May 2009 News

May 2009 News


Ministry of Information and Publicity


7 May 2009

The Joint Council meeting held on 6 May 2009 seriously views the unabated illegal encroachment in the Padam Pukheri and its surrounding area which is already declared a national heritage site. The site has tremendous historical and cultural importance and its protection is of utmost priority. In this connection the GPRN seek the cooperation from all concerned to protect and preserve this site from destruction. The council also appeal everyone concerned to abstain from encroachment either for residential or commercial purposes for the greater interest of all.

The council also feels that the State government should take on the responsibility and utilize the resources at its disposal to preserve and protect it from wanton destruction. If the present trend of encroachment continues uncheck the NSCN will be left with no option but to take the full responsibilities for its protection whereby the state security agencies stationed in vicinity would be urged to make ways to us to carry on the task.

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NSCN (IM) meets Nelson Mandela in South Africa

Kohima, May 7:

It was way back in 1947, a Naga delegation led by A Z Phizo met Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and expressed Nagas desire to live as a separate nation, and today after nearly eight decades the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) had called on the Mahatma Gandhi of Africa, Nelson Mandela, to seek his support and intervention to resolve the vexed Naga political impasse, acceptable to both Nagas and India.

What transpired during the meeting with the South African leader could not be known, but NSCN leaders here said former kilo Kilonser and now secretary of steering committee (the highest policy making body), R H Raising led the Naga delegation and met Mandela and leaders drawn from African political parties and non-governmental organizations. Among other NSCN members Angnaikham, member of steering committee, was also part of the delegation. Date of meeting with African icon could not be confirmed but NSCN sources here said Naga leader had flown to Africa from Switzerland.

World leaders must be briefed about the Naga issue properly. We visited Nelson Mandela and he has assured his support, NSCN sources said.

Kilo Kilonser (home minister) of GPRN, Keditsu Chakhesang also said NSCN leaders had met South African leaders and discussed the Naga issue. Some of our colleagues went to South Africa, Chakhesang said. But he did not want to disclose details about the meeting with the South Africans. He said some NSCN leaders also met policymakers and leaders from civil societies from United States of America. “We were invited by them,” he added.

Chakhesang also confirmed of NSCN leaders meeting leaders from cross section of society from Africa, Europe, Asia and America

The Naga group has so far roped in world-renowned politicians like Nelson Mandela, former US president, Jimmy Carter, influential US politician and democrat senator, Barbara Boxer.

Carter has urged both Nagas and New Delhi for peaceful settlement of Naga problem.

The group has also gained support of dozens of international organizations from across the world, which included, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO).

The overseas trip of NSCN leaders is also against the backdrop of Naga consultative meeting with Naga diasporas on March 7-9 on Naga political issue. Overseas Nagas were in consensus for non-violence campaign to settle Naga problem. NSCN leaders also attended the consultative meeting.

NSCN led by Swu and Muivah have also ruled out armed struggle to gain self-rule for Naga homeland, but at the same time warned that if they were forced upon there would be no alternative but to resist it.

Apart from NSCN leaders, leaders drawn from various Naga organizations have been meeting different sections of world community over the last couple of years. Most importantly in 2006, Naga NGOs leaders led by top NSCN leader Angelus Shimrah also met the leaders of Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which is still part of Papua New Guinea to work out their model of conflict resolution.

Bougainville Island is the main island of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, part of Papua New Guinea (PNG). This region is also known as Bougainville Province or the North Solomons. After many years of bloody armed struggle with Papua New Guinea authorities this region has been finally granted maximum autonomy for some years.

NSCN leaders here said they would continue to lobby to garner support for the Naga cause vis-à-vis early solution to the nearly 70 years old Naga political problem with the centre. (Page News Service)


Press Release

9 May 2009.

During the course of more than 60 years of Naga political struggle the adversaries appeared in different forms in different opportune time to alienate the true revolutionaries from the people; to divert attention from the core issue; to create dissension among the national workers; and so on and so forth. But the Naga people and the true patriots withstood all those and no more in confusion. And it will continue to happen until a negotiated political settlement is arrived. It came with no surprise to the NSCN when an acronym, “MNRF” appeared in the media. We are fully aware of the brain behind it and these are all signs of their desperation. NSCN does not spend time on such shadowy issue.

