November News

November News


Ministry of Information and Publicity

Rejoinder to Indo-Asian News Service(IANS)

3rd  Nov.2008

No self respecting government will stoop that low to sign Ceasefire with any revolutionary ground after branding as terrorist. More than that no organization will stand India’s toleration if its credentials proved otherwise in the revolutionary movement across the world where many groups have taken recourse to ‘terrorism’ to drive home their points. The fact that the government of India, after signing Ceasefire with NSCN in 1997 is still pursuing the Indo-Naga political talks is a living testimony of India’s faith and commitment to the political issue of the Nagas represented by NSCN. The sincerity of the GOI was seen when the ban imposed on NSCN was ultimately lifted on 26 November 2002. As such, the news reports of Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) that appeared in Nagaland Post and other papers are unwarranted and defy ground reality.

A reputed news agency like IANS should not have gone for such misleading and damning reports without first establishing the bonafides of NSCN’s standing that has gained worldwide recognition as a Naga people’s mandated organization struggling to restore the Nagalim’s rightful place as a free independent nation. But in the given situation in Northeast where terrorist groups have shown its ugly heads, with the deadly bomb blasts in Guwahati, Kokrajhar etc as the latest case in point, killing more than 70 persons and with the crucial Indo-Naga political talk scheduled to be held in The Hague, Netherland, the hands of India’s IB and RAW cannot be ruled out in instigating such report. These two intelligent organizations are not known in creating congenial atmosphere in Nagalim when retrospectively studied. They are never at ease with NSCN when the obstructionist forces against NSCN are taken up. It is the notorious policy of RAW to give life to any organization to act as a counter force against NSCN. Not surprisingly, the RAW is turning a blind eye when many terrorist groups are given sheltered in the designated Camp of K-group in Khehoi camp. Interestingly, this K-group camp is well protected by AR and IRB. Logistically speaking, this is tantamount to RAW and IB sheltering and sponsoring terrorist groups as part of its strategy to weaken NSCN. And this is the reason why the K-group is always placed at the receiving end to do its master’s (RAW) bidding in scheming anything that goes to weaken the NSCN.

The desperate attempt of India to brand the Nagas as terrorists or NSCN as terrorist group is not a new thing. This has been deliberately used to woo the west and the world against the Nagas. But how far this will go as long as this remains nothing more than an ill-motivated and absolute absurdity. Things may not favor India’s version. Because the factual record of the past 60 years speaks volumes for the integrity of the Nagas in respect to the worldwide concern on terrorism. Unlike others, Nagas believe in the power of truth and not in the crime of terrorism. Nagas talk sense when they say “freedom is not in terrorism” although to hold oneself and be just under various trying circumstances is too hard a principle. NSCN abided by it all throughout the bitter confrontation they had with India and Burma. Dictated by our conscience, NSCN is totally against targeting innocent people whoever he or she may be. The NSCN therefore, would not shy away from condemning the bloody bomb blasts in Assam on 30 Oct. by the so-called ‘Islamic Society Force-Indian Mujahedeen’. Such act of terrorism has no place in the human society. Our conscience is clear. We are persuaded: our greatest enemy is our own transgression if there would be any and if we do not check ourselves and make a clean breast of it. Therefore, with all their might we are not scared of the adversaries within and without for the end of Nagalim is on no account in their hands. It is in God’s hands. We are prepared to face any eventuality but by no means resorting to the curse of shedding innocent blood. There is no single case in the long history of Indo-Naga conflict to brand NSCN as terrorist. NSCN is above any streak of terrorism and we shall never be in the days to come. Rather, there is state-sponsored act of terrorism perpetuated in Nagalim.

All said and done, IANS should not have staked its reputation and credibility by selling out such reports that is far from truth. NSCN’s name should not have been grouped in such manner to be branded as a terrorist group and send a wrong signal to the world that is under threat from the terrorist groups.

In the context of the actual state of the Indo-Naga political affairs for the past many years, the relevant of NNC in Naga issue no longer exist after it signed the Shillong Accord in 1975 with the government of India. It created a shock wave of terror when it tries to kill the Naga issue. Traitor doesn’t represent the Nagas and NNC is no longer counted as body fighting for Nagas’ political right. Having betrayed the Nagas, the NNC also lost the right to speak for Nagas against India. That is no longer its business. In the given situation the NNC rejecting the terrorist tag bears no significance in any manner. The only show of NNC’s ‘terrorism’ was to kill the Naga issue by terrorizing the Nagas under the provisions of the Shillong Accord. Otherwise, where is NNC today to even deserve the exalted position with the tag of ‘terrorist’. This is a misplaced tag against an organization that is far from truth, worth no longer a mention among the insurgent or terrorist group.



