February 2009 News

February 2009 News

Press Release

7th February 2009

When the Indo-Naga ceasefire was signed in 1997 it was done without any condition placed on NSCN. But after more than 11 years when

Indo-Naga political talks was held for more than 60 rounds, the new Union Home Minister P.Chidabaram is uttering something new where he

commented that NSCN should present its proposals within the Indian constitution. This is a breach of agreement and a total betrayal to

the Nagas. The commitment given by the earlier Prime Ministers, taking cognizance of the unique history of the Nagas that Indo-Naga political

conflict should be given honorable solution should not be set aside.

This will be a breach of trust that reflects P.Chidabaram’s immaturity and perception on the political issue that NSCN and GOI has been

trying to come for a mutual agreement.

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Stage set for historic Naga Reconciliation convention

Dimapur, February 12 (MExN):

The stage is set for the first ‘Naga Convention for Reconciliation and Peace’ envisaged to send a clear message to the various Naga “national” groups about  the Naga people’s desire for reconciliation between them, to end bloodshed and to embark on a “Journey of Common Hope.”

Side by side with the call for reconciliation, will also be another reminder to the world, of the Nagas’ struggle to decide own destiny. The convention is with the theme “Let my people go”, which is reminiscent of the 1951 plebiscite where “99.9%” Nagas appended their thumbprints for a separate Naga nation.

Prominent church leaders Rev. Dr. Wati Aier, also the convener of Forum for Naga Reconciliation, and Rev. Zhabu Terhuja, former general secretary of Nagaland Baptist Church Council, are the keynote speakers at the two-day convention to be held at the Kohima local ground February 21and the 22nd.

Addressing a press briefing here at Hotel Saramati on Thursday, the forum’s convener Rev. Dr. Wati Aier and members Rev. Dr. VK Nuh and Nepuni Piku said the convention was the outcome of the “Naga gathering” held on September 25 last year at Sumi Baptist Church in Dimapur. In the gathering, 37 Naga tribal hohos, churches and other organizations expressed their wish for a “mass gathering of the Nagas as soon as feasible,” to take forward the reconciliation process.

“All the Naga ‘political’ groups have given their consent to reconcile. The reconciliation process which began a year ago cannot be turned back. Nagas are committed to reconciliation, peace and unity,” stated a press note issued by the forum at the press meet.

On the progress made so far towards reconciliation, Rev. Wati said “We have covered a long distance and we are no longer at the crossroad.” Urging the Naga public and individuals across the length and breadth of Naga lands to participate and strengthen the Naga reconciliation movement, the forum said Nagas have embarked on a “Journey of Common Hope.”

“Reconciliation work belongs to all and in this, each individual is a factor. Let us not think that reconciliation among the Nagas is unreal. Let us not come to a conclusion that killings and conflicts are inevitable, that Nagas are doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control,” the forum’s note said.

Reiterating that “no problem of Naga destiny is beyond us,” the forum said “humanity’s reason and spirit have solved the seemingly unsolvable, and Nagas believe that we too can do it, above all, by God’s wisdom and strength.”

Organized by the forum along with other Naga frontal civil organizations, one of the highlights of the convention will be “Celebrate the Naga spirit” on February 21 evening where renowned Naga singers like Methaneilie, Takatemjen, Rewben Mashangva, Nise Meruno and Naga Idol 2008  Narola will sing on the theme of reconciliation, peace and freedom.


Outfit condemns Senapati murder

Dimapur, February 17:

The “Maram-Thangal CAA home affairs” of the NSCN (IM) outfit has expressed condemnation for the murder of  the SDO  of Kashom Khullen and two other staffers, whose remains  were found on the February 17, in Senapati, Manipur. The remains of SDO of Kasom Khullen, Dr. Kishan Singh, and two other staffers were found under a bridge on National Highway 39 between Taphou Kuki and ‘9 MR’, stated a note from the Maram-Thangal CAA” P Nogi.

The outfit’s note expressed “regrets” at the murder, terming it a ‘most inhumane’ and an act of cowardice. Such incidents are very “unfortunate”, the note stated and challenged the “murderers to come out with claims and reasons for the acts”.


