Integration of Naga areas inherent right of the people

Imphal | November 13 : The United Naga Council (UNC) has objected to the recent statement of Union Home Secretary GK Pillai in Nagaland that physical integration of Naga-inhabited areas would not be possible under the present circumstances in the North East. The UNC addressed a memorandum to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Friday. The UNC communicated the desire of the Naga people of Manipur on the impending Indo-Naga “political peace talk to make our unwavering political position for correct assessment towards finding negotiated settlement.”
The memorandum to the Prime Minister stated that the recent statement of the Union Home Secretary,  on Naga integration,  is a divisive mechanism and a sinister attempt of the government of India to disturb the ongoing peace talks. “Expressing disagreement on the unethical and unilateral utterance, the Naga people in Manipur under any circumstances cannot agree to his proposal which contradicts the above historical agreed principles,” UNC stated.
The UNC claimed that the integration of “contiguous Naga areas” is ‘inherent and intrinsic feature to the political, socio-cultural and economical determination of the Naga people.’ “It is a solidarity bond of common-hood and oneness,” UNC stated to the PM. “The Naga people have already given the mandate to the Nagas’ representatives to pursue the dialogue for negotiated settlement by upholding the political and historical rights of the Nagas during the ‘consultative meeting’ held in 2002. This mandate still stands valid,” the UNC said.

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