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

6th. Nov.2008

A serious case of state government and Assam Rifles playing a partisan role is coming up in the open if the recent incidents are of any indications. In the first place one point has to be made clear vis-à-vis AR’s projected duty in the name of dealing with erring factional cadre’s not observing Ceasefire ground rules and which goes against maintaining peace in the local area. NSCN will not stand against AR during doing its duty. But if the same yardstick is not applied for the same case then it becomes an issue that cannot be overlooked under any circumstances.

The story of state security forces not playing impartial role has to be unfolded to drive home the point without fault and blemish against NSCN, on 5 Nov. the 26 AR nabbed three NSCN K cadres along with sophisticated weapon and ammunitions from Cathedral area, New Minister’s Hill, Kohima, after intercepting a white Bolero bearing registration No. NL 10-3685. What immediately draws our attention is that this is a state government vehicle. Who sanction this vehicle to be used by K-group for anti-social works? And who is the authorized owner of the vehicle? These two questions has to be answered by the state police and Home department. Because crimes goes on unabated in Kohima and Dimapur in the hands of K-group. The abduction of four businessmen from Agri and Jail Colonies in Kohima on 5 Nov. is just the latest case in point among many such cases (many cases not reported).

Among the three apprehended from the state government vehicle one is identified as Isak Sumi, the K-group military spokes person. But what matters most is the leniency extended to any arrested cadres of K-group. Had the three been NSCN members NSA would have been applied. This is the tragic state of treatment meted out by state police in collaboration with AR and intelligence agencies against NSCN. Recently, two NSCN members, Akato Sumi and Hureya Sumi who were apprehended from Dimapur were booked under NSA. What further irked the NSCN is the manner of raiding the areas of suspected NSCN places in Kohima and Dimapur. But taking shelter in the false reports of its intelligence sources about the hideouts of K-group, raids are hardly conducted against the K-group.

When businessmen are abducted to be slaughtered if the demanded amount is not paid, what greater crime is the state government looking for that warranted immediate action under NSA? What manner of public security measure is the state government adopting to ensure public security, particularly the businessmen who have been placed at the receiving ends?


Press statement

Nov.11 2008

The face of India’s insincerity:

10 years of political talks without finding a solution is not something to be comforted in any sense of the term but to question India’s sincerity in making a meaning of Indo-Naga ceasefire. This delayed solution or delaying tactics is done deliberately under one pretext or the other. But the world is watching the development and laughing at the way India handled the Indo-Naga issue. The deception of highest order is still a practice by India behind the Indo-Naga political talks, not willing to adhere to the spirit after the signing of the Indo-Naga ceasefire.

It may be pointed out there are about 100 NSCN members killed by the Indian Armed forces. Arms were also seized at random or on flimsy ground. Even NSCN officials who are involved in the peace process were also arrested or harassed for reasons not sanctioned under the present political process.

The pre-determined game plan of India against the NSCN is also witnessed but in a demeaning manner. Ever since NSCN took control of the Naga movement  India has been supporting factional groups and harboring the leaders using all inconceivable means. Transportation of arms of the K-group is done in an organized manner under the tacit support of the intelligences agencies. Numerous evidences are available to support these charges against India.

Not finding that things are not destructive enough to wreck the NSCN, the intelligence hands played the communal card with great precision. They incited one Naga tribe against another. “Quit notice” has not come from anywhere but from IB and RAW through Khaplang group. “Excommunication” issue was also generated by these agencies but executed in the name of Sumi Hoho. Going beyond and knowing no limit to damage the Naga’s socio-political stability these two notorious  intelligence agencies  are pocking its nose in the Church related issue to throw spanner in the works of the Church bodies on factional line.

There are instances which really put to test the NSCN’s nerve. The most claring case is the stationing of all the declared terrorist groups in the India backed Khaplang Camp at Khehoi. These are the different face of India on the issue of Indo-Naga political peace process and its much hyped voice against terrorism.

The way India handled the Kashmir issue also reflects similar face that speaks of India’s insincerity and duplicity.

