December 2008 News

December 2008 News


Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

3rd Dec 2008

The three-day standoff between the Security forces and the NSCN at Seithekiema would not have taken place had we not sense the ulterior motive of the Assam Rifles under the command of Maj. Aswani. When the forces of Maj. Aswani came to confront the Naga Army commanded by Lt.Col. Yarteo under the pretext that the Naga Army personnel are moving about in the area and nearby areas in full battle gear, the actual mission of the AR become very clear.

The Naga Army had never gone the way of the Assam Rifle and they had been staying within the four wall of the compound. The proxy war of the security forces against the NSCN that has been deceptively going on for all this years was just about to be executed at Seithekiema. The forces that Maj. Aswani brought to fight the NSCN are motley of Assam Rifles personnel and Khaplang group who tried to identify themselves as Assam Rifles. With odd looking hair style that stands quite apart from the typical AR looks, the women of the nearby villagers of Seithekiema, Chumukhedima and Patkai could easily identify them and they testified this ugly turn out less the truth of the standoff are directed against the NSCN. And we put our foot down to face any consequences in order to expose the AR-K-group nexus.

Interestingly, Maj. Aswani is the Camp Commander of AR at Vihokhu, and the Seithekiema area never falls in his jurisdiction. What is his business to come all the way to Seithekiema from Vihokhu? Is he not doing the K-group bidding against NSCN? Why did he refuse to withdraw when asked to do so by the Ceasefire Monitoring Cell Authorities (India)?

No accusing finger towards AR who brought K-group members for no reason. The village women who had a close encounter with them to exercise restraint keeping in mind the public interest were shocked to witness the K-boys who were found standing side by side with AR but with their face covered. NSCN knew too well the reason for the provocative show off by this AR-K-group combine forces. Otherwise, we would have vacated the area on the first hour itself. But when the K-group was brought in the guise of AR, the showdown became the only option no matter whose blood will flow in the Patkai River. That was the turning point for the Naga Army ready to face the challenge thrown by AR with K-group joining with them. But for the Naga ‘Women Hoho’ who makes its presence felt, along with the women of Seithekiema, 4th mile, Patkai and Chumukhedima anything could have happened. And today these women are the eye witness to testify who accompanied the AR. We are grateful to these women groups and we listen to their pleading not to spill blood again in the area.

The culprit of the standoff Maj. Aswani’s exact motive need not be probed further, but what makes him go the extend of joining forces with K-group against NSCN? NSCN will brook no ‘military operation’ that is deliberately preplanned to test the nerve of the Naga Army. The message is clear for the future and the Naga Army shall not be found wanting in action.


Press Release

MIP/GPRN 3rd Dec. 2008:

The money making abductions spree is back with all its ugly face. One Jewel Varah, a retired Army Jawan was abducted last Sunday at around 11 am from the bazaar area in Dimapur by the miscreant attached with K-group. A message was sent to his Son demanding Rs. 4 lakhs, and later on coming down to 3 lakhs. With Christmas nearing, this abduction racket is getting intensified. K-group must act with a sense of responsibility to own the abduction or track down the miscreants if it has no hands in the abduction.


Press Release

5th Dec 2008

MIP/gprn:The release of Jewel Varah abducted by Khaplang group after extorting a ransom amount of Rs. 2 lakhs brings back the horrifying memory of the day when the Unification group indulged in abduction and kidnapping to sustain their so-called Unification process. Compelled by the changed situation with the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) playing the role to bring reconciliation and unity the “modus operandi” has been changed in order to stay clean from the immorality of abduction and extortion of ransom money. The discriminatory target of their abduction speaks everything of the exact motive of the K-group.

Jewel was abducted on Sunday, and demanded Rs. 4 lakhs. It came down to 3 lakhs and later on to Rs. 2 lakhs. He was released after getting the amount and dropped in the Purana Bazaar area.



5th Dec.2008.


Whether ones like it or not, the truth remains. I would, therefore, like to say that India is not a nation in the strictest term of the word. India is a British make India. No one can refute this truth. As the History speaks louder, there were more than six hundred princely states in the Indian sub-continent ruled by the Rajas, Maharajas, Nawabs, Sultans and petty so called emperors before the advent of the British. There were constant fighting and rivalries for hegemony and territorial expansions among themselves, which enabled the Britishers to easily conquer them one by one and established the British-India Empire.

