September 2008 News

September 2008 News


Ministry of Information and Publicity


Dated Oking, 2nd  Sept. 2008

A sense of utter desperation can be clearly read in the face of the K-group when all their deceitful plans in connivance with the Indian intelligent agencies come to naught. It is an acceptable truth that when there is a bankruptcy of ideas and vision there is nothing more left than resorting to shout aloud with borrowed cheap languages. This is a reality of what is happening with K-group today and any sensible Naga can easily judge what has become with this group and its followers. Nothing is left with them anymore to feed the people except some concoctions. No political vision and philosophy to educate the people. It is earlier the better for them in particular and the Naga people as a whole to come openly with their hidden political agenda and seal their destiny once and for all.

It is disheartening to see the unethical character in its true color when the K-group disowned their comrades in the most unceremonious manner. Human as we are mistakes do happen in the spark of the moment under pressing situation. But to shirk responsibility for the killing of their own members presumably on mistaken identity is something most unbecoming from the human point of view and hurting for the bereaved family members. No matter what brought about their death, at least they don’t deserve to be so shabbily treated. Dead under any situation has to be accepted with dignified silence. But the reality of the world the K-group refused to abide.

Whatever information and clarifications we have given from our side on any incidents are all based on facts and we never repeat those again and again in a way of justifying ourselves with mudslinging politics. But for public conscience sake it has to be made clear that cheap politics and deceitfulness go together. And fabricating nonsensical argument is a way of their existence. But when things went too far it became an abominable offence. No Kuki Tatar committed suicide in Hebron and no Raja Peyu was murdered in any place or Hebron. One should be afraid of the living witnesses, and indulging in preaching falsehood is doom to face damnation in the eye of the nation.



Ministry of Information and Publicity


Dated Oking, 10th Sept. 2008

Misleading statement never correct a person’s character and status. With regards to defection of Jami Chang his actual position in the NSCN set up need to be exposed to the public lest false and concocted statements play into the people’s mind the wrong way.

Jami Chang was at one time a Tatar, but due to his over indulgence in state politics during the election time he earned the wrath of his own people who strongly put up their displeasure before the NSCN. Disowned by his people the NSCN authority de-activated him, and therefore, he was no longer a Tatar as claimed by him. NSCN is a people’s movement and anybody who does not enjoy the support of the people has no place in the NSCN.


Press Release

20th Sept. 2008

MIP/GPRN:While the members of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation were having a serious meeting at Hebron discussing the issue of reconciliation and unity and to stop fighting among the Nagas under the theme”Turning swords into plowshares” the unification – Khaplang group were busy in the Dimapur town to attack NSCN. At around 12 noon members of this group consisting of 10-15 members attacked the residence of one Joint Secretary, Chaplee Daniel Lotha at Duncan and ransacked the house, damaging household properties. Daniel’s Car was also damage by the rampaging hoodlums. Fully armed with AKs the members in the house were threatened at gun point.

Though this unruly behavior of the group is nothing unusual, such incident will never be condone with, as this is an open signal for confrontation with NSCN. Such provocation is left for public observation and scrutiny at this juncture of FNRs initiative for reconciliation and unity.


Press release

20th Sept.2008

Abduction and torture that become part of the unification process in the name of NSCN unification group led by Azheto Chophy still haunts the memory of many national workers attached with NSCN. Many of these anti-social elements are still at large in Dimapur looking for soft and unguarded person coming from Hebron.

On 18th September 2008 V.Simon a de-activate member of NSCN from Shepoumaramth Region was on a visit to CHQ, Hebron to get financial assistant as he was physically incapacitated  because of bullet injury during his hay day in service. Taking the bus from Colony near CHQ he reached Dimapur at around 1:30 pm. But within no time after getting down from auto rickshow in the main town area he stopped by around 8 members questioning him if he is NSCN member. He told them that he is no longer a member of NSCN. He was abused using all filthy language and abusing Tangkhuls of NSCN in the process. He was taken to an isolated place after blind folding him. He was then stripped naked with only underwear. Every piece of possession in his person was taken away. His bag and wallet containing Rs.1400/- and sanction order slip of Rs.7000/- by Chaplee Ministry was taken away, and the slip turned to pieces. Three of them carried pistols and four of them are non-Nagas. He was beaten with the pistol butt on the back and neck. He was beaten on the knee areas with heavy piece of stick. His shoulder was badly injured. He was forced to take shelter in friends’ house and to clothe his body.

