June 2009 News

June 2009 News

Press Release

2nd June 2009

With reference to the United Sangtam Advisor Board meeting held on 24th March 2009 and subsequent approval from the Kilo Kilonser. The Sercretary, Ministry of Kilo Affairs,GPRN through an order awarded force discharge against Mr.Yangpongse Sangtam, Raja Peyu USR from the active national service on account of mis-appropriate of fund both region and central. Henceforth, he shall be barred from joining the service again.

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2ND June 2009.

The action of the NSCN/GPRN to hand over Lieut. Col. HK. Ningshen, the accused in the killing of Dr. Th. Kishan to the Naga Hoho on 28 May 2009 is unprecedented in the history of the Naga national struggle. It took tremendous courage for the NSCN leaders to take such an agonizing decision.

Lieut. Col. Nighshen was found guilty by Military Court Marshal on 14 May 2009. Though the impasse between the GOI and the NSCN continued over the killing of Dr. Th. Kishan and the NSCN was prepared to face any new situation that unfold out of this incident, it was eventually the Naga Hoho that intervened. The full trust and confidence of the NSCN made it all possible to hand over Lieut. Col. Ningshen to Naga Hoho.

Reaffirming the commitment made by the NSCN Collective Leadership to the then Indian Prime Minister Late P.V. Narashimha Rao in Paris in 1995 that, “NSCN will leave no stone unturned to find an amicable solution”  NSCN will not allow any obstacles that comes in the way of peaceful negotiated settlement. The NSCN condemned the murdered of Dr.Th. Kishan and his two staffer  committed by   Lt. Col. HK. Ningshen. It is a crime against humanity and crime against the principle of NSCN as well.

Issued by MIP




Ministry of Information and Publicity


5th  June 2009.

The NSCN/GPRN feels it important for all concerned to know the actual circumstances that led to the death of Mr.Tsenchithung Yanthan on 24th April 2009 at Doyang under Wokha district. It was very unfortunate that the incident would result in his death. It is unfair to speak ill of the dead but the fact should be make known so that misconceptions does not overtake us. On the faithful day Mr. Tsenchithung was apprehended by the NSCN for his indulgence in anti national activities he was completely under the influence of drugs. On seeing his condition our cadres did not resort to any harsh treatment but gave some slaps in front of the public.  But unfortunately, his condition did not become better and despite our best efforts he succumbed to the

drug overdose.

After his death our cadres call the Lakhuti Village Chairman to

explain about the deceased person character. The Chairman admitted that Mr.Tsenchithung and Mr. Chinithung they are habitual drug abusers and peddlers. Basing on the Village chairman’s statement our cadres apprehended Mr. Chinithung an ex-Khapur of NSCN-K. Mr. Chinithung also confessed that together they used to collect tax for the NSCN-K and extort money in the highway between Yikhum and Doyang with his .22 pistol. Mr. Chinithung was release after warning never to indulgence in such anti-social activities.

The NSCN/GPRN expresses regret and sorrow for his death and it was not our intention to do any harm when he was apprehended.

Issued by MIP



S. Daiho Mao

Kohima | June 7

The recent appointment of ML Kumawat, Special Secretary (Internal Security) Ministry of Home Affairs as chairman of both the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) and Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB) by replacing Lt .Gen. Retd RV Kulkarni, seems to have not been received well by both the Government of Nagaland and NSCN-IM.

Both the state government and the Naga outfit has expressed reservations on the appointment of Kumawat as a ‘unilateral decision of the Government of India’. The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken unilateral decision in appointing Kumawat as new chairman without even consulting the state government, Home Minister Imkong L Imchen said. He wondered whether the new chairman would be stationed in Kohima or ‘stay in Delhi and monitor things.’

Similarly, the NSCN-IM has expressed strong reservation. “We’ve made our stand very clear to the GoI”, said “brig.” Phungthing Shimrang, convener of the Ceasefire Monitoring Cell, NSCN-IM. “In the past, any changes to be made was done through mutual understanding and consultation with both the parties involved, but the NSCN-IM was not informed or consulted in the appointment of the new chairman,” the NSCN-IM convenor stated with distaste.

The NSCN headed by SS Khaplang and now known as “NSCN/GPRN”, however seems to be a little more receptive to the appointment of the new chairman. Member of the Ceasefire Supervisory Cell, Hokato Vusshe when contacted said that the GoI may have taken the decision to replace General Kulkarni as demanded by his organization. Hokato however said that GoI had not consulted or pre-informed on the new appointment. On the other hand, Hokato asserted that if Kumawat had replaced Kulkarni, he must be stationed in Kohima and monitor state of affairs. “I don’t think by sitting in Delhi, he can monitor the situation” he said.