Ever since the Election Commission of India announced Assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir the unrest that followed cannot be treated as an isolated case of the law and order. It is rather a spontaneous reaction of the Kashmir people against the Indian imposed election. Because in the eye of the Kashmir people this is a serious dilution of Kashmir issue, and they have every moral authority to call for the boycott of the polls scheduled for the state. Significantly, they have been carrying on a democratic poll boycott campaign in Srinagar and the Election Commission has also signaled that voting in elections was as much a democratic right of the people as the right not to vote.

Ironically, the government of India have come down with heavy hands against the pro-independence Kashmir leaders and arrested more than 100, for giving a call for boycott of assembly elections. Some of the Senior Leaders arrested are Mahammad Yasin Malik, Chairman, Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front, Maulana Showkat, Jamaat Al Aadees, Shabir Ahmed Shah, President Democratic Freedom Party, Naim Khan, President, National Front, Ashraf Sarahi, General Secretary, Hurriyat (Geelani), Dr. Hubbi, Vice President, People’s Party (Ghani Lone’s party), Somji, Muslim Conference and Ayeshe Indrabi, women’s organization.

In total violation of democratic spirit these leaders are detained in different jails in Jammu. Yasin Malik was arrested under the Public Safety Act, and slapped with various charges including “inciting Youth against army during the Safre-Azadi” and “going on hunger strike (following Gandhain methods)”

It is terrifying to observe that the independence movement in Jammu & Kashmir has been countered with “deceit and betrayal”. All the parties, JKLF and Hurriyat support the peace process but have the common demand that Kashmiri people must be included in the talks on the future of the Kashmiris and the dispute cannot be settled between India and Pakistan alone. They are also raising objection to the inclusion of political parties in the peace process, particularly those parties that do not even acknowledge the political status of Kashmir as a disputed territory.

As part of his peaceful campaign, Yasin of JKLF has declared ceasefire since 1994 and has been mobilizing from village to village getting signatures in support of Kashmir independence movement that must be decided by the Kashmir people.

Mobilizing from village to village getting signatures in support of Kashmir

GEN.(Retd) V.S. ATEM

Emissary to the Collective Leadership.



Deliberates NSCN (IM) 30-point charter of demand

New Delhi, November 11:

Home Minister Shivraj Patil today held a high level meeting to discuss the security situation in Northeast where several blasts and other incidents have occurred recently. The meeting was attended by Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta, Director Intelligence Bureau and former Union Home Secretary K Padmanabhaiah, who is acting as the Central interlocutor for the peace talks with NSCN(IM).

Apart from discussing the recent serial blasts in Assam, the meeting was understood to have aimed at formulating a strategy for the peace talks with NSCN(IM) likely to take place in the second week of November in Hague, Netherlands after a gap of nearly a year.

It also most likely have deliberated on 20 points Charter of Demands submitted by NSCN(IM) earlier. In this charter, the NSCN(IM) had sought separate representation at the UN and greater rights over natural resources, finance, defence and policing, besides unification of Naga-inhabited areas.

The peace talks are crucial as the Central government feels that NSCN(IM) despite peace talks was also involved in insurgent activities. Moreover, the rebels have raised questions over the government’s sincerity in resolving the six-decade-old Naga insurgency problem in the Northeast.

However, frustrated over the long delay in bringing a solution to the vexed Naga issue, the NSCN(IM) is likely to seek firm commitment from the Centre over its demand for unification of Naga-inhabited areas at the peace talks.

NSCN(IM) chairman Isak Chishi Swu and general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah would participate in the peace talks and press before a Group of Ministers headed by Oscar Fernandes that they would not compromise on the issue. The NSCN(IM) has been pressing for the formation of a ‘greater Nagalim’ comprising all Naga-inhabited areas in the northeast. However, this has been opposed by Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

The government has held over 60 rounds of talks with the NSCN(IM) both in India as well as abroad to find an amicable solution to the Naga issue.

NSCN(IM) and security forces in Nagaland have been observing a truce since August 1997. The ceasefire has been extended every 12 months since then except last year when it was renewed for just six months at the insistence of the rebels and further extended by another six months in February.

Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio had last month requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Shivraj Patil to expedite the peace process, noting that the initial euphoria over Delhi’s initiative towards resolving the issue was now being replaced by “scepticism” in public mind.

Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Prithviraj Chavan and Padmanabhaiah had hold talks with the Naga leadership on several previous occasions. (UNI)



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Rejoinder to Maj. Z.D. Akho

12   Nov.2008

The revolutionary character of a person in any revolutionary organization is reflected by his power of endurance and tolerance in the face of any vexatious happenings in the organization. The adage “to err is human” is to be religiously guarded and no personal issue born out of inherent cynicism should be driven to the level of acrimonious issue to make a bargaining agenda. Worst is the use of contentious wording, resorting to media-bashing. This is as good as committing the cardinal sin criticizing the very organization that moulds him. It is a matter of regret that the accommodative and conciliatory approach of NSCN towards the deserter Maj. Z.D. Akho has been unduly exploited by his over indulgence in antagonism against NSCN, and desperately inflating himself but only to rub the NSCN the wrong way.

Lest the parroting version of Maj. Z.D. Akho is given any credit his manner of committing an act of impropriety has to be nullified but without going insidious. The travails of revolutionary life of Isak Chishi Swu, Khadao Yanthan and Th. Muivah is a living testimony today. The Nagas and the world are still watching the insurmountable spirit of these leaders in leading the Naga struggle. Going back to Indo-Naga history, the many unpleasant historical facts still lingers to testify the truth, how bitter it may now appear and how the Naga issue was kept alive till today.

When the 16-point Agreements was brought in 1963 as arrived at between the government of India and the Naga People’s Convention represented by Shilu, SC Jamir, Imkongliba etc. Isak Chishi Swu, and Muivah expressed shock at the way the Naga issue was handled by persons with vested interests. They distant themselves but with a show of condemnation.

In 1968-69, when the Revolutionary Government of Nagaland was formed by Scato Swu, general Kaito, general Zuheto etc. Isak Chishi Swu, and Muivah were deadly opposed to it. The end of the Revolutionary Government came in August 16, 1963 when the revolutionary leaders surrendered to the Indian Government at Zunheboto during Prime Ministership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. About 1500 men laid down their arms. It was a real setback, and the Revolutionary leaders were rewarded by giving them top post in Border Security Force (BSF). General Zuheto was given BSF Commander and Zekiyhe as Deputy Commander, and Scato Swu was nominated as a member of the Rajya Sabha. Thus, the RGN ended in BSF.

The 1975 Shillong Accord came as another blow in the attempt to bury the Naga issue. The Accord was signed with the blessing of Zashie Huire, President of the Federal Government of Nagaland and General Viyallie Metha, Chief of Federal Army. The signatories to the Shillong Accord are:- 1. I. Temjenba 2. S. Dehru 3. Z. Ramyo 4. M. Assa 5. Kevi Yally. A resolution was adopted at the emergency meeting held at Dihoma (Kohima District) on December 2, 1975 by the Federal Government of Nagaland endorsing the Shillong Accord and forwarding the same to A.Z. Phizo, President of the Naga National Council for his consent. The President did not officially endorse and accept the Shillong Accord. However, there never was an explicit statement from him condemning the Accord.

Significantly, Isak Swu, Th. Muivah and Alee (foreign) command officials had earnestly asked for A.Z. Phizo’s guidance and directive, at least three times in that particular year alone. But nothing was forthcoming.

The leaders of the Alee Command reacted swiftly. On November 21, 1975, the signatories to the condemnation were Alee command dignitaries- Th. Muivah, Isak Swu Lorho, Venuh, Moire and Pamrei. They dubbed the representatives of Zashie Huire as “traitors”. They also called upon the Nagas to resist ‘any covert or overt’ act of subjugating them and pledge anew to fight against invasion of any kind through to the end. Muivah and Isak Swu further referred to the Shillong Accord as the “most ignominious sell-out” made in the history of the Naga people.

Significantly, the Naga decision arrived at in a Plebiscite conducted in 1951, was desperately targeted, in order to kill the Naga issue by bringing the 16-Point Agreements, and again by Shillong Accord. But the Naga Independence issue refused to die. And the credit in saving the Naga issue goes to Isak Chishi, Khadao and Muivah.

The military coup d’edat of 1978, by the Federal Army and followed by another in 1988 by Khaplang, both organized at the initiatives of IB (Intelligence Bureau) and RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) failed to extinguish the flame of Naga Issue. Thank God for saving the Naga leaders who rekindled the passion of Naga struggle.