Press Release

19th February 2009

This is the reiteration of the NSCN’s stand that it is not involved in the heinous killing of Kasom Khullen SDO and his two staffs. This must

be the gameplan the adversaries or other anti-social group to sabotage the hard earned peace process that is underway. Under such

circumstances the people should not allow themselves to be carried away by some baseless allegations as reported in the local media. NSCN

is seriously looking into the matter and investigation will proceed in right earnest. And here comes the necessity of getting all

co-operations from individuals and civil societies. Any persons who feed us with loading information/clue will be handsomely rewarded.

Related to the incident is the missing of three employees of the Kasom Khullen SDO office, namely Ramthing, Ramshing and Kapangkhui. There

whereabout is not known. But they should be released unharmed at the earliest if any group is responsible. Let the law follow its own

course against anyone who are connected with the murder.

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Press Release

19th February 2009

Condemnation and Condolences.

It is shocking to learn of the inhuman killing of the SDO of Kasom Khullen and two of his subordinate staffs by un-identified persons.

The Wung Tangkhul Region (WTR) of NSCN condemn such act of cowardice,and such persons have no place in this civilized society.NSCN is

committed to peaceful co-existence, irrespective of race, color and religion. We are for building harmonious socio-religion and

socio-linguistic relations. Keeping in view the serious nature of the crime every effort will be made leaving no stone unturned to pinpoint

the culprits.

Our condolences also goes to the families of SDO Thingnam Kishan,driver Aribam Ranjan and a Mandal Yumnam Token whose bodies were found

at Taphau Kuki village after they were bludgeoned to death.

Issued by:

Captain V.Hongreinao



Press Release

19th February 2009

Irresponsible was the role of Imphal local daily “Hueinlanpao” and Joint Action Committee(JAC). Restraint is the need of the hour under

such situation. People’s emotion should not been generated in such manner, directed against any organization. This is unbecoming of the

role of mass media. Common people are prone to believe the newspaper’s reports as gospel truth, and thereby carried away easily. Things can

turn more explosive when such situation is exploited by anti-social elements with communal sting. More surprising was the manner of sit-in

protest by women in Imphal organized by JAC. Everything was directed against NSCN and showing the organization in a very bad taste. Vulgar

and indecent was the placards attacking NSCN in the filthiest language. This kind of protest is regrettable, and JAC is advised to

be more careful and responsible. Mis-directed protest only goes to hurt people’s sentiments, and this is dangerously harmful for social

harmony and peaceful co-existence.

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20th February 2009


The Assam Rifles-NSCN stand-off at Shirui was amicably solved on 2nd February keeping in view the mutual interest of both the parties not to dampen the spirit that has carried the Indo-Naga political peace talks for more than 11 years. But while the NSCN still stand by this commitment the 17 Assam Rifles (AR) at Ukhrul is giving all indication that they don’t give two hoots about honoring it. On 9th February 09′ unidentified persons set off bomb at Ukhrul main town area. Concern of its duty the Town Command of NSCN went to the spot to investigate and track down the culprits. The Assam Rifles also came in the guise of looking into the matter. But instead went headlong after the NSCN members. To be on the safe side and not to allow the Assam Rifles to come in direct confrontation on some pretext the NSCN cadres move out in their vehicle. But within no time they were pursued by Assam Rifles. Knowing the aggressive mode of the AR the NSCN members abandon their vehicle to set off on foot. The Assam Rifles came rushing to the spot and fired towards them. It was a divine providence that the bullets missed them. The unprovoked provocation of AR never goes down well with the desire of the NSCN to create a new but peaceful environment after the unpleasant Shirui episode. What is going to happen to the Naga people if AR is given a free run. The anti-AR psyche that is already running high is being given a new thrust. When the AR who are the ground force in the region worked at cross-purpose with the political bosses in New Delhi’ this dangerous trend if not properly checked will undo the whole structure of peace built up over since 1997.

