Tension as SF ‘disrupts’ NSCN (IM) function

Mengujuma | December 12 : A column of the Assam Rifles from the Zubza outpost today created tension when the security forces “disrupted” the proceedings of an NSCN (IM) annual conference/pre-Christmas programme at Mengujuma village here today.
As soon as the vote of thanks started, heavily-armed troops of the Assam Rifles in a mini-truck and a Gypsy disembarked at the venue and started moving freely among the crowd gathered there, some taking photographs and some appearing to be checking for presence of underground cadres. The apprehension was heightened when at least one of the AR jawans reportedly took position just above the venue with a 2-inch mortar.
After leaders of civil organizations, including Western Angami Public Organization and the Angami Students’ Union  approached the AR officer in-charge, an officer in the rank of major, and asked him to call off his jawans, the matter seemed to end there and then. However, the same party of Assam Rifles blocked the road just outside the village, with boulders and frisked   vehicles and occupants of vehicles coming out from the village. Both  the NSCN (IM) and civil leaders, particularly the ASU, voiced outrage  terming the action of the Assam Rifles as a direct provocation.
Reacting to the “intrusion” of the Assam Rifles “during a programme aimed at maintaining peace and harmony particularly during this festive season”, the kilo kilonser of the NSCN (IM)  termed it as a direct provocation and a blatant violation of the ceasefire ground rules by the Government of India.
Insisting that the Government of India is not at all sincere in solving the Naga issue, the kilonser  accused India of  creating problems to ‘confuse’ the Nagas. “We cannot trust India, they are not sincere in solving our problem. Instead, they are always creating problems by disturbing the public”, he said referring to today’s incident.
When contacted, the PRO (IGAR North) maintained that the Assam Rifles had no intention to disrupt the programme but had merely acted on received information about the movement of armed cadres  in the area.
As per the PRO, on receiving information about the movement of armed cadres, a column of the Assam Rifles was dispatched to the area for search shortly after which the troops withdrew and returned to their barracks without any incident.
Earlier, addressing an event of the NSCN (IM) Angami region at Mengujuma here as chief guest today, the kilo kilonser also asserted that India is not really sincere in solving the Naga issue, referring to India’s statement that territorial integrity cannot be compromised. Admitting that there is a semblance of peace today ‘due to the ongoing ceasefire with the Government of India,’ Keditsu however maintained that the question of whether the peaceful situation in the state would continue depends on the Government of India.
Exhorting the officers and members of the Angami region, he asked its cadres to take more effective measures “to check anti-social activities” particularly in state capital, Kohima. Reminding that the organization has not authorized any of its members to indulge in anti-social activities and bring shame to the “name” of the NSCN, he appealed to the cadres to maintain self-discipline and to abide by the ‘ahza’ of the group.
Also, exhorting the Angami community, the kilo kilonser appealed to the people belonging to the tribe to use their wisdom in making choices, to be broadminded and learn from past mistakes. Today’s programme was marked by colorful cultural presentations, songs, a friendly tug-of-war between the cadres and civilians and much feasting.

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