As the History goes, the Indian Empire under Maurya Dynasty (Chandra Gupta Maurya, Ashoka,  etc) did not cover the southernmost part of India and the present Northern India in the 4th and 3rd century B.C. Again, the Indian Empire under the Gupta Dynasty (Chandra Gupta 1 & 11, etc) in the 4th and 5th century A.D. did not cover the Southern part, Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir of the subcontinent. The Indian Empire under Harsha Vardhana in the 7th Century, A.D., did not cover many of the princely states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast and Southern India. The Indian empire under Akbar, the Great and his successors did not embrace the present Northeast India.

Only under the British Indian Empire, the present Northeast India came under the British administration including some parts of Nagalim. From the above cited Historical facts, it is understood that the Nagas also remained almost in perpetual Independence from time immemorial. Therefore, the British Govt., had had practically no right or authority to hand over the Nagas and their land to the Indians in 1947. Likewise, the Indian Govt., has no moral, legal and political right to hold on the Nagas and their land against their wishes.

Now, coming to the Nagas in general, I would like to say that the “Naga Freedom Movement” started as an invincible force. In the beginning, there were no highly educated men, no strong economy and good weapons to fight against the mighty aggressor. But, the Nagas fought with iron determination and courage in the past, which baffled the mighty Indian Army, compelling the Indian Govt, to have a ceasefire with the Nagas starting from Sept. 1964, for the first time.

But regrettably, the Nagas freedom movement had been degenerated into fratricidal wars and after the signing of the infamous Shillong Accord (1975), fightings and killings between the two factions of NSCN and the two groups of NNC existed. Killings are almost a daily occurrence

to the delights of the common enemies. What a pity! Sometimes, the death bodies of each group’s victims were and are hidden, which are against Christian ethics and violations of human dignities. All these dirty affairs should be stopped forth with and joint hands together to fight against the common enemy either militarily or politically, which is necessary. Otherwise, Nagas are to expect divine punishments in the form of natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, epidemics, famines or wars. Because, we have already come across many areas in the world where there were communal disharmonies, infightings between the different groups of peoples of the same area, like Gujarat, Orissa, etc, in India, Kashmir, especially Pakistan occupied Kashmir,

Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and in many Africa countries. It is not a mere speculation, but a high degree of certainty, if the Nagas do not stop hatred and ill feelings against each other.

If we take the Indian freedom movement of the past as a model, we see the Indian National Congress (INC) was founded by A.O.Hume in Bombay in 1885. All Indian Muslim League was formed in Dhaka(presently Bangladesh) in 1906. CPI (M) was founded in 1920. Indian Party was

founded in 1923. Akali Dal was founded in 1925; Congress Socialist Party founded in 1934. National Conference was also founded in 1934.

Lastly, Forward Block was founded by S.C. Bose in 1939, just at the start of the Second World War. But we find no fightings or killing among themselves, except between Hindus and Muslims during the time of the ‘Partition’. As cited  above, there were many political parties during the Indian freedom movement, but they all acknowledged the leadership of the Indian National Congress and the political dialogue with the British Govt, was conducted under its leadership. Likewise, today, the NSCN (IM) leadership is conducting the political negotiations with the Govt. of India in the name and on behalf of the Nagas. So, let us rally round the current peace process.

The Hon’ble General Secretary of NSCN Th. Muivah, the Chief negotiator for the Nagas has gone to the extent possible to clinch an honorable political settlement with India. But, still the GOI is

seemed undecided by taking advantage of the divisions among the Nagas. Some Indian authorities and intelligentsia are sowing seeds of discord among the Naga National workers in one way or the other. But, every responsible Nagas should guard against such hypocrisies. In the past, God had commissioned some of His Naga servants to go to Delhi to tell the Indian leadership to ‘let the Naga go’; otherwise God would dispense judgment against them for holding on the Nagas unrightfully. This was to be done seven times. So His Naga servants had already

performed their missions starting from the time of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. As God has spoken, so it would be fulfilled. Indian had been forcing the judgment of God in various forms starting from the time of Indira Gandhi till today. There are troubles and disturbances everywhere in India. India cannot overcome all these troubles unless it ‘let the Naga go’.