It is immaterial to the NSCN to give attention to every Blabbering of those seeking media attention. Of course, it is often disturbing to the ears but to dig the past, even the recent past will be shameful to few and unpalatable to swallow for many. It is only the parent that knows better how difficult it is to deal with a spoil brat.

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Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

14th May 2009


The General Court Martial (GCM) of the Naga Army GHQ has sat several times and has heard thoroughly the case of murder of Dr.Kishan and his driver Aribam Rajen and an official Y.Token on 17th of February 2009 near Senapati by Lt.Colonel Hopeson Ningshen, the then Commanding officer of the Kiusumong Battalion Naga Army posted in Wung Tangkhul Region (WTR).

The GCM has discovered that the murder was committed not without provocation. The arrogance added with reckless corruption of Dr.Kishan the SDO of Kasom Block has not only shocked the people of the area but it has also infuriated all the people including Lt.Colonel Hopeson Ningshen who is also from the same area. Repeated warning against running his office at Imphal went unheeded and the deceased did remain impenitent about his corruption in spite of public outcry.

The Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul Pankaj Kumar Pal who has a long standing and violent ego clash with his SDO is seen to have exploited the situation leading to the ultimate murder of the latter. Circumstancial evidences have convicted the Deputy Commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pal as the master mind of the murder of Dr.Kishan and his two staffs.

However, the Chief Minister of Manipur Mr.O.Ibobi Sing who is also the Home Minister and Mr.Ranjit Sing, work Minister who visit Kasom Khullen the next day of abduction of Dr.Kishan and Staffs have a share of responsibility in the death of the victims. They must therefore be prosecuted as required by law. Since Lt.Colonel Hopeson Ningshen has claimed the responsibility of the murder as sole perpetrator of the crime the GCM is satisfied to award the below mentioned penalty to Lt.Colonel Hopeson Ningshen.

That, as per “The Naga Army Act” of Rules and Regulation (NAARR) 2002 Lt.Colonel Hopeson Ningshen bearing Army No. ST-28014, former Commanding Officer of Kiusumong battalion has been convicted guilty of abduction, illegal detention and ultimate murder of Dr.Kishan and his two associate Aribam Rajen and Y.Token on 17th February 2009 under Article 70 Clause 3, Sub Clause V Article 76 Clause ii of NAARR.

Therefore, the GCM is satisfied to terminate Lt.Colonel Hopeson NIngshen with immediate effect from the service of the Naga Army. The GCM is also pleased to dismiss all his services rendered to the Nation. All military decoration as well as ranks awarded to him has been stripped off. He is also to undergo rigorous imprisonment for seven (7) years counting from the day he has been arrested. He is also to pay a fine of Rs. 50,000/- (fifty thousand) only to the GPRN. In default of which he shall undergo simple imprisonment for another one year six months.

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Ministry of Information and Publicity


15th  May, 2009

The NSCN/GPRN seriously views and vehemently condemned the incident that took place on 13th May 2009, at Dimapur where one Nagaland government maruti van bearing registration number NL-10-6439 was stolen by Lieut. Nonghothong and his wife of the so called Unification group at Kehoi, Who were caught red handed in the act by Nagaland police. In the followed up search one pistol was also recovered from the bag of Lieut. Nongothong’s wife. The NSCN/GPRN strongly questions the habitual intentions of anti-national and anti-social criminal acts of the unification group which has become almost a daily occurrence to the total dislike of the innocent public and shifting the blame to other by justifying their own mistakes for years. The NSCN/GPRN would like to know as to whether Kehoi cadres have the license from their higher-ups to carry out perpetual crimes and disturbances to create social unrest and disharmony in the society which has become intolerable for our society and called upon the public to condemn such incidents and be aware of anti-national elements which have greatly disturbed the peace and tranquility of the society and also endangering the life and property of the innocent general public. It also urges upon the state law enforcing agencies to check such heinous and barbaric acts of the so-called national workers and take stringent deterrent actions against the perpetrators so as to eradicate and avoid such incidents in the near future.