Meanwhile, outgoing chairman Lt. Gen (Retd) R.V. Kulkarni said he came to Nagaland for the sake of the people and that he had great affection of them. “The time I stayed has bound me”, Kulkarni said and admitted to having been in good contact and association with different sections of the Naga people as well as the underground factions.

On what role he would play on the Naga issue after been relieved of his assignment as chairman of the CFMG and CFSB as he already had very close association with the Nagas, he simply said “it would be with great interest, I’ll be watching”. Gen Kulkarni who was relieved of his assignment said to leave Nagaland on June 12 next.

M.L. Kumawat took over as Special Secretary (Internal Security) in the Ministry of Home Affairs on February 23, 2007. Kumawat, a 1972 batch Andhra Pradesh cadre IPS officer, was posted as Additional Director General in the Border Security Force prior to his stint as Special Secretary (Internal Security).


‘Let us Unite…Now’

Dimapur, June 9 (MExN):

Pointing out that the Nagas owe a better future to their children, people and nation, the Naga Hoho today send out a clarion to the people to unite, and open a new chapter in this phase of history. The Naga apex said it is time to do away with the old page of past ‘policies’ and open a new chapter, work together to seek new ideas and initiatives to face challenges of the future. A Naga Hoho statement received here today reminded that Nagas can no longer afford to do what they have been doing.

Naga Hoho says it is time to chart a new chapter, ideas and vision  Also, in a subtle sign that the Naga Hoho has begun setting its foot in its deserved place as the apex Naga entity, the statement also mentioned charting a new course “for the Naga Hoho.” Relatively, the hoho also said that the greatest challenge of the people today is the challenge of restoring peace and confidence-building amongst the Naga tribes.  This is a challenge needing confidence-building and peace-based on mutual understanding of tribes and capabilities.

“We cannot afford to keep doing what we have been doing. We owe our children a better future. We owe our nation a better future. And for all those who dream of that future today, we appeal – let us begin the work together. Let us unite in common effort to chart a new course for Naga Hoho and our people” the Naga Hoho stated through its resident Keviletuo Kiewhuo and general secretary P Chuba Ozukum in a statement.

It is about time, the Naga Hoho reminded, the people reinvent the nation and restore the Image of the people before God and the world. “Leaders of Nagas, this is our moment – this is our time; our time to turn the page on the policies of the past; our time to bring new initiatives and ideas to the challenges we face; our time to offer a new direction for the country we love.  No matter how long we may take or the journey may be difficult, the road may be long. Let us face this challenge with profound humility and remake this great nation so as to enable us to look back and tell our children that this was the moment we ended a conflict and restored our nation and image of the people before God Almighty and the outside world” the statement said.

Unmistakably referring to the disease of tribal one-upmanship in Naga politics and the drive to prevail over the other, the Naga Hoho said that the greatest challenge facing the Naga race is the challenge of peace and confidence-building among different Naga sections. The Naga hoho echoed: “Today, the greatest challenge facing the Naga people is the challenge of peace and confidence building among different sections of fellow Nagas based on understanding each other’s tribe and their capabilities.  For too long, we have viewed the size of our population as a social and political liability for which enough blood have been shed and shattered our dream for a common future.

The Naga nation today, the Naga apex said, is found that all the groups and individuals are labeled with certain stigma one way or the other, divisions and categories and petty bickering. “No matter how strong or weak one may be, educated or uneducated, skilled or unskilled; the challenge before us is to ensure that each and every Naga citizen is an asset. Every individual’s life is so dear and precious to all rational and so also eliminating one person from the same family is irreparable” the hoho reminded.

The hoho assured not to give up hope to stop bloodshed among fellow citizens “designed by occupational forces” with “vested interest and anti-Naga people.” Highlighting these points the hoho fervently appealed to all in concern to end immediately all forms of killings between the Naga underground workers and groups. Relatively, the hoho has demanded for a stop to the culture of targeting innocent public, civilians and travelers through various forms of “threat perception” and intimidations.

Also whichever groups are involved in abduction and killing of innocent civilians should step out openly “as a true Naga.” The hoho alluded to the pain and trauma of children and kith and kin of victims whose whereabouts are yet to be informed.