India has become a land of political insurgencies and militancies, why because it is not a nation as I have mentioned. It is a British make. Therefore, every Nation or community in India wants to regain their lost freedom and maintain their distinct identities. In most cases, political maps of the world are changed through major wars and serious political upheavals in a particular region or continent. Therefore, let us hopefully watch and see. It is my firm conviction that one day or the other, Nagas and their land would be emancipated by the Almighty in one way or the other. As for me, I have spent my entire life span for the cause of the Nagas. Therefore, whether in active service or out of service or dead or alive, I am a Naga freedom fighter.

From my personal experience, I can say that Naga could have no trucks or associations with Indians. The NNC in the past had categorically declared, “We are hated by one for our beef and by other for our pork”. And, this is exactly so, even today. About fifteen crores of Muslims in India survive anyhow among more than eight crores of Hindus, then how can a few million Naga Christian survive among such huge multitudes, which are socially and culturally quite opposite to us. Look, how few Christians in Indian mainland are persecuted by the majorities.

The above statements are purely my personal views and assessments and not necessarily the views and opinions of the organization in which I am a member.

Issued by:

A.Z. Jami


Steering Committee, NSCN.



Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

Counter Rejoinder to AR

5th Dec. 2008:

The stereo type refutation of Maj. Pallab Choudhury, PRO, IGAR (N) on the issue of AR-Khaplang group nexus against NSCN has come as another blow on the face of Assam Rifles who pretentiously tried to disown Khaplang group, its time testing friend who have stood faithful and committed in its proxy war against the Naga Army of NSCN. This will only demoralize the Khaplang group whose confrontational and defensive power against NSCN is heavily dependent on AR.

The ground reality exposes the truth, and not the habitual denial. The AR cannot dance their way to make themselves clean of any anti-NSCN stance by taking shelter using defensive words like ‘fictitious, baseless, mollified and bereft of any truth’. Writing from the standpoint of someone whose credentials has been established will not contribute in any manner to win back the trust of the Naga people.

Maj. Aswani, the Vihokhu Assam Rifles Camp Commander who brought his boys and Khaplang boys to Seithekiema to confront the Naga Army after making sinister game plans was given a rude shock of their life when the Naga Army dared to exhibit its nerve to resist the unethical provocation, forcing the AR to send reinforcement to Maj. Aswani. And much to the chagrin of the Khaplang boys in the company of AR, the women of the neighboring villages led by Naga Women Hoho have the pleasure of mocking at them, and the stupid answer given by them makes them all the more ridiculous.

But history will repeat and they are only waiting for the opportune moment to make a common target on NSCN. NSCN shall not be found wanting on such action.



Ministry of Information & Publicity

9th Dec 2008

MIP/GPRN:The Khaplang group continues to act clean in preaching that violence will not take the Naga to unity and solution. But the hands that had smeared blood in the name of unification are still crying for more blood to flow when it threatened to kill the family members of the Sumi national workers of NSCN. Placed under such situation, the khaplang group shall be held responsible if any harm is done to the Sumi family members of NSCN.


Jesuit Refugee Service press release

Human Rights Day, 10 December

Rome, 9 December 2008

JRS urges international community to invest in refugee children

Education is key to a stable future

Sixty years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, millions of refugee and other forcibly displaced children continue to be denied the most fundamental human rights, including access to appropriate educational opportunities.

In commemoration of Human Rights Day, 10 December, JRS urges the international community to take steps to ensure that all displaced children, regardless of their financial situation or legal status, are guaranteed access to quality education. Although individual governments bear the primary responsibility for meeting their educational needs, it is the responsibility of all states to support the efforts of those countries unable to meet these needs with their own resources.

Where education is available to refugees, most often in camp settings, the quality of schooling is often poor. School buildings are usually inadequate and didactic materials are either lacking or nonexistent. Most troubling is the lack of qualified teachers. Investment in the physical infrastructure of schools and teaching quality is urgently needed urged JRS International Director, Peter Balleis SJ.

Throughout the developing world, JRS comes across displaced parents living in poverty forced to choose between paying for their children s education and buying basic essentials. Even when education is nominally free, teachers salaries are often not paid, so families are forced to contribute. Too often, refugee parents, unable to afford the costs of their children s education, are forced to take them out of school. Unfortunately, those in the most vulnerable circumstances suffer disproportionately, including girls and children with disabilities. In fact, an estimated 98 per cent of children with disabilities in the developing world, many of them victims of conflict and landmine incidents, do not attend school.