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Ministry of Information and Publicity


16TH May, 2009.

Condolence Message

The NSCN/GPRN expressed grief and pain on the sudden demise of Col. (Rtd.) and ex-Tatar Mr. Yangbongse Sangtam, presently De-activate member, who breathed his last on 16th May 2009, at Showba near Dimapur. Late Yangbongse Sangtam, started his journey as a true, faithful and devoted national worker since 1953 in NNC, who served as Volunteer president of USR in1957, and later rose to the rank of Captain in 1962, and attained colonel, who also served as Commanding Officer in FGN by dint of his distinguished service till 1975. After the infamous Shillong Accord, the situation compelled him to take rest for some years at home. He rejoined NNC/FGN as Colonel in 1982.

However, as a man of principle with vision and courage, he joined NSCN in 1984, and was appointed as OSD for one year. He was elevated and appointed as Tatar in 1986 and served in the same capacity till 1999.

On health ground he was enlisted as De- activate member in 2000 till date.

His passing away is not only a lost to the Sangtam Community but also a great lost for the Naga nation who would be remembered as one of the faithful and dedicated nation builders for generations to come. At this moment of grief and sorrow, the NSCN/GPRN convey heartfelt condolence and prays that  the Almighty God will grant solace and courage to the bereaved wife and family to withstand this irreparable loss and prays for the departed soul to rest in eternal peace.

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‘19 May 2008:

Loss of 15 lives will haunt Azheto

Unprecedented in the history of the long Naga struggle, fa-naticism and communal fang is displaying its ugly heads, a sheer madness of overbearing attitude by giving priority to communal and sectarian interests over Naga national interest.

The en route of mob culture is a direct challenge to undermine the main issue of the Naga people under the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process. This is also to be treated as an effrontery that will only boomerang. Because no communal force with its hawkish mindset will ever succeed in its futile attempt to put the Indo-Naga issue at the wrong hands of illegal organization. No sane Naga individual or society will take a step forward to make any alignment with such force that abused the Indo-Naga issue from communal angle.

The tragic incident leading to the loss of 15 precious life will continue to haunt Azheto Chophy for a very long time to come, the real culprit in any sense of the term. This is a fight between two rival groups, a reluctant fight back for the NSCN to teach Azheto group not to go overboard, sacrificing many souls for a lost cause.

The demonstration of protest against the killing on the line of communal mob is uncalled for and against the spirit of justice and social cohesion. This is nothing less than senseless intervention bereft of any spirit that encompasses the interest of the whole Nagas. Making rough-shod over the Indo-Naga issue of such dimension with uncivilized killings of innocent Nagas on communal line is a shame that cannot be erased easily. Significantly, making a communal issue of killing as a result of factional fight of serious nature as provoked and started by Azheto is a mockery of highest order.

Interestingly, human and inhuman way of looking at the killings is visibly seen, as hue and cry was raised for any killing falling on the side of NSCN’s rival. But killing of public and NSCN members were just scorned at, and laughed away as if they are worthless animals. Is this not an act devilish deception that has come to exist under the shadow of Azheto?

A coward and hypocrite in the incarnation of national worker or sympathizers under the stolen name of NSCN have become the most dangerous elements and history will judge the folly of this madness.

There is no use focusing on the notoriety of Azheto with the usual hyperbole. The diversion of the Naga’s energy and time should not go headstrong but rationale.

Issued by: MIP, GPRN.


PM sincere in resolving Naga issue: Rio

Kohima | May 25:

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today disclosed that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed keen desire to resolve the Naga issue within the present tenure of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Rio expressed deep appreciation to the Prime Minister for ‘his sincerity’ towards resolving the Naga political issue at the earliest.