Let it be known that Assam Rifles does not live in isolation to go notorious against NSCN, under one pretext or the other. Any civilized armed forces across the world will not stoop so low to bulldoze its

way at the cost of playing nuisance with the ceasefire that is already passed 11 years. The world is watching the post ceasefire Indo-Naga relation, particularly the free rein given to the Assam Rifles. The

ethical standard that normally governs any ceasefire signed between two entities is missing on the Assam Rifles. Unfortunately the democratic image of India has undergone severe beating at the hands of

Assam Rifles.

It will do immense good for GOI as it tries to establish itself as the country that detests any act of terrorism. But given the nature of AR State actors of terrorism exist in the land where the ceasefire was signed in 1997. Double standard interpretation of Indo-Naga Ceasefire is against historical reality and therefore unrealistic in the search for the Indo-Naga political solution.

All said and done, the AR’s devious means to bring about a state of panic in Ukhrul by planting an explosive device is the main cause of generating tension in Ukhrul. Because the Assam Rifles  is generating a false alarm to find pretext to run down on NSCN. Such devilish conspiracy against NSCN will do no good to AR whose slogan “AR friends of the hill people” is now nothing more than devilish charm.

In another incident the combine forces of Prepak and NNC provoked the Naga Army of NSCN and a clash took place in the morning of 18th February at Duithanjang Khaupum valley. 4 Prepak members died on the spot and 2 (two) seriously injured. There was no casualty on NSCN side.


Press Release

20th February 2009

When the investigation on the brutal killing of Kasom Khullen SDO Dr.Th.Kishan and his two staffs are already on, every single piece of information either through testimonials or any sources will be taken into consideration in order to go deeper to unearth everything about the murder. Vital clue appears to be coming out from the wife of late.SDO, and the credibility of the testimonials of the persons mentioned by Romita, the wife of the slain Kasom Khullen SDO will be examined from every angle, so for the testimonials as reported in Imphal based local papers are very vague. Nevertheless, investigation will spare no effort to refer to all these testimonials, despite lacking legal validity.

The concern shared by Revolution People’s Front (RPF) on the killing of Dr.Kishan is well appreciated, and certainly scoundrels are present among the Tangkhuls or any other tribal groups to play the divisive game as desired by Indian intelligent agencies like RAW( Research and Analysis Wing). NSCN is moving in the right direction to root out these anti-social elements.

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Kilo Kilonser

Press Release

21st Feb. ’09.

Taking into consideration the ravity of the brutal killing of Kasom Khullen SDO and his two staff the NSCN stand by its statement that it has no hand in the killing. But in the event of some NSCN members found to be involved in the killing befitting punishment shall be given and justice shall be delivered. No such persons, big or small, shall be spared from facing the severest penalty.

Issued by:

Kidutsii Tsuzuh


NSCN (IM) CO behind brutal killing of SDO

Dimapur, February 22 (MExN):

The NSCN (IM) has expressed “utter disappointment” that one of its commanding cadres  of “Kiusumong battalion”, “Lt col.” Ningshen was the brains behind the brutal killing of Kasom Khullen SDO and two others. “In what can be termed as the most shocking revelation, one of our senior officers turned out to be the black sheep of the family. To our utter disappointment, it has been established that the commanding officer of Kiusumong battalion, lt. col. H. Ningshen was the brain behind the brutal killing of Kasom Khullen SDO and his two aides”, stated a note issued by “col.” Levi Zimik “PRO/IPR”, ‘Naga army’. The NSCN (IM) note wondered ‘what could have prompted him to undertake such severe measure against the civil servants of Manipur Government’ and that this “cannot justify the inhuman action meted out under his command”. The NSCN (IM) asserted that he was being “tried in the military court of Naga army”.