As JRS staff well know, the problem of access to education is not limited to developing countries. Shockingly, thousands of children are held in detention centres in industrialised nations, as well as developing states, without the possibility of going to school. While some children receive classes in closed centres, their extended confinement risks causing psychological harm and impaired cognitive development. Upon release, many children continue to be denied an education by their precarious economic circumstances. In some European countries, such as France, forcibly displaced parents are afraid to send their children to school for fear that they may be arrested and detained once again.

The appalling lack of appropriate educational opportunities to displaced children now will adversely affect both the children and their countries in the future. A generation of children is being lost. Given educational opportunities, they have the potential to rebuild their lives, to help rebuild their communities and thus to strengthen and stabilise their countries for generations to come added Fr Balleis.


KOHIMA, Dec 10

Nagaland Congress urges PM to expedite Naga peace process


The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) while extending full support to the ongoing peace talks between the Government of India and the Naga underground groups, today urged upon the Prime Minister to expedite the peace process.

Exhorting party workers at a Pre-Christmas celebration of Kohima District Congress Committee at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama today, NPCC president, K V Pusa, MLA said, “We want the Government of India and negotiators from Naga underground groups to find a solution to the long-pending Naga political problem”.

He also said that the Congress has written to the Prime Minister to expedite the process and find a logical solution to the negotiation. Asserting full support to the ongoing peace talks, the State Congress chief hoped that a tangible result would be achieved.

Reiterating to work for peace and prosperity of Naga people, he said that Nagas need a peaceful atmosphere so that each and every citizen would be able to participate in the economic, academic and other beneficial activities for the Naga people.

He also maintained that the Congress is committed to work for the welfare of women and youths. Conveying Christmas greetings to everyone, he also urged party workers to pray so that the Congress will be able to work for the Naga people with the party policies and programmes. He also encouraged party workers to convince people to join the party so that Congress wins the forthcoming Lok Sabha election.


Kohima, Dec 11 :

GoI cold to interim proposal

Newmai News Network

The Government of India is “yet to prepare” to agree to the ‘interim proposal’ of the Isak-Muivah faction of National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) during the recently held three days parleys at Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

The talks were held between the Government of India representatives and NSCN representatives from December 7 to 9.

Reports published in today’s edition of Nagaland Page, an English daily newspaper based in Dimapur quoting NSCN sources from Amsterdam alleged that the Government of India had failed to honour its word, which was promised in the earlier talks in New Delhi.

“Talks have been held but the Indian side did not honour their word again. They said they cannot discuss about interim proposal this time as they are not yet prepared to do so,” NSCN sources said. However, it was not divulged what the NSCN’s “interim proposal” was all about.

However, Union Minister, Oscar Fernandes has assured the NSCN that the proposal will be taken up in the next round of talks also to be held in the Netherlands.

“Instead they talked about small things like the Assam Rifles and Khaplang group nexus,” the sources added.

NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chishi Swu and its general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah explained to the Centre’s representatives about Naga history and the bloodshed.

The NSCN leaders said the time would come that “we shake our hand and say you go your way and we go our way. And there will be no turning back”.

The Government of India was represented by Oscar Fernandes, Centre’s interlocutor for the talks and former Union Secy for Home, K. Padmanabaiah along with top officials from military and intelligence agencies. For the NSCN Swu and Muivah led the team for the talks.

The talks reportedly started on Sunday and concluded on Tuesday without any fruitful result.


Statement of  Q.Tuccu against Mr.Hokishe Yepthomi

21st Dec, 08.

Hoping for the things to settle down I have been deliberately keeping distance from all sort of mud – slinging resorted  by some Sumi leaders when a group of Sumi break away from Hebron, instigated by some Sumi leaders in the name of Naga Unification  which was strongly opposed by me from the very beginning. But today, the statement of Mr. Hokishe Yepthomi desperately trying to wash the hands of banned Sumi Hoho by shifting the blame on me and Azheto Chophy as issued in the Morung Express dated 15th&16th Dec 2008 compels me to issue this statement to unfold the factual sequences.