Briefing newspersons of his recent visit to New Delhi, at his official chambers here this afternoon, the chief minister said  the Prime Minister had in his first sentence after the formal courtesies, clearly stated, “We have to resolve the Naga political issue within this term”. Welcoming the statement and appreciating the sincerity and concern of the UPA government towards resolving the protracted Naga political issue, Rio expressed hope that it will not be long before a settlement is found. Towards this, he made a fresh appeal to all political parties, organizations and civil society to cooperate and work towards a solution to the Naga issue.

On the DAN government’s  extending unconditional support to the UPA  government, Rio said the decision was taken in the larger interest of the people of Nagaland. On the state Congress’ charge of Rio playing a double-standard game, he rubbished the allegation pointing out that the DAN government had supported the last UPA government too. By extending support to the UPA does not mean that the DAN has become UPA or a part of it, he asserted. The chief minister had also personally handed a letter of support to the Prime Minister during his Delhi visit.

Meanwhile, Rio said he has also personally taken up the issue of the Nagas of Myanmar with the Prime Minister as well as the Ambassador of Myanmar during his Delhi visit. Rio is   hopeful of working out some ways to help improve the living conditions of the Nagas living in Myanmar. He said Ambassador U-Kyi Thein had said the people of Myanmar and Nagaland are brothers of one family and had expressed his keenness to have close relationship with the Naga people.

The Myanmar Ambassador’s keenness, Rio said, was evident when he (Thein) proposed cultural exchanges and assured that Myanmar would soon invite the Nagas to Yangon to discuss about  Naga issues and to take up developmental activities.

Thein had also impressed upon Rio to pursue with the Indian Government for financial assistance to the Nagas for construction of schools, roads, healthcare facilities, etc. On behalf of the Nagas, Rio said, he has invited the Ambassador to Nagaland and to visit the Nagaland-Myanmar border areas.

On the recent merger of the BJP with the NPF, Rio welcomed the “bold and swift” decision of the BJP legislators and the rank and file of the BJP to merge with the NPF without any conditions. Also, noting that the DAN consensus candidate for the Lok Sabha, C. M Chang had won by the highest margin recorded in the entire country, Rio termed as the united mandate of the Nagas for peace, unity and development.


NPMHR doubts ‘true intent’ of GoI

Dimapur, May 25 :

Referring to what it said is the “anti-peace process masquerades” of the Indian military, the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) today expressed doubt at the “true intent” of the Government of India in resolving the Naga-political issue.

The organization today issued a statement through its secretary general N. Venuh, decrying the Indian military’s “lust over harassing the Naga people.” The NPMHR asserted that the Nagas have all the reasons to be anxious and the Government of India has “all the time in the world to wear the mind and spirit of the Nagas and their struggle.”

That the search for a negotiated settlement to the decades-old political impasse has been dragging on for the last twelve years, the organization said the Indian government is “well-equipped to thwart the Naga movement”. In fact, the NPMHR claimed what it called “an act of self-defense” is being read as terrorism by India and continues to suppress the Nagas’ aspiration.

“The Cease Fire Agreement signed on the basis of the three principles has been negated by the Government of India and its military rank and file lust over harassing the Naga people. Undeniably, the Cease Fire was signed as two equal entities,” the organization said. However, India has been engaged in building its military concentration in the Naga areas with new military camps and check gates mushrooming along all important roads.

The NPMHR claimed that the Indian paramilitary forces, particularly the Assam Rifles forces, are “inhumanly engaged in harassing innocent and defenseless people”. The true intent of the Government of India is highly questionable as it claims peace but directs its military and paramilitary forces to conduct military operations under disguise, the organization said. “They have been threatening the peace process from day one and their provocative acts still continue unabated,” NPMHR explained.

Condemning the “anti-peace process masquerades” of the Indian military and paramilitary forces, the organization appealed to all citizens “of the world” to join in the Nagas search for peace.



Ministry of Information and Publicity


26 May 2009.

On the basis of the confessional statement of Mr. Imtikumzuk and Mr.Hetoi, the accused in the 25 March incident at Doragapathar, Dimapur the NSCN/GPRN took Mr. Temsulemba Longkumer in its custody on 6th April 2009 as part of its investigation. The following are the excerpts from his confession for the information of all concerned.