The notorious IB and RAW however, never give up easily. In  2007 they organized another counter-revolution using Azheto Chophy but to end up miserably and to ultimately merged with K-group as a saving face in the name of their much hyped “unification” slogan. The name of NSCN was obsessively used by Azheto to hoodwink the Naga’s but Nagas stood their ground against such mischievous unification initiative that was planted by Indian intelligence agencies with sugar coated Slogan.

Where is your conscience Maj. Z.D. Akho? Where do you place yourself in the travails of Naga historical reality? Do you still stand to magnify yourself at the cost of our veteran and God-inspired leaders who have time and again rescued the Naga nation from the hands of Indian-backed marauders? There is no trace of any failure in the revolutionary leadership of Isak Swu, Khadao and Muivah till date.

The Nagas cannot forget the whirlwind foreign campaign to successfully making NSCN as UNPO member in 1983 and followed by meetings in UN Committees in many occasions. Can you afford to close to your eyes to this historic achievement of NSCN under the Collective Leadership? Where do you collect the moral authority to place yourself in the place you are not qualified to claim? You were nobody yet in this world when all these factual historical incidents took place.

Had you want to proof yourself as a person you projected to be, the right forum is the Council in Hebron where you could have been given full liberty to air your agenda or any grievances that you feel may impact the Naga national struggle. But to indulge in smear campaign against NSCN at the behest of anti-Naga agencies is simply going overboard. This never goes down well with the Naga culture either.

Issued by:



Naga International Support Center, NISC

A human rights organization

Press Release

Amsterdam, November 12 2008

Government of India contradicts: more than a decade engaged in peace talks with the Naga People but it is undermining the very foundation of these talks? Does the Government of India breeches the ceasefire on which the peace talks are founded:

Point One: The South Asian Terrorism Portal, SATP, declared more than 150 Indian Organizations Terrorist Organizations, among them were the National Socialist Council of Nagaland and the National Democratic Front. Yet the Government of India sponsored SATP declined to show evidence to that supposed fact and did not entertain the declaration of the Government of India that the NSCN, with which it is engaged in peace talks for over a decade, is no terrorist organization. The conflict between India and Nagaland cannot be solved militarily and is not just a matter of law and order, but can only be solved politically. It should be obvious then to the SATP also that no Government can be present at the negotiation table when the ‘other’ party is a terrorist organization.

Point Two: The 41 battalion of the Assam Rifles at Wokha town under jurisdiction of the State Government and with a camp adjacent to the public ground where festivities were held created unprecedented havoc among the Lotha Naga People. Was it only because the people rose to the occasion and confronted the soldiers who shot blanks at them that their commonly known misbehavior was broadly reported in the local press?

The inquiry authorities agreed to conduct in the wake of the protest against the Assam Rifles deflects the attention from the root cause of this and other now so well reported incidents.

The peace talks between the Government of India and the Naga People are on yet this rubber stamp approach of the Government of India needs to be criticized. The Naga International Support Center calls on the Government of India to:

1 – Instruct the management of South Asian Terrorism Portal to rectify its declaration on the NSCN and NDFB and all other organizations which have wrongly been declared.

2 – Direct both the Assam Rifles commanders and the State Government to immediately reform the troops, their commanders and those whom they receive their orders from. That way in the peace talks the creditworthiness of the representatives of the Government of India can be restored and there is no more peace talks on while they are being undermined under the table.



Ministry of Information and Publicity.

Press Statement against Terrorism

13   Nov.2008

As much as NSCN advocate the protection of human rights, the act of terrorism of any kind is equally condemned and abhorred. In the long year of Naga struggle, NSCN have never taken the path of adventurism in terrorism. This message became loud and clear when on 17 Oct. 2003,

NSCN commit itself to a total ban on the use of uncontrolled anti-personal mines by signing the Geneva Call Deed of Commitment.

Killing each other in combat is all a different matter and does not fall within the ambit of committing atrocious acts of terrorist. For this matter NSCN never believe in the use of terrorism as weapon of political message. Such practice is antithesis of human rights. Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of nationalism has impacted the Naga’s political struggle as the Nagas are wedded to non-violent means to achieve their political aspiration. The present scenario of conflict is something forced on the Nagas. The aggressive oppression of the Naga’s political rights has to be resisted in one way or the other. Otherwise, Nagas under NSCN is all for peaceful process towards Indo-Naga political conflict. The fact that NSCN endured the burden of political discussion with India for more than 10 years is a clear demonstration of NSCN’s faith in solving any political differences with India through negotiation across the table and not going for blood-bath in the battle field.