When he pleaded with them to give him back a little money for his bus fare he given a hard blow on left side of his ear breaking his eardrum, sympathizer collected some money and sent him back home to Senapati.


NSCN (IM) denies hand in oil pilferage

Guwahati/Dimapur | September 21 :

Newmai News Network

The investigating authorities of the September 20 oil pilferage tragedy have charged the Naga militant outfit NSCN (IM) of spearheading yesterday’s fateful attempt, with the help of hired people in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district. However, NSCN-IM’s “ministry of information & publicity” has informed NNN tonight in Dimapur that the outfit ‘does not involve in such rackets’.

The NSCN-IM said that “some unwanted elements” might have been using the name of the outfit to carry out such attempts. The Naga outfit is ‘determined to find out facts in this regard’. On the other hand, investigators have indicated that there might be an understanding between the Naga rebels and some railway men behind the fateful oil pilferage-attempt. As per reports of newspapers the police of Assam and Nagaland altogether recovered 15 bodies including two bodies of NSCN (IM) cadres on Saturday, from the place of occurrence while five persons were hospitalized after a group inhaled toxic gas while attempting to steal petroleum from a goods train.

Karbi Anglong Superintendent of police KK Sarma said, “The pilferage of oil from the railway wagons is the handiwork of the NSCN-IM. They hired the local people of the area to do this type of work. We are investigating and we hope to come out with some precautionary measures to thwart any such attempts in future,” he said. “It is not that the victims have done it for the first time. We have recovered several empty drums from near the place–this indicates that the victims had planned to take out huge amounts of petroleum products from the wagons and no one would dare do that in their first attempt,” said police sources while adding that the police are also investigating about the probable role of local Government Railway Police (GRP) guards and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) guards behind the incident.

The SP however, said that the police are planning to formulate some security tips and precautionary suggestions. “We would give our suggestions in the next district level co-ordination committee meeting, which has representation from civic authorities and railways,” he said. He also said to suggest to the railway authority to move trains, carrying petroleum products, during daytime through the area.

The Saturday incident took place between Rangaphar Railway Station and Dhansiri, about 290 km east of Assam’s main city of Guwahati. The place borders Nagaland. The freight train, having 48 wagons was coming from Numaligarh Refinery station in Upper Assam and was bound for Mugalsarai in Uttar Pradesh. The stationary train was carrying high speed diesel and a group tried to open the wagons. Following this attempt, several of them died due to asphyxiation and respiratory problems.


NSCN, DHD deny hand

Dimapur/Guwahati, Sept. 22:

The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) and the Dima Halam Daogah (DHD) today categorically denied their involvement in Friday night’s botched oil pilferage case in a Karbi Anglong village.

The Naga outfit went a step ahead and alleged “collaboration between railway and police personnel”.

“How can people go and open oil containers?” he asked. “Just to save their face, they are blaming us,” NSCN (I-M) functionary Vikiye Sema told The Telegraph, adding that the thefts have been taking place in full knowledge of Assam police, Railway Protection Force and other departments.

Sema pointed a finger at the presence of an Assam police checkpoint near the site and a battalion of Assam police stationed at Saiding. “They should have stopped the people from stealing oil from the train,” the NSCN official said.

The DHD, too, denied its involvement, saying the charges were “baseless and fabricated”.

DHD chairman Dilip Nunisa said his group had in the past even informed the police about such thefts, but the police did not pay heed. “We even caught some people and seized drums and handed them over to the police. Now it is unfortunate that fingers are being pointed at us,” Nunisa said.

The police accused the NSCN (I-M) and the DHD of being involved in oil pilfering between Rangapahar and Dhansiri for quite some time but they ran out of luck on Friday.

Karbi Anglong superintendent of police K.K. Sarma said the operation was conducted by the Naga militant outfit with the help of local residents.

Northeast Frontier Railway chief public relations officer S. Goswami declined comment on the NSCN allegation.

