Rejoinder Naga Army


The Naga Army is constraint to issue this statement lest the Naga people are misguided and misled to come to wrong judgment and put the FNR’s hard earned reconciliation and unity at the risk of losing its foundation that has been built during the last period. The factual picture has to be exposed and the story has to be told for public consumption. 

In the first place it has to be mentioned that the Naga Army valued the peace process that has been initiated by FNR but when something goes wrong at the hands of certain persons and which stands to tarnish the image of the national workers some kind of action cannot be avoided. This refers to the version of the GPRN/NSCN giving out a totally different story on the arrest of Phukuto Khing,Razuo Peyu,Kulalo Khing,Khapur, and Sohilo Kemp by the Naga Army of NSCN.

The actual story was that these three persons has been warned several times to stay at distant from the vicinity of the Vephu=so Battallion,Naga Army. The concerned CO also shows prudence to even apprise the Rengma Hoho and the Village Council of their unwarranted activities and to reason with them. However, despite such forbearance and call for understanding their activities goes on unabated. Their activity is tantamount to any anti-social groups or hoodlums and far from reflecting the behavior of any person who understand and respect social ethics. Placed under such compelling situation the Naga Army has to exercise the option of arresting them. However, on establishing their identity they were released without further delay in the presence of the Rengma Hoho and the Village Council keeping in mind the interest of the Naga people and the reconciliation process that is progressing.

 On the issue of tax collection the manner of disorganized collection as practiced by the so called GPRN/NSCN generate undesirable reactions from different angles. The above incident could not have happened had the GPRN/NSCN followed certain acceptable norms.

There is no deviation as far as our cooperation with FNR is concern and we shall continue to extent fullest cooperation to FNR to see that the Nagas stands united and hasten the process of Indo-Naga solution. This spirit shall always remain and the Naga people’s wishes shall be respected.



(Colonel Levi Zimik)

PRO, Naga Army.

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