It is horrifying that in recent period some of the revolutionary groups in Northeast have cross all limit of revolutionary ethics and run afoul of human values. Mention may be made of the bomb blasts in Dimapur, Railway Station in 2006, Imphal bomb blast in Ragailung last month and the latest being in Assam’s Gauhati and Kokrajhar. NSCN condemn such act in strongest term. We also condole the dead and offer our prayer that such acts of terrorism is not repeated. The agonizing cries of the victims of terrorist attack in Assam will never be easily erased from the human memory. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the bereaved family members of the victim and the injured. In such turbulent stage of combating terrorists, the public need to stay in full alert and assist the law and order enforcing agencies in all possible way. Because, in fighting terrorists no visible or invisible lines of division are drawn.

Significantly, political frustrations are sometimes attached for resorting to act of terrorism. The hard earned recourse to peaceful means are sometimes not responded in the manner the situation demanded, and rather sending signal across that any recalcitrant groups will not be tolerated. This kind of treatment or attitude that undermines the political determination of the groups in question has to be taken care of by the government of India. But at the same time

any act that involves victimizing innocent people should never be condone with. NSCN never believe in shedding innocent blood through terrorism. This has been our history and we shall stand by it.


NSCN (IM) clarifies on Nov 19 incident

The NSCN (IM) has rebutted claims made by the “GPRN/NSCN” on an incident reported to have taken place on November 19 wherein one “GPRN/NSCN” cadre, identified as one Vekhoto of Yoruba village, was shot dead by NSCN (IM), about 2 km from Chizami town in Phek district. The MIP stated that the “treacherous game plan under the shadow of reconciliation and unity process can never be condoned with” and that the “NSCN never fail to react when placed under such situation”.

“Distorting the head and the tail of the incident, the so-call publicity cell of K-group (with confusion identity) is desperately trying to mislead the public by its habitual indulgence in false propaganda just for the pleasure of scoring a point over NSCN in the eye of the people. But the Naga people should know the substance of the story in order to pass correction assessment without prejudice”, stated a press note issued by the outfit’s ‘MIP’.

Pointing out that the  Naga people cannot be misled, the MIP note clarified that on November 19 “self style capt. Vekheto of K-group made a telephone contact with Ihoshe battalion commanding officer about his desire to come over to NSCN mainstream along with one NNC member with three arms and ammunition”. Accordingly, one “maj” Thswetso was dispatched by one “lt. col” David, “CO” Ihoshe battalion, on November 19 to welcome the ‘home comers’ in the presence of the village council of Chizami, after the formality was done, the MIP stated.

“But no sooner had they started the drive towards Ihoshe battalion along with the home comers Capt. Vekhoto took out his 9mm, pointing towards Maj. Thswetso and forced the driver to take the vehicle back to Phek town. But in the quick turn of event, Maj. Thswetso outsmarted him when he took out his own pistol kept in readiness to face any act of treachery, and shot dead Capt. Vekhoto on the spot at Ehlumi Village at 5:30 pm”, the MIP note narrated. The other NNC member was also overpowered but made good his escape in the confusion that followed. Three arms, SLR A/No. 16258765 with one magazine and 97 bullets, one M21 A/008840 and one 9mm handmade with 4 bullets were capture from the deceased, the MIP note informed.

The whole incident was witnessed and testified by the villagers and village council of Chizami and the car driver hired by Vekhoto, it further stated pointing out that “there is no doubt of the game plan to enact ‘home coming drama’ to NSCN and kidnap Maj. Thswetso”. The plan however, went awry as everything boomeranged into a bloody ending, the MIP stated.

The MIP statement remarked that “resorting to treacherous game plan does not fit into the Reconciliation process, and the option for the NSCN in the face of such foolhardiness is to exercise quick presence of mind”. “What is the meaning of K-group offering its best possible co-operation in the interest of the Naga people and for the coming generation? Deceitfulness is now seen to be the only political philosophy of K-group and they love to dance with words they know no meaning when measured in the practical sense of its application. It is better not to make an issue out of nothing just to make cheap propaganda campaign against NSCN”, the MIP note stated.