Accused ‘confesses’ but brings out “charge-sheet”

Dimapur, February 22 (MExN):

The individual responsible for the brutal killing of Dr. Th Kishan SDO of Kasom sub-division, his driver Aribam Rajen and another official Y. Token, has confessed pointing out that he was “entirely responsible” for the killings and that it was “dictated” by his own conscience and “no official direction is involved”. However the accused H Ningshen, of the “Kiusumung battalion, Naga army” brought out a three-point “charge-sheet” against the SDO. “I was driven to take such extreme step compelled by the following reasons”, the statement said. Ningshen stated that Dr Kishan “deliberately failed to operate his duty from his officially established office at Kasom Khullen” and that he ran the administration from his private residence in Imphal. “This is against public interest and against official rules”, the statement said.

Ningshen also alleged that the SDO had manipulated and misappropriated public money allotted for developmental schemes for Kasom sub-division. It was also alleged that the SDO was ‘found to be closely collaborating with the so called NNLA (Naga National Liberation Army) led by Aleng and Indian intelligence agencies deliberately to undermine the NSCN’. “These anti-NSCN activities continue despite repeated warning”, he went  on  to  claim.

The accused claimed that these three “charges” were brought against the SDO time and again but that the latter refused to “correct himself”. “And ultimately, I was forced to go by my own conscience to take this drastic action”. The statement also clearly stated that the action taken against the three were “executed without the involvement of any sanction from the government, army or civil authorities”.


NSCN (IM) welcomes talk at the highest level

Kohima | February 23 :

Commenting on the just-concluded Naga Convention for Reconciliation and Peace the NSCN-IM tonight expressed appreciation at the development especially with regard to the point that reconciliation must take place at the highest level of all “Naga political groups”. “What has been discussed and adopted on the reconciliation at Kohima local ground is something to be appreciated. And now everything must follow in the right earnest and with the spirit of tolerance and patience,” the NSCN-IM said in a note issued by its MIP.

“From the very beginning the outfit’s stance has been made very clear and it was all for the genuine unity that must come-forth from the highest level as the second rung leaders of the other groups are simply beating about the bush and nowhere to take decisive action on reconciliation and unity” it stated.

“In the past we have participated twice in such convention expecting the highest leaders to turn up but they failed to show up, much to the disappointment of the NSCN top leadership. Nevertheless, the persistence of FNR is well appreciated”, the NSCN-IM statement said. “Let it be known that the NSCN will never stay apart from the Naga peoples’ socio-political aspiration. And that was the reason why NSCN took the initiative on this crucial issue” it asserted.

Rio upbeat on reconciliation push

Nagaland chief Minister Neiphiu Rio is appreciative of the reconciliation initiatives being undertaken by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation. Extending full support to the peace and reconciliation efforts under the forum’s banner, Rio also welcomed the clarion of “GPRN/NSCN” chairman SS Khaplang that the voice of the people is supreme.  In a message today, Neiphiu Rio extended appreciation and congratulations to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation, particularly in the backdrop of what he said the recently-held successful Naga Convention for Reconciliation and Peace. The chief minister was of the view that the forum has made tireless efforts to bring about reconciliation in the Naga society and that it needs to be supported by all sections of the people.

The message stated DAN government’s full support to the reconciliation and peace efforts under the banner of Forum for Naga Reconciliation. Rio has made an appeal to all Naga sections to work towards understanding, reconciliation and oneness.

Rio also welcomed SS Khaplang’s recent message issued yesterday in the backdrop of the Naga convention in Kohima. The chief minister appreciated Khaplang’s statement calling for peace and understanding while observing that the voice of the people is supreme.


Manipur, Nagaland under Delhi scanner

NISHIT DHOLABHAI | The Telegraph 23-2-2009.

Union home minister P. Chidambaram has put Manipur and Nagaland under the scanner and sent a firm message to the militant groups, including the NSCN (Isak-Muivah), following the recent disturbances in Manipur.  He has also instructed the governments of the two states to maintain peace.  An apparently peeved Chidambaram is learnt to have taken an uncompromising view of the situation in the region, especially after the killings of three government employees posted in Ukhrul district of Manipur.  The Centre fears a potential communal fall-out of the situation as the Meitei groups have accused the NSCN (I-M) of murdering the employees.