Sarma said this was the sixth theft since last year but wondered why all the trains stop at the same site every time.

“Most of the thieves were from Nagaland who were helped by local residents,” Sarma reiterated today.


Myanmar’s junta frees 9000 ‘good’ prisoners

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008YANGON, Myanmar

Myanmar’s junta has freed 9,002 prisoners for good behaviour so they can help build a new nation ahead of elections planned for 2010, state media reported Tuesday.

It was not clear if any of the country’s 1,200 political prisoners were among those released.

The state-controlled Myanma Ahlin newspaper said that freedom was granted to prisoners around the country who exhibited good “moral behavior.”

“The government is trying to transform these convicted prisoners into citizens who can contribute to the building of a new nation,” the newspaper said, adding they were released “so they could participate in the fair elections to be held in 2010.”

The elections are part of the junta’s long announced “roadmap to democracy,” which will give voters the first chance to cast ballots since 1990.

Critics say the roadmap is a sham designed to cement the military’s power.

In 1990, Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party won a landslike victory, which the junta refused to acknowledge. Instead, the generals stepped up arrests and repression of dissidents. Suu Kyi has spent more than 12 of the past 19 years in detention and is currently under house arrest.

The government often grants amnesties to mark important national days, but most of those released are petty criminals.

Tuesday’s announcement came ahead of the one-year anniversary of the junta’s deadly Sept. 26-27, 2007, crackdown on anti-government protests that were led by Buddhist monks.

The UN estimated that at least 31 people, including a Japanese photojournalist, were killed when the army fired on peaceful protesters. Hundreds of activists were arrested in the crackdown and many fled the country or went underground.



Dated 27 Sept. 2008

MIP/GPRN:With the Naga National Flag lowered at half mast in all government offices and buildings the 28th Naga National Agony Day was observed today at GHQ church with Qhevehi Chichi Swu, Convenor Steering Committee, NSCN as the Chief Guest. The Kilonsers, Deputy Kilonsers, Tatars, members of the NSWON, Secretaries and subordinate officials along with the top Naga army officers led by Brig. Ramkhating VC Deputy C-n-C Naga Army, Brigade Commanders, Commanding officers and the subordinate officers attended the function.

Condolence salute was presented by the Naga army personnel from General Field Training Department (GFTD), which was followed by one minute silent prayer in remembrance of all the martyrs.

Chief guest Qhevehi Chishi Swu, Convenor Steering Committee in his speech recalled how on this fateful day the 27 September 1980 the combined forces of India, Burma and the Naga traitors (Shillong Accordists) attacked the Operation Headquarters of the Naga Army at Langnuk where 70 Naga army including top ranking officers and civil authorities were killed. They were Mr. Kashui, Chaplee Kilonser, Brig. Thungbo, Commander-in-Chief Naga Army, Lieut. Col. Newin GSO,Maj. Shongchin, Capt. Shangam, Lieut. Kapani, etc. Tatar Umeh was arrested and butchered by the pro-Shillong Accord NNC members and disposed his body into the river. Not satisfied with that the killers butchered all his family members for firmly standing for the cause of Isak and Muivah. Lieut. Jhonny along with his wife, parents, brothers and sisters were mercilessly butchered. Maj. Shatnam, Capt. Nihokhu, 2nd Lieut. Luikaiphang, 2nd Lieut. Gideon, 2nd Lieut Shimrei, Sgt. Khaningkhai, Sgt. Ishmael, Lance Corpl. Shimreiyo and lance Corpl. Yanglung were also arrested and mercilessly butchered on ground of refusing to accept the treacherous Shillong Accord.

Other speakers Ms. Avuli Chishi Swu, member Steering Committee and K. Hurray, Kilonser also spoke on the occasion.

It is a matter of fact that there is mourning all over Nagalim today. Every patriotic Nagas mourn with us and even nature refuses to smile on this day. It is indeed a sad day. Weep therefore, ye sons of the soil; weep in ashes and in sack clothes. And stop dancing O ye daughters of the land. For the day permits no one merry making. Let us weep for those who have wept for us; let us remember those martyred National Heroes in our prayer; let us praise and exalt their names with songs and praises.


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