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

19th Oct 2008

It is disheartening to note that anti-social elements are still on the prowl in Dimapur, looking for soft targets. In recent period Dimapur has earned the notoriety of being the hotbed of crime, particularly kidnapping of businessmen for extracting heavy amount of ransom. This is despite NSCN raising its voice against the law and order enforcing agencies for not doing enough to track down the criminal elements. In the repetition of the earlier pattern, on 19 Nov. at around 6 am one customer from Mayur Hotel, Dimapur was kidnapped by some miscreants. Under the changing atmosphere where NSCN was co-operating in every possible way to help restore Dimapur as a peaceful commercial centre of Nagaland, such dirty incident has again played into the moral conscious of NSCN. While we condemn such social nuisance that has not stopped playing hell to the security of the businessmen or any civilian, the culprits shall not be made to go scot free. We want to see that the confidence of the people in Dimapur or anyone who comes to Dimapur is not shattered. This calls for serious follow up action by the state police and intelligence agencies.

Whether it is done by organized gang or any underground group, the day of reckoning has to be set and NSCN shall be a witness on how this is handled. But in the eye of NSCN, enough of kidnapping is seen in Dimapur and “enough is enough”.



Ministry of Information & Publicity

Nov.21 2008

Treacherous game plan under the shadow of Reconciliation and Unity process  can never be condoned with, and NSCN never fail to react when placed under  such situation. Distorting the head and the tail of the incident, the  so-call Publicity Cell of K-group (with confusion identity) is desperately  trying to mislead the public by its habitual indulgence in false propaganda  just for the pleasure of scoring a point over NSCN in the eye of the  people. But the Naga people should know the substance of the story in order  to pass correction assessment without prejudice.

The actual story can never mislead the Naga people. On 19th Nov. 08 self  style Capt. Vekheto of K-group made a telephone contact with Ihoshe  Battalion Commanding Officer about his desire to come over to NSCN  mainstream along with one NNC member with three arms and ammunition.  Accordingly, Maj. Thswetso was dispatched by Lt. Col David, CO Ihoshe  Battalion, Naga Army on 19th Nov. 08 to welcome the home comers in the  presence of Village Council. Chizami Village, after the formality was done.  But no sooner had they started the drive towards Ihoshe Battalion along  with the home comers Capt. Vekhoto took out his 9mm, pointing towards Maj.  Thswetso and forced the driver to take the vehicle back to Phek town. But  in the quick turn of event, Maj. Thswetso outsmarted him when he took out  his own pistol kept in readiness to face any act of treachery, and shot  dead Capt. Vekhoto on the spot at Ehlumi Village at 5:30 pm. The other NNC  member was also overpowered but made good his escape in the panic confusion  that followed. Three arms, SLR A/No. 16258765 with one magazine and 97  bullets, one M21 A/008840 and one 9mm handmade with 4 bullets were capture  from the deceased.

The whole incident was witnessed and testified by the Villagers and Village  Council of Chizami and the car driver hired by Capt. Vekhoto.

There is no doubt of the game plan to enact “home coming drama” to NSCN and  kidnap Maj. Thswetso. The plan however, went awry as everything boomerang  into a bloody ending.

Resorting to treacherous game plan does not fit into the Reconciliation  process, and the option for the NSCN in the face of such foolhardiness is  to exercise quick presence of mind.

What is the meaning of K-group offering its best possible co-operation in  the interest of the Naga people and for the coming generation?  Deceitfulness is now seen to be the only political philosophy of K-group  and they love to dance with words they know no meaning when measured in the  practical sense of its application. It is better not to make an issue out  of nothing just to make cheap propaganda campaign against NSCN.



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

MIP/GPRN 25/11/08:

The celebration of the so called first anniversary of “Naga unification” at Khehoi Camp comes as a cold comfort for the Nagas as this is the grim reminder to the Nagas of the “counterfeit Naga unification” masterminded by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) but made to appear before the Nagas under the flattering wave represented by Azheto Chophy and his company. The Naga people cannot help but treat the celebration as wild adventurism and affront to the Nagas.

The horrifying memory still linger to haunts  the good thinking Nagas who aspired to see Naga unification when the whole process of unification was criminalized and discriminated in the most despicable manner and which look all the more divisive. The language of discrimination only changed color when pressurized by the Naga civil societies to give the exact definition of Naga unification in order to avoid ambiguity. But the crime wave that followed only produce chasm. And the face of “unity bungle” as the inevitable consequences of going for dubious means only met the Naga people.