After the 22nd Nov. 2007 when a group of Sumis led by Azheto left Hebron with arms and other government properties under the cover of darkness to form the so- called unification camp at Hovishe, Niuland in collaboration with Kitovi and Mulatonu, the next day on  23rd Nov,07 Mr. Kiyekhu, the then Dy. Defence Kilonser, invited me to join them at Hovishe, the so-called Unification camp with a proposal of their 3 Points Resolution: (1) To lift the Tangkhul quit notice (2) To support the ongoing political dialogue (3) To unite under the leadership of Isak Chishi Swu, SS Khaplang  and Th. Muivah. But as I smelled something sinister behind these proposals I contacted Kitovi Zhimomi  General Secretary,K- group, through Mr. Ahoto Sumi, Zunheboto

Town Council member asking for his opinion and where he stands. Kitovi clarified his consent to it for Sumi Unification only    followed by other Nagas of Nagaland state through mobilization later on. He further added that this unification is without the Southern Nagas, particularly Tangkhuls. That made his intention crystal clear.

The same evening at 6:20 pm Kitovi called me over the phone repeating the same statement he conveyed through Ahoto ZTC member in the afternoon. He also suggested/advised me to lead the so-called unification from Hovishe, Niuland on 24th Nov 2007, to which I totally disagreed.  However, with repeated assurance received from Kiyekhu, Vitoi and Hevukhu about their 3 Points resolution, I, along with Vikiye, Qhevihe and Hukavi carried the message to Hebron and raised in the Joint Council Meeting. The house demanded stern action against the perpetrators as they are nothing more than deserters. However, the Hon’ble Ato Kilonser  Th. Muivah disagreed with the house and explained about their 3point resolutions. He requested the house not to panic but appreciate about their proposal whether it is initiated from back or front door, but it should be official. The house endorsed Qhevihe Chishi Swu, Vikiye, Samson Aye and me to convey the decision of the house accepting their 3 Points Resolution and also make it official. The same evening, I, along with Vikiye spoke in the meeting at Hovishe, Niuland chaired by Hokiye Yepthomi, President, banned Western Sumi Hoho. I was given the privilege to speak first, and I mentioned about Hebron’s willingness to accept their 3 Points Resolution but to make it official. Vikiye spoke on the same after me. Right after his speech Akato Chophy spoke and flatly refused to accept their own 3 Point Resolution accepted by Hebron.

While the meeting was still going on, one Capt. Ghoheto of Kiyevi illage asked permission to arrest us from his superior through the phone which  was overheard by our security guards. He said “they are not speaking according to our secret plan”. C. Singson also spoke in the same manner. The words they used in English are reproduced here in. “you are cheating us” by Akato Chophy. “why are you backtracking? ” by  C. Singson. Now my question is-what is the meaning of we backtracking and cheating them when we responded in positive manner to their 3 Point Resolution? What is their secret plan?

The meeting at Kuhuboto, chaired by H.S Rotokha on 27th Nov.2007 is the focal point of controversy which I  need to  clarify  to the Nagas.  In the meeting I was given the first chance to speak. With the clarification letter of Chairman Isak Chishi Swu issued on 25th Nov 2007, in my hand and swearing in the name of God I read out the content of the letter which read ” this is to declare that the unity among the Sumis  is essential. However, other tribes cannot be

discriminated because of Sumi unity. The unity of the Sumis should contribute towards the unity among all Naga tribes. Let this be known by all Naga and there should be no confusion. There are no differences in the opinion of Chairman and the General Secretary”. Soon after making my stand very clear that I am in total agreement with the Chairman’s clarification on Sumi unity and Naga unity I left the meeting after taking due permission from the Chairman, as my

daughter’s wedding preparation was on.

It was learn later through the media about the resolution to excommunicate Sumi National workers    who do not join the so called unification. As this resolution was taken after my departure from the meeting, the question of me appending my signature as stated by Mr.

Hokishe Yepthomi  does not arise. Therefore, such baseless and fabricated statement of Hokishe hold no truth.  The issue of excommunication is a case to be resolved between the banned Sumi Hoho and the so called unification group, and not by me or the Sumi National workers.

All said and done, I have nothing to do with the issue of  “unity agreement” and my going back to  Hebron as made out by Hokishe Yepthomi is all the more ridiculous. Because, I have never taken the stand to be a party to such Unification process that discriminate other Naga tribe. Hokishe Yeptomi is further reminded not to track my name into the mess unnecessarily.

Ever since I joined National service I have been working under the leadership of Isak  Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah, and I shall remain with them. For I know that the truth is with them and the truth shall make us free.