Mr. Temsulemba Longkumer is the son of Mr. Lokma Longkumer of

Changtongya village under Mokokchung District. He got appointed as a sub-jail Warder on 04/10/04 and underwent 3 (three) months training in Home Guard Training Centre at Toluvi, in 2005. While serving in the sub-jail he became acquainted with Mr. Hetoi. In 2008 Mr. Hetoi was released after completing his jail term. But again Mr. Hetoi was arrested by police on robbery and jailed in Central Jail, Dimapur.

Later, in the first week of February 2009, he (Temsulemba) bailed out Mr. Hetoi from Central jail on the assurance that he will be given Mr.Hetoi’s bike if he bails out Mr. Hetoi. After the release Mr. Hetoi keeps delaying on signing the court paper on this or that pretext. Instead Mr. Hetoi asked him to direct some gazette Officer’s residence where they could rob some money.

One day he went and met Mr. Hetoi at rail gate to get his signature in the court paper. There he referred to Mr. Hetoi a residence of his own villager in Naharbari (Doragapathar). The following day when he went to meet Mr. Hetoi at rail gate Mr. Imtikumzuk was introduced to him by Hetoi. Mr. Hetoi asked him to show the house to Mr. Imtikumzuk and in the second week of February 2009 he took Mr. Imtikumzuk in his scooter and showed the residence of Mr. Imo (ASE) of his own villager (Changtongya) at Naharbari (Darogapathar). He had no knowledge of their whereabouts for few days since then until he heard about the

incident and saw the photo of Mr. Hetoi and Mr. Imtikumzuk in the newspapers.

Later in the first week of April 2009 Mr. Hetoi and Imtikumzuk came to his residence and asked for help but he refused. That same day he dropped them near Hotel Senti, traffic point.

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‘A Naga International Support Center, NISC,

A human rights organization

Press Release

Amsterdam, May 24 2008

Let’s not forget the Eastern Nagas!

After a visit to Leshi Burma/Myanmar Eastern Nagaland the Naga International Support Center , NISC, has increasingly become concerned about the fate of the Nagas living there. The stand of the Burmese junta where its own citizens are concerned is visible for all to see and appraise. Consequently it is now apparent that all indigenous peoples as wells as the Burmans themselves are captives in their own land.

The Khaplang Group has strongholds in Eastern Nagaland known to the Nagas as Nagalim Burma

Though saved from the terrible effects of cyclone Nargis the Nagas are in the same oppressive predicament as all others in Burma. And here is where the Khaplang group comes in:

Being an Eastern Nagalander himself one would think that the heart of the K group would be concerned with the suffering of the oppressed Nagas in Burma. Instead the K-group, now primarily it’s leadership consisting of Semas focuses more on intertribal fighting. And so, as a consequence the Burmese Nagas are left dry with neglect. Their own brothers and sisters turn a blind eye to their being oppressed by the brutal and callous junta. To integrate them fully into the Burmese society, as the schools only teach Burmese language and not much else, they are persuaded to become Buddhists .

On the basis of its last visit to Leshi, January 2008, NISC calls on NSCN(K) to

–          use its camps for the struggle against the Burmese oppressors

–          concentrate its efforts in alleviating the burden of its fellow Nagas

–          to defend them against discrimination and conversion by coercion,

Because they are isolated, their fate at stake as they are economically persecuted when they persist living their own culture and religion, NISC considers it of utmost importance to stand up for the eastern Nagas in Burma.

But surely this does not concern the Khaplang Group only. Hence:

NISC urges all Naga forces to support the Nagas of Burma/Myanmar. Lay down animosities,  resolve differences, forgive each other redeem to defend the rights of all Nagas.  Considering the suffering of the Nagas People in India and Burma factional differences should not overrule the common stand of wanting to be free of oppression from India as well as Burma.

Khaplang Group? Your fellow Nagas in Burma are in dire straits. Don’t abandon them! All Naga forces come together to help them out!

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