The Join Council Meeting of NSCN at Hebron, 24th Nov. was abashed at the “deceitfulness” of K-group and going the way of a demagogue. It has taken a contemptuous observation of the celebration of “first anniversary’ of ‘Unification of Nagas’ by glorifying themselves in such manner that is bereft of any moral sanctity. NSCN out rightly rejected such act of defying ground reality The NSCN and the Naga people have no choice but to treat such immoral show off with derision as ‘traitors’ and ‘deserters’ never represents the aspiration of the Naga peoples. The depreciation of the Naga unity was seen in no uncertain term from the very day Azheto make an ignominious exit from Hebron and asking the top NSCN leadership to come over to his side for Naga unification. Because no good things can be expected to come out of a person whose arrogance crossed all limits of accommodation and conciliation? This spirit was reflected on 24th Nov, 2007 when the Joint Council of NSCN even took the decision to make his unification initiative official. But it was flatly rejected by him and that became the turning point for the NSCN to conclude that the so called unification groups are nothing more than stooges controlled by RAW sponsored groups. Many civil society groups with dubious character tried desperately to preach Naga unification with evangelical fervor by projecting this group as the face of Naga unification leader. But everything went disastrous, and many innocent national workers and civilians died in the process.

Nevertheless, respecting the sentiments of the Naga people represented by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) NSCN is not showing any disinclination for Naga unity, rather it has been quite open to pinpoint the road blocks to Naga unification. What really matters now is the sincerity and commitment in doing away with those road blocks by the group in question. However, the Nagas will be watching very keenly how these group members free themselves from being the prisoners of their conscience.



Ministry of Information and Publicity

26th November, 2008.

Exploiting the situation in Dimapur, anti-social elements are on the prowl to fill up their pockets, and the name of NSCN(IM) is being used to threaten the businessmen.

The Town Command got wind of this extortion racket and swiftly put its forces into action. Within no time one Standhope Pochury of K-group and son of Yepho Pochury of Rekui village, and his friend Shekhuyi Chakesang son of Yevuto Chakesang of Khekho Kumo village were arrested by the Town Command at Khelmahal. Two other Sema boys of K-group identified as Kheho Sumi and Tovi Sumi escaped. They were collecting money after serving demand notes using the letter head of Political Affair Committee (PAC) constituted earlier by NSCN to look after Union Territory-1. The modus operandi was very clear after going through their demand note that read “ To Whom It May Concern- we need an amount of Rs. 3 lakhs for the expenditure for Christmas. And if you failed to paid the amount this bullet will shot on you. And if you expose this words a direct shot will be on you” and signed by Central Finance Secretary (not legible).

The interrogation of these persons revealed that Shekhuyi Chakesang is an innocent public who was pulled in and asked to collect the money from one certain shop without knowing the reason for the money. It was also revealed by Standhope that the letter head of PAC was supplied by Captain John Kuki of Khaplang group. He was a former NSCN member who defected to K-group in January 2008.

What really disturbed the NSCN is the use of its name by members of K-group and other individual members. In another incident, one Lan Kamei (Lanjaingam) Rongmei son of Aching Kamei (Numchingthei), Khaplang group member was found extorting money from autorickshaw and other businessmen using .32 revolver. These anti-social members are being kept in the jail, GHQ. Naga Army.


Press Release

27th Nov. 2008

MIP/GPRN:Giving due honor to the Peace initiative undertaken by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) Naga Army, has restrained itself by following certain military operation ethics, and not going for any aggressive action. We were however, greatly aggrieved when one Naga Army Sgt. Veruto Chakesang son of Late Vephutcho of old Phek was abducted from a tea hotel near Halflong on 24th Nov. and brutally killed after mutilating his body. This kind of deliberate show of aggression will never go down well in streamlining the Reconciliation and Unity process. NSCN have not ignored the public sentiment even when placed under immense pressure. In keeping with this spirit Naga Army in Halflong set free the Khaplang group Regional Secretary after he was arrested by NSCN at the same period when Sgt. Veruto was abducted.


Press Release

29th Nov. 2008

Condolence Message

The death of former Prime Minister of India Mr. V.P. Singh has come as a great shock to the Naga people. For he is one distinguish political personality who identified himself with the suppressed people and voiced his concern in action and spirit. The political cause of the Naga People is one issue that he has learned to establish a close empathy. And in his death the Naga people have lost a great Indian Political leader who supported the Indo-Naga Political Peace process for an honourable solution. May his spirit live to inspire the Indian leaders to uphold the truth with courage and conviction.

Issued by:

Qhevihe Chishi Swu


Steering Committee, NSCN.


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