Issued by                                                                                    Dated:21th Dec,08

Q. Tuccu,                                                                                            Hebron

Kilonser, Forest, Environment and Mineral (FEM)




My dear comrades and fellow friends of Nagalim,

I came to know Mr. Isak Chishi Swu for the first time in our college days in Shillong. In course of time I found in him the very point I treasured most and that was the fear of the Lord. In fact he was able to maintain good account of himself. The way he struggled as a student for his own survival was exemplary. He did not allow events to overtake him and that was wise of him. He did realize that God knew the best for him and that was his consolation, perhaps even all along the way that remained yet   unseen. Before long I heard that Mr. Isak was already in the forefront. That was good news to everyone including me.

After the completion of my post graduation in Political Science, I looked back at the past and the world to correctly ascertain the forces that had been at work behind the changes of History and in the outlook of mankind. I was all the more clear and persuaded of the truth that I had fortunately grasped since my younger days. I felt liberated and was confident that the world would not be able to mislead me. The cry for liberation of societies from the conception of wrong ideas became a matter of necessity. Thus the conviction that human beings are destined to live but for the better was enhanced. But then deep in my heart a question remained lingering- “who can deny the issue of eternal salvation?” One might ignore that but at his own peril. The reality is that no human being has ever saved himself. Therefore, he needs a savior who could save him. It is no other than Jesus, the Christ, the son of God, for he has conquered death and the grave. Thank God the problem is solved. I found that truth in Him alone.

Determined as I was to serve the cause of my persuasion I gladly got enlisted in the resistance movement in 1964 and met with Mr.Isak Chishi Swu. There was not much problem between us. We realized the responsibility that we were to be a part of each other, to set the movement in the right direction that is towards the destination. But the real trials could only be overcome in the long course of the struggle and that wouldn’t be easy. How long the refining process in the furnace of precarious situation would take: because the world could only be for those who could be prepared for the worst. Wave upon wave tough situation would certainly arise from within and without to shake everyone down to reality. Many might tend to shy away from the challenges. But I believed my friend Isak could hold himself under all circumstances, because he was a man who did not allow fear and confusion to overtake him. Yes, he did not bluff himself whenever the right of the people was challenged. When the bulk of the national workers from his community broke away from the organization sometime in 1969 he was hurt thinking of what history would say. But he firmly stood his ground and that act of his inspired many. When our leaders at home betrayed the nation in the so called Shillong Accord in the most treacherous manner, Mr. Isak did not fail to rise to the occasion. Taking the lead by us the Shillong Accord was condemned in the General Assembly as a total sell-out and saved the proud History of the Nagas. Everything was brought back again on the right track. But that was not the end. When some Naga army officers led by Col. Supong conspired by the Accordists, staged a coup-de-tat in 1978 and the leaders were to be put to death on account of condemning the notorious accord, Mr. Isak was never shaken. We took the military-takeover of the power for a challenge to the very issue of our national existence. God knew who and what we were for. He stood by us and made us more than a conqueror!

The greatest harm to any people’s movement is caused in most cases from the weaknesses of the leadership. When a leader, instead of being with the people, places himself above them, the purpose of the struggle is virtually betrayed. The foundation is destroyed. Yet he will not hold back on his own. He becomes the law and that is the end, but the cause remains to be saved and that is the issue. When Mr. S.S. Khaplang attacked our Headquarters at Hangshen in 1988 everyone in the camp was totally taken aback and murmured what motive prompted him to commit crimes of such magnitude when everything was going well. The reason could be traced back to his free style of living before we merged into one. There was no moral constraint in him. Ethical inhibition was almost nil. In short, he was above discipline, above organization, even above national principle. He did not care to bear with rational criticism. Such a leader naturally found difficult to work with and live for long within bounds. Finding no other way-out he had to see that disciplines were done away with to undermine the position of the leaders who he thought were standing in his way. To serve that treacherous purpose he deliberately concocted accusations of various sorts against Mr. Isak and me. He at once unleashed unprovoked killings of faithful national workers by attacking the CHQ. He did what the foes exactly wanted. And then headlong he collaborated with the Indian armed forces against the steadfast patriots who he shamelessly called traitors.

