MP suggests ‘State’ for Burmese Nagas

MP suggests ‘State’ for Burmese Nagas

November 20, 2009

An arrangement in the frame of an administrative State for Myanmar Nagas within Myanmar has been suggested by Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament from Nagaland Khekiho Zhimomi, to Myanmar government leaders.

Although this suggestion has for now not been made at the official or government level, the MP has been in regular interactions with Myanmar government leaders over the aspect, for Nagas in the erstwhile Burma.

The suggestion of the MP is similar to that which was made earlier to the Ambassador of Myanmar to India, U-Kyi Thein, by Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his ministerial delegation in May this year.

Neiphiu Rio had met with Ambassador U-Kyi Thein in Delhi. Rio had broached the issue of an exclusive administrative “status” for Myanmar Nagas as an ethnic group. To this, Thein had assured that the matter would be taken up with the Junta leaders about ‘recognizing’ Myanmar Nagas with an administrative or political “status” as a unique group within the greater Burmese stratum.  

In an interaction with The Morung Express tonight, Zhimomi said from Delhi that he has been in regular contact with Myanmar leaders through various forums and platforms. He said to have suggested to Myanmar leaders of the possibility of a State for Nagas in Burma, which according to the MP, would only benefit the military-ruled Buddhist state and its interests.

Implying that there was no harm in broaching the prospect of creating the suggested State, Zhimomi said it would not benefit India, only Myanmar directly.  “Myanmar leaders are responsive and they are not objecting to it. This suggestion only benefits the Myanmar government” Zhimomi said.

The MP said this ‘one-time suggestion’ is not official for now. He expressed deep concern at the deplorable condition of the Naga population in Myanmar who still live in near-deprivation socially and politically. Zhimomi implied that his suggestion of a status – if granted at a political level – would mean proper education, roads and communication and welfare coming to the Myanmar Nagas.  

“Eastern” Nagas not neglected

Member of Parliament Khekiho Zhimomi has said that “eastern” Nagas are not neglected, as claimed by opinions emanating from the so-asserted “eastern Nagaland” regions.

Zhimomi said there was no discrimination of any form or sort to the said region’s people. In fact, he said, the state government of Nagaland has been exerting its utmost to share in the interests of the “eastern” communities.

The state leadership, especially the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland, has been sensitive to the concerns of the “eastern” region and its peoples. ‘It may not be comfortable enough for everyone, but all possible efforts to the possible extend are being exerted, sharing in their interests,’ Zhimomi said.

On his leadership and capacity as a Parliamentarian Zhimomi assured that if any “proposal” for the region comes up from the Centre, he would communicate of it and make efforts towards bringing them to reality. Member of Parliament assured the “eastern” Nagas that ‘our services are always available and to all sections of the people.’

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