largely held for six years and it is because of this that other initiatives have followed.
The Srinagar-Muzzafarabad bus, the Manmohan Singh-Musharraf talks (2004-2007), the return of the Army to barracks in Srinagar, Baramullah, Kupwara and Anantnag, the transfer of control to paramilitary forces, the strengthening of the J&K police force, and work on cross-LOC linkages- transport, trade, tourism all are a result of Pakistan’s commitment to the ceasefire.
New Delhi is acting too small by refusing to acknowledge and is acting as a rogue by continuously demonizing its neighbor.
As for those talking, it is for the Hurriyat’s factions and Kashmiri people to decide how much they want to descend from their declared objective of achieving Azaadi, the rallying cry for the Kashmiris. Those involved in secret talks must understand that the silence or absence of defiance by the war weary Kashmiri should not be treated as a change in the sentiment.

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