The Meiteis and the Nagas are at loggerheads since the NSCN (I-M) revived the old Naga demand for uniting all the contiguous Naga-inhabited areas.  Chidambaram yesterday called a high-level meeting to discuss the Naga problem. It was attended by senior home ministry officials and the chairman of the ceasefire monitoring group in Nagaland, Lt Gen. Mandhata Singh.  One of the causes for Chidambaram’s stern warning is the untimely reaction of the NSCN (I-M) through a leader of the outfit in Dimapur immediately after the home minister’s visit to Manipur and Nagaland.

The leader of the outfit wrote to Singh, criticising Chidambaram and accusing the Centre of neglecting the Naga problem and endangering the ceasefire, sources said.

During his visit to Nagaland, Chidambaram had indicated that the solution to the Naga problem lay within the ambit of the Constitution.

The Centre has reacted to the letter, which many term as a knee-jerk reaction from the rebels, in the run-up to the general elections by saying that no major change can be expected before the elections. According to sources, the home ministry feels a definite forward movement of the decade-long negotiation will be brought if the UPA returns to power.

The NSCN (I-M), already under pressure from Delhi and Imphal, has constituted its own “special investigation team” to probe the murders of the three Manipur government employees.

The central security forces, mainly the Assam Rifles, are at loggerheads with the NSCN (I-M) since December when five Assam Rifles personnel, including an officer, were “abducted” by the rebels.

Soon after, the Assam Rifles vacated a rebel camp in Ukhrul.

However, with the killing of an SDO and two of his subordinate staff by unidentified gunmen last week, the Centre sees risk of communal tension in Manipur.

“The issue came up at the meeting and the Centre is concerned,” a home ministry source said.


NPMHR demands punishment for SDO murderers

Kohima | February 23 :

The Naga Peoples’ movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has strongly condemned the individuals of NSCN (IM) for the murder of the SDO of Kasom Khullen, Kishan Thingam and his staffers  Yumnam Token and Aribam Rajen Sharma. The NPMHR aslo appreciated the “clarification” by NSCN-IM’s  kilo kilonser’ Kedutsii Tsuzuh and “col” Levi Zimik reiterating that the NSCN (IM) has no hand in the murder ‘but cadres found involved shall be given befitting punishment’. The NPMHR reminded the outfit of its assurance and commitment.

“We demand that the guilty be put under trial immediately and severely penalized by the competent authority without any attempt whatsoever to manipulate the due course of justice,” the Naga rights body demanded.  “We would also like to state that the allegations made against late Th Kishan is not only dehumanizing but also points to a very unhealthy face-saving exercise that should be avoided when dealing with such a tragic and unwarranted event. We would like to remind everyone that this is not a time for blame-game but a time to take responsibility in bringing those guilty to account.”

It also said that the traumatizing incident has once again been a testing time for the different communities in the region. The NPMHR has also appreciated the role of different organizations and communities in endeavoring for a peaceful atmosphere during this trying  period.

“We admire and acknowledge the fact that together the people of the region have withstood the test by not giving into communal emotions which otherwise would have fragmented the voices demanding justice for the peoples and would have only served the interest and the purpose of the many divisive forces that confronts the region today,” the Naga rights group stated. “We would like to appeal to the public to uphold the dignity and respect that each of us have for one another and maintain communal harmony during this difficult time,” stated the NPMHR



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

25 February 09

The killing of Kasom Khullen SDO and his two staff members by one Lt.Colonel H.Ningshen is very unfortunate. More shocking was the inhuman manner of the killing. After Lt.Col. H.Ningshen owned up to

the murder, done with the motive as dictated by his own conscience and remotely connected with NSCN official directive, the ground reality is being handled in the manner it deserve. The law is there to deal with

such ruffian-like elements in the organization and NSCN will allow the Naga Army rules and regulations to follow its own course. There is no question of running away from the verdict of the law to save anybody.