Further, the Naga Hoho advised, politicians and political parties and their machineries should work cohesively based on the principle of good governance towards crafting a welfare state. The Hoho appealed that the political entities should stop encouraging detrimental elements in the state from creating unwarranted human suffering. Mass-based civil society and churches are appealed to perform their duties judiciously with the beacon “united we stand divided we fall.”

For the underground workers, the Naga Hoho had this appeal: “The leadership of every Naga national organizations, governments to retrospect every single killing because our armed Naga boys are committed and they should not be used to commit sin against men and God in the pursuit of freedom.”



9 June, 2009

On the five days (3rd -7th June 2009) prayer and fasting program the Sovereign Lord manifested that to save the Naga Nation it is to rely on him through prayer or else there’s no option. He is the only way to save our nation.

Therefore, on coming 19th June 2009 all the Naga populaces (home and abroad) are to pray and fast with confession to enter into the New Nagalim. Let us therefore, listen to his stern calling without judging you and I rather submit our self everything in God’s hand. This is the right time to submit unto him, do not miss it.

God is always with us praise His name. Amen.

Issued by:

(Major Shem Jajo)

Head Chaplain, Naga Army

General Headquarter’s



11 June 2009

The NSCN authority has thoroughly investigated the killing of Late Atovi Yepthomi at Dimapur on 25 January 2009. Taking into account all sources of information and circumstantial evidences of the killing, the investigation reveals that there has been misinformation which resulted in unwarranted killing of Late Atovi Yepthomi.

The NSCN authority considers the killing as very unfortunate and tenders its sincere apology to the bereaved family and the Thahekhu village Council. It also appreciates the patience, understanding and cooperation of the parties concerned during the course of its investigation.

The NSCN authority has decided to award appropriate punishment to the errand cadres at the earliest.

Issued by MIP



Naga Hoho irked by NC Hills and Intangki

June 19:

The Naga Hoho met today in Kohima and discussed issues related to what the hoho called “intrusion” into Intangki National Park as well as the “killing of Zeme Nagas” in the North Cachar C Hills. The matter of “reconciliation process” among what it called the “Naga political groups” was also discussed.

A note from the Naga Hoho today said the meeting seriously viewed the “serial killing” of Nagas and razing of their houses under the guise of ‘Dimasaland’ during the past few months. While not mentioning the deaths of Dimasa people, the hoho however termed the bloodshed as an “absolute infringement and denial of basic fundamental rights of every individual which is intolerable in this contemporary world”.

The Naga Hoho denounced the escalation of violence and carnage perpetuated by the DHD Militants on “June 16, 2009” and the resultant killings of fifteen Nagas. It is a violation of basic human rights which deserves the highest condemnation from all walks of life, the Naga Hoho stated.

The Naga organization also questioned the credibility of the Assam Government as well as the Indian security forces as to why the situation could not be brought under control for such a long period in spite of heavy deployment of security forces. “…Naga Hoho shall formulate strategies towards organizing a protest rally in Nagaland in association with the people of Dimasas in a search for peaceful co-existence and brotherhood,” it added.


Tkl bodies say no to IRB, Cdos

Jun 19 :

The one day public consultative programme to maintain peace and tranquillity in Ukhrul district organised by Tangkhul civil organisations at Rashing hall yesterday has resolved to demand immediate withdrawal of IRB and commandos from Ukhrul.

A joint press release issued by Tangkhul Naga Long, Tangkhul Katamnao Shaklong, Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long and Tangkhul Shannao Long asked as to what prompted the Government to deploy IRB and commandos in Ukhrul district when there is allegedly no law and order problem.

The consultative meet demanded revocation of disturbed area status from Naga areas of Manipur and the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act as well.

It resolved to participate and support the vexed Indo-Naga peace process.

The Tangkhul civil organisations also conveyed deep concern over the establishment of designated camps by the State Government harbouring thousands of Kuki armed cadres in Naga areas, particularly at strategic sites and national highways.

After three decades of human rights violation by security forces, peace was finally realised after New Delhi and NSCN (IM) signed ceasefire pact in 1997, it said. The Tangkhul civil organisations also hailed the Chiang Mai V, 2009 declaration, “Covenant of Recon- ciliation” signed by NSCN (IM) chairman Isak Chishi Swu, NSCN (K) chairman SS Khaplang and FGN president Brig (retd) Singnya.