Notwithstanding, the treacherous happenings from within us Mr. Isak clung to the principles. He was in the Kachinland held up by the situation there and also betrayed even by his confidents. But the hardest task still he had was how to take his tender daughter Evali and wife back home crossing the entire area of Mr. S.S. Khaplang. Cutting through unthinkable jungles, sometimes chased by blood thirsty Khaplang boys- God took them home safe and sound. We found Mr.Isak and family more determined than ever. Everyone was profoundly inspired to see them back home with unprecedented high spirits. Thank God we have still leader of such standing to lead the nation.

Still undeterred by the tightening situations from all sides, Chairman and my party could make our way to foreign countries. We struggled hard to make our case clear to whomever we met. We could soon gain ground and a good number of international organizations came to understand that ours was a strong case. Mr. Isak’s several presentations of our case in the UN Human Rights meetings were heard with much attention and sometimes with applauses. The progress made in the international field subsequently alarmed the Indian government. It became a challenge which India could no longer ignore. What is more, the policy of the authority at home was also correct and went successful winning the support of the masses at large beyond expectation. In the war front our Naga Army kept fighting with the Indian occupation forces undauntedly inflicting defeat one after another. They knew the war they fought was just and they took pride in it. Truly they put up the fight with  extra-ordinary courage and smartness. They had made themselves invincible through defying challenges from various corners all along the many years. They deserved to be saluted with the highest esteem our nation can afford. Thus, evidently with the successes and achievements made on fronts both at home and abroad the leaders of India were constrained to review their attitude and policy towards the Nagas. The leadership in the decision making including the Prime Minister and the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed forces came to admit the truth that Indo-Naga issue was/is political, not a law and order issue of India. Therefore, it had to be settled through political means. General Choudhury frankly made it clear that military solution was not possible. Knowing now the way the course has been influenced thus far, who dares say that God is not working? God always works but in His own way, helping those who help themselves. The great Jehovah is with us. And with him we are invincible. But the question which can defeat us must be clear to us, for the greatest wisdom to salvage the Naga nation lies in searching out the issue. Undoubtedly it is our sins i.e. the sins of the NSCN and the Naga people that will ultimately destroy us. So, we Nagas have to know that the first and the greatest danger to us is our sins. This unsolved problem must be solved first. This is the demand of the time.

We have still much to say in praise of Mr. Isak and his wife. They are God-fearing. The truth that convinced them first was that Nagalim was given to the Nagas by God and not at all by any power. It must therefore be defended at all costs. Mrs. Uster chishi Swu the first lady does not have much schooling, but when she grasps something real she stands firm for it and that is really an asset to the national cause. Right from the start Mr. and Mrs. Swu do not stop praying for the nation and that is indeed an inspiration to everyone who loves Nagalim. I should also say that they have run the race through the dangerous and slippery road of struggle all for the sake of our Lord and for the little Nagas. They too have compassion for the misguided. Accordingly they have done the best they could. They realized the fact that though to forgive is hard for a human-being there is nothing too hard for the Lord and we also believed in that. Of course, it is sometimes easier said than done. But if to do the better is the mission of a people or a nation the way to do it must be through reconciliation simply because anyone whoever might be has to repent and confess  whatever crime he has committed in the past. If confession done is genuine he must be gladly forgiven. We think that is the only way to reach the meeting-point. To that end Mr. Isak in the name of Chairman of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim and with the unanimous support of its members, made a clear proclamation on the 13th. Jan. 2007. It is now left to the sensible people to understand. To us righteousness is not in the bombastic claims of the traitors, nor is that in their high-sounding phrases and slogans. To us trying to please the people of treacherous culture at the expense of the just cause is never a good politics. Equally, to please everybody without setting the principle or basis is not going to lead us anywhere. Even then, despite the unhappy happenings; we will stand for the reconciliation process. At the same time we will be vigilant to see that the reconciliation process is not mishandled or exploited.

I am full of pride and joy to celebrate this day the 50th anniversary of   Mr. Isak in the National service. Our nation survives still but on account of the thousands of martyrs and the unyielding Nagas under his leadership. I am sure that our people now and the generations yet to come shall be proud of Mr.Isak for his unsparing sacrifices and the kind of leadership given to the little but tough Nagas throughout the perilous years of the past. I pray that the Almighty God grants him still good health and long life to lead the Nagas and fulfill His purpose in Mr. Isak Chishi Swu.


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