April 2008 News

April 2008 News

02 April 2008

MIP/GPRN: So far it was not a happy affair for the government of India in working together with NSCN for solving the Indo-Naga political issue. That put India in a precarious situation to play the game against. And therefore, to do the New Delhi’s bidding to downgrade the Indo-Naga political to the level that is in line with the constitution of India has been a powerful undercurrent that eventually exploded to pieces. In the final analysis the New Delhi led combined forces of Mulatuno-Azheto is desperate to keep alive this diabolic unification program by resorting all sorts of despicable acts which are abhorrent to the Naga’s way of life. But traitors shall remain traitors in their action and this has been the masterstroke that New Delhi established against the Naga’s search for the earliest political solution. Unfortunate for the Nagas for there exist many pseudo-national workers who have proved themselves too amenable and jump into the band-wagon to form a counter-force against the NSCN. This is the crux of the current turmoil coming in the name of sugar-coated ‘unification’ to hoodwink the Nagas in the name of Indo-Naga political solution that was programmed to go not favour of the Naga’s political aspiration but as a beginning of the process to be pressurized and dictated by India. This is the true colour of the unification issue.

No matter what provocative measures resorted by the traitors NSCN exercise utmost restraint. During this short period there is not a day passed by when there is no abduction of NSCN’s members, looting of arms and vehicles. But a time comes when the human power of endurance gets exhausted lest the nation’s interest which NSCN represent is mistakenly questioned by its own people. Because when the people presume the people’s organization to be weak that is the time when something drastic has to be shown to drive home the point but in a very convincing manner, even to the discomfort of creating some inconveniences to the public.

For the last 10 years the government of India went through the grueling time to convince the NSCN negotiators to come to the terms of the settlement through the easy way but not willing to surrender the Naga’s right, the NSCN refused to budge. Nevertheless, the process of the Indo-Naga political talks is going on despite the obstruction by a group of defectors turn traitors.

The NSCN’s trust on the civil societies has always been a part of the Indo-Naga political talks and accordingly, the people’s representative bodies are always consulted. Under the present situation the civil societies are expected to be more forthcoming in calling spade a spade. Because, when the Nagas are confronted between the forces of ‘good and bad’ there is no reason to remain neutral as a passive spectators. This is time to be more assertive and get involved in a more practical way.

Solving the Indo-Naga political issue within the Indian Constitution is just a matter of a day negotiation. But 10 years and more than 60 rounds of talks proved that the government of India found the NSCN leaders a hard nut to crack. But the manner of NSCN’s dealing with the government of India was mutually accommodative to the security interest of India without compromising the Naga’s right.


The Hague, 2 April 2008

Distinguished UNPO Member Representatives,

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) presents it compliments to the Organisations representing Member Nations and Peoples and has the honour to communicate the following.

Following the decision taken by the UNPO Presidency in November 2007, WE the undersigned, are hereby writing to convene the IX General Assembly of the Organisation to be held in Brussels , the capital of Belgium , from 16 until 17 May 2008, at the European Parliament.

The main thematic issue of the GA will regard Nonviolent Civil Resistance and Regional Autonomies and Federalism in the Context of Internal Self-Determination.

As an introduction to the GA, UNPO will hold on 15 May 2008 at the EU Parliament a conference entitled “Opening the World Order to de facto States – Limits and Potentialities of de facto States in the International Context”.

Members are invited to attend the conference. UNPO would like to thank the ALDE Group, the government of Abkhazia and Mr. Hendrik J. Owel for providing financial support to hold the event.

UNPO wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the ALDE Group at the European Parliament and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) for providing financial support to facilitate the holding of the General Assembly. Whereas travel costs are to be borne by participants, we are pleased to inform you that, UNPO will be able to partially cover expenses in Brussels of the participating Member Delegations. You will receive further detailed information concerning all relevant logistics of the General Assembly shortly.

We would like to underline the importance of this GA in adopting a reform of the preamble of the Covenant and determining guidelines for future activities of UNPO. Furthermore we would kindly like to remind that the Assembly Rules of Procedure state that only Members in good standing in the organisation, i.e. those who fulfill the given criteria including the annual payment of Membership Fee, can exercise the right to vote and hold an elected position.

We highly recommend attendance of the leadership of UNPO Member Organizations and hope we may expect consistent participation to ensure a remarkable event and most successful IX UNPO General Assembly.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat with any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to the occasion to meet with you in person in Brussels and affirm to you our highest appreciation and respect.

Ledum Mitee                                                                Marino Busdachin

President, General Assembly                                       General Secretary


4th April  2008

Two NSCN abducted with arms again:

MIP/GPRN:Ironically, every effort is coming to naught in spite of the hard work done by Rev Dr. Wati Convener, Reconciliation Forum, even after getting the release of the NSCN members abducted by the unification group. Respecting and honoring the sentiments of the Naga Civil Societies to maintain Peace in Dimapur NSCN have not gone beyond what is expected by the Reconciliation Forum. But the good work done by Dr. Wati is being nullified even before a day passed. On 3rd April Capt. Wungreithan and Sgt. Peter were abducted along with one AK- 47 and one Pistol from New Market. This kind of incidents that goes on unabated in the face of the appeals by the public is not going to augur well in any sense of the term as indicated by the prevailing situation.