NSCN (IM) accuse Gorkha Rifles

20 June,2009

The NSCN (IM) has expressed “grave concern” over what the ‘MIP’ stated is the “unwarranted activities of Indian Army (Gorkha Rifles)…” The NSCN (IM) accused it of “actively working hand in glove with KNF (J) and attack NSCN (I-M) in a shot out between NSCN (IM) and KNF (J) at Lungleiband khongbung, Khoupum, Nungba Sub-Division, Tamenglong on 12th May 2009.” This is a cause for serious concern “violating the Cease-fire terms and conditions” and calls for immediate attention on the part of the government of India to avoid further “unwanted repercussions” an MIP note stated today. “The involvement of the Gorkha Rifles working in collaboration with KNF (J) in the incident was proven through the discovery of two military combat caps bearing No. 5007153 and 5007159 belonging to the Indian Army (Gorkha Rifles)” it added.



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

22nd June 2009

The NSCN/GPRN once again draws the attention of all Naga general public irrespective of tribe or community to the issue of Intanki Forest Reserve and makes its stands crystal clear once and for all. That the already declared Intanki National Park belongs to the Naga Nation as a whole, nobody; tribe or community can never claim the ownership of it in any respect. Any element whether tribe, community, society, group or National Worker that encroaches the demarcated Reserve Forest will be treated as illegal “ ENCROACHERS” which would not be tolerated but certainly attract stringent action in accordance with the standing Azha of the GPRN. In this regard, a Joint Council Meeting under the Chairmanship of Collective Leadership, GPRN, dated 6th July 2007, issued an order vide No. 36-03/PROH/MKA-2007, dated 10th July 2007, prohibiting tracking, hunting, fishing, cutting fire-wood, cultivation of oil seed or any related activities causing deforestation of Intanki National Park which was followed by pronouncement of a directive by the Collective Leadership dated 25th Sept.2007, prohibiting the same and declaring Intanki Reserve Forest as National property and treasure. The site has tremendous economical, geographical, historical and cultural importance and its protection is of utmost priority for Naga generations to come. All the new immigrants or encroachers would be evicted without any further warning with necessary punishment as deem fit by the GPRN. In this connection, the GPRN seeks the cooperation from all concerned to protect and preserve this site from destruction since it is the only treasure of the Nagas having great potentials to become a tourist hot-spot.

The action of the Naga Army on 16th June 2009 was just a noble and faithful job executed for future generations as per standing Azha of the Collective Leadership, GPRN, dated 25th Sept. 2007. No NSCN/GPRN leader has even an inch of land within the parameter of Intanki Reserve Forest as misgivingly alleged by some vested destructive elements at the cost of the Nation. The intentional encroachers should rather be punished for not abiding with the law of the Land.


UNC seek Sonia against militarization

Senapati | June 25 :

The United Naga Council (UNC), an apex civil body of the Naga community in Manipur has apprised United Progressive Alliance chief Sonia Gandhi of the recent Manipur cabinet decision to deploy state police commandos and Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) in the hill districts of Manipur.

Submitting its missive to the UPA chairperson, UNC president Samson Remei and speaker S Milan said the representatives of the United Naga Council on behalf of the Naga people in the state, is concerned. The council termed the Manipur State cabinet decision to deploy Manipur police commandos and Indian Reserve Battalion as a deliberate move to disturb and sabotage the Indo-Naga ceasefire and the peace process in the region.

The UNC memorandum stated: “As you already aware, there is peace process since August 1, 1997 between Government of India (GoI) and National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) to find amicable settlement of the long drawn Indo-Naga political imbroglio resulting in cessation of hostilities, social harmony, secure and peaceful atmosphere ensuring stable administration in the region for the last more than a decade.”

It also said that the administration in the valley districts is virtually on the verge of complete collapse. “It can be vividly substantiated from various establishments including governmental agencies and other social and civil organizations.

The valley has been witnessing extra-judicial killings and arbitrary detention, torture, degrading and inhuman treatments of innocent civilians in the pretext of counter insurgency, every now and then.

The deployment of IRB and police commandos is an utter nuisance for the common people of their nature of high handedness and inhuman behavior,” the UNC told Sonia Gandhi.

Throughout the history of movement, the UNC said, the Nagas have experienced all forms of suppressive methods both physically and mentally and now, there is no way back to surrender their rights. The council said the callous trend of triggering terror tactics to control the hill districts on the pretext of counter-insurgency is ‘crude policy’. Circumstances and events that prompted the people to protest against the IRB and the police commandos has it logical input, the UNC pointed out.