There will be no pretention and there will be no lapses in delivering justice. It is however, to be made very clear that while NSCN authority will soon be taking the severest action on the disgraced Naga Army officer forced upon by the gravity of the crime, it is not done under pressure from any angle whatsoever. NSCN have its own law and the verdict is already quite obvious. NSCN will, with clear conscience abide by the decision of the National Security Council. But to leave no stone unturned, a high level enquiry Committee has been constituted with reports to be submitted on or before 4th March ’09. No matter how big is the crime, it is committed outside the purview of the NSCN authority, and by the wayward Naga Army officer. And while the sword of Damocles is hanging above his head such aberration should not be over exploited and carried too far to affect the whole structure of peace process. Certain elements or groups are desperately trying to use the situation with anti-peace and anti-communal harmony. This will go against the overall interest of widening the peace process in the region. Therefore, ill-motivated reaction to the situation should be cautiously dealt with.

Under any circumstances, the hard earned Indo-Naga peace talks should not be undermined by generating confusing interpretation of Indo-Naga ceasefire, and the “designated camps”. Ceasefire means to stop fighting and to stop fighting honorable steps are of extreme necessity. And here comes the question of establishing “designated Camp”. There is no another interpretation to this. To campaign against NSCN to be grouped as the terrorist organization by some political parties is not politically nice and communally dangerous too. It will also go against the historical identity of the Naga’s struggle for an honorable solution. One such act of aberration does not make an organization a terrorist.  Black-sheep abound any organization. But when black-sheep are cleaned out the organization’s political stature should not be targeted with demeaning orchestration. All said and done, if the government of India succumbs to the high tension emotion over the killing of Kasom Khullen SDO, it will simply go towards becoming victims of dirty politics to undermine the core issue of the Indo-Naga political peace process, the collapse that will have widespread socio-political and military ramifications.

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State evading responsibility: NPMHR

Dimapur, February 25 (MExN):

The Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), while reiterating its strong condemnation over the inhuman murder of the SDO of Kasom Khullen, Kishan Thingam and his staff Yumnam Token and Aribam Rajen Sharma, has stated that there was “complete lack of coherence and consistency with regard to the case”. The NPMHR questioned the role of the state that it was “shirking its responsibility to the civil society and the public”.

A press note issued by NPMHR (South) made some contentions that ‘as per news reports’ the Works Minister, Government of Manipur was to pay an official visit to Kasom Khullen, Ukhrul District on 14th February 2009, “in which case the minister should be fully aware that the concerned SDO of Kasom Khullen was missing during the visit”. In this regard, the NPMHR questioned the silence of the minister regarding the absence of the SDO at such a critical juncture.

Secondly, the NPMHR stated that ‘as per news reports’, the SDO and five other staffers were kidnapped on February 13,  and the dead bodies of the SDO and two others were recovered on February 17. During the said period, the NPMHR questioned ‘where the chief minister of Manipur was’. “Further, as per news reports, the wife of the late SDO had approached an MLA regarding the abduction of her husband. Would it then be too far-fetched to assume that the CM would have no knowledge regarding the abduction?” the press note queried. The NPMHR went on to point out that if the CM were to claim ignorance of the incident, “then he has a moral obligation to explain why, as the head of the state, he has failed to perform his duty”. “Or was the entire episode premeditated by the chief minister and his Works minister?” it  queried.

The NPMHR went on to state that the sanctity of justice and the Rule of Law should prevail at any cost. It also affirmed that the primary objective of seeking justice for the killing of the SDO and the two staffers should not be diverted and politicized by any individual and groups for political mileage or to victimize any community.

The NPMHR also stated that the “innocent victims incriminated in the case relating to the incident should not be persecuted in any way and the Government of Manipur is obligated to ensure and guarantee the same”.

The NPMHR also demanded that the Government of Manipur, particularly the State Home Minister, should own up its responsibility in failing to protect the citizens and “in not only failing to perform this sacrosanct duty but continuing to betray this obligation”.

“In view of these facts, NPMHR seriously questions the sincerity of the Government of Manipur in bringing fair and appropriate justice for all”, the press note stated while further making an appeal to the people of Manipur to maintain harmony and refrain from taking any steps that will threaten the peaceful co-existence of different communities.


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