“The recent state cabinet decision to deploy Indian Reserve Battalion and police commandos in the hill districts is considered as a motivated intention to provoke peaceful atmosphere to cease peace by using the state forces in the pretext of counter insurgency,” the council lamented. It could critically affect cordial relationships and may even flare communal disharmony in the state, the UNC cautioned. Sonia Gandhi is requested to intervene and advise the state government of Manipur to review the clause of the Manipur cabinet decision for the greater interest of the people.


Ukhrul protests Manipur Cabinet decision on IRB

Aya A. Shimray

Ukhrul | June 25

In what is seen as a direct affront to Manipur’s SPF-led government, a massive protest rally was held at Ukhrul headquarter this afternoon against the state Cabinet’s decision to deploy more Manipur Police commandos and IRBs in the hills districts of Manipur.

In spite of the inclement weather which threatened to play spoilsport, thousands of people from various sections of the society converged for a public meeting at the Tangkhul Naga Long ground in Ukhrul today. The protestors were seen holding placards which read, “Ukhrul is an island of Peace”, “Ibobi Govt: Don’t Disturb Peace”, “Stop state-sponsored Terrorism”. The Ibobi-led SPF government, citing ‘law and order’ problem has already deployed commandos and IRB forces in the four Naga-dominated hill districts of Manipur, including Churachandpur.

Ever since the Manipur Cabinet okayed the proposal to deploy commandos and IRB forces in the hill districts, various hill-based peoples’ movements and NGOs have registered their resentment against what is perceived by many as ‘unwarranted’ and ‘unjustified’ move by the government.

“There is no law and order situation in Naga areas. We will resist till the end. The government shall bear all responsibilities as a fall-back of any in-eventualities arising out of the government decision”, warned Raising, vice-president of the TNL while addressing the mammoth gathering. Ever since the Center and the NSCN entered into a ceasefire in 1997, the district has witnessed a relatively peaceful era for the past decade.

“Our people will not remain mute spectators. We will rise and fight back democratically”, stated Wungnaoshang, president of the Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS). He was also critical at the Cabinet decision to open designated camps of the Kuki undergrounds within Naga areas terming it as ‘sowing seed of discord and severing the age-old ties between the two major tribal communities’.

A joint statement signed by the four apex organizations – the TNL (Tangkhul Naga Council), TKS (Tangkhul Students Union), TSL (Tangkhul Women’s Leaque) TMNL (Tangkhul Youth Council) – termed the move as an attempt to ‘disturb’ peace in the district and called for immediate revocation of the decision.

Later, the rallyists assembled at the premise of the Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul where a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister was handed over to the DC. “This development is expected to snowball into a major confrontation between the hills people and the Manipur state government, unless the government revokes the decision at the earliest”, stated a community elder. Today’s rally is seen as an initial step of a series of strategies being worked out to protest what they termed as ‘wanton’ and ‘communal’ policy of the Manipur government.



Ministry of Information and Publicity


29th June 2009

The much talk about of extortion prevalent in Nagalim and the recent statement of Nagaland Home Minister Imkong L. Imchen, terming the taxation by the Naga National workers as extortion, needs proper introspection on the issue to clear from misunderstanding by the general public. Without taxation no government could survive or run its administration. It is mandatory and binding on the part of every citizen to pay tax to their government. It is not collected through coercion or threat. Involvement of threat perception is not taxation but tantamount to extortion, which is carried out by the anti-people or law breaker.

Like any other governments, the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN) has been collecting taxes from various business communities and citizens to run its administration and judiciously utilize it to meet expenditures involved in the struggle against the occupation of external forces on its territory. The NSCN/GPRN never collected taxes through threat or coercion. It is the willingness on the part of people to contribute his or her share to the government brought the national struggle movement thus far. The NSCN/GPRN is the mandated government of the Naga people to liberate from the Indian and Myanmar domination in every aspect of life.

Terming the NSCN/GPRN taxation as extortion is tantamount to rejection of the very existence of Naga Nation and denial of its rights as an entity among the nations. Thus it is unfortunate on the part of Nagaland Home Minister Imkong L. Imchen trying to drag the Naga nationalist as anti-social elements which is nothing but denial of his own self as a Naga. Mr. Imchen may disown his statement and clarify his stand on the protracted Naga movement. He may also point out clearly who the underground factions are carrying out extortion.

The NSCN/GPRN maintains its uncompromising position very clear that no authority on earth can stop it from realising taxes from the people. Further, it warns of any individual or groups indulging in extortions impersonating the NSCN/GPRN shall invite serious consequences.

Issues by MIP


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