Mobile Office, April 5 2008

Unification Exposed itself: NIsC

NISC(Press Release):During a meet the press occasion, see the report in the Nagaland Post reproduced below, the self proclaimed Naga Unification Team exposed its true nature: it concocts and it lies. Coupled to what it has proven to be done, murdering a Dimapur business man and extorting many others for big sums of money and stealing money on a grand scale upon defection, this mean the term unification de facto means submission to their self chosen unrepresentative ways.

Mulatonu, himself a defector, tells of a secret meeting between Th. Muivah, general secretary of the NSCN, with State Politicians. But, how can a meeting be secret when Mulatonu knows about it? Also he condemned the NSCN for raiding the house of the brother of Chairman Isak Cisi Swu and taking away his weaponry. Who is Mulatonu to condemn what the NSCN does with a defector who pursues his own interests using the peoples interests?

Who are Kughalu Mulatonu and Azheto Chopy to tell NSCN leaders what to do? How does he know the Government of India provided a bullet proof vehicle? If so, and only if so, would it not be wise to travel that way when aggressors are ready to kill?

Can Mulatonu and Chopy provide proof for their allegations or are they, in the name of Unification hurling accusations to cover up their misdeeds? Unification should lead to freedom for the Nagas, free to live in a Sovereign Nagaland encompassing all Naga lands. Are both gentlemen convinced that unsubstantiated accusations will lead to Unification?

Interestingly Mulatonu assesses the Peace Talks as Th. Muivah’s personal affair as ‘he could do very little in the interest of the Nagas during the more than 60 round of talks with Government of India. Don’t  you know Mulatonu that it is the GOI which invaded and occupied the Naga lands and that the NSCN headed by Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah cannot deliver sovereignty alone! It must be said however that indeed a united Naga People stand a better chance of the Peace Talks coming to an honorable solution; sovereignty for the Nagas.

Your propaganda Mulatonu is the propaganda of disguise. Stop aggression you say? What aggression, but the aggression you have embarked on? Substantiate your allegations and the NSCN will deal with any culprit within and outside its ranks. It will deal with you too.

The Naga International Support Center invites you and all your colleagues to indeed unify, but on the premise of what made the ‘Khaplang’ Group and the ‘Unification Team divert from those who fight the Indian Army so there is a ceasefire and peace talks. Does the Khaplang Group fight the Indians. Does the Unification Team fights for Independence?

Where is the proof the NSCN tortured your men? If at all true the NSCN has taken your men in custody and beaten them up, do you think your retaliation wild lead to Unification? It looks more like you and Azheto Chopy are showing your machismo to the press telling you ‘did not touch their hair’.

From your statements to the press it is obvious you envision the NSCN, you defected from, your enemy. Is it not a little ridiculous to insist your group  should be addressed as NSCN too then? Who in his right mind takes on the name of the enemy? What are you afraid of Mulatonu, afraid the Naga people might not recognize your group when you take on another, a more appropriate name?

Lastly:The Naga International Support Center, the Center you denounced because the Nagas do not need any international support, ‘the Nagas can stand up for themselves’, invites both the K-Group and the Unification Team to be frank and let an impartial investigative team of experts check on your grievances and those of the NSCN. That way once and for all it will be known who caused the rifts which need to be mended. NISC is sure the NSCN will not object to impartial investigation.

Media meet at Vihokhu Camp Staff Reporter Nagaland post

Dimapur, April 1 (NPN): Senior “GPRN/NSCN” leader Kughalu Mulatonu Tuesday blamed the NSCN (I-M) for the rise in incidents of killings and abductions. He alleged the situation worsened after NSCN (I-M) General Secretary Th. Muivah held a secret meeting with State politicians prior to March 5 polls.

Briefing media persons at Vihokhu, Mulatonu condemned the act of NSCN (I-M) led by one Phamriyo, who along with Assam Rifles allegedly raided the house of Shikato Chishi, the younger brother of NSCN (I-M) Chairman Isak Chishi Swu, and seized arms and ammunitions.

Singling out Muivah for his attack, Mulatonu warned the NSCN (I-M) General Secretary to stop travelling in a “bullet proof vehicle”, which he claimed, was provided by Government of India and State government.

Cautioning Muivah to immediately stop aggressions and all forms of provocative media propaganda, Mulatonu said the NSCN (I-M) General Secretary could do very little in the interest of the Nagas during the more than 60 round of talks with Government of India.

Mulatonu alleged Muivah failed to prove himself to the Nagas. “A person who has failed to solve his problem must never ever try to find the answer that belongs to millions,” Mulatonu said. He added Nagas did not undertake the struggle to revive their history but to find a solution by correcting India on its political misadventure into the Naga country in the form of militarization.

Mulatonu asserted that Nagas would in no case “whitewash” Muivah’s “hostile activities”. He asserted that Muivah need not demonstrate his “nonsense over the commonsense of the Nagas”.

Mulatonu said the unification process was widely debated and declared as a broad based Naga unification. He claimed “millions of Nagas” had come out in support of unification in response to the call of GPRN/NSCN. Those, who were maintaining neutrality, deserted Camp Hebron to highlight their visions on Naga politics to the world, Mulatonu said.

Claiming that the unification process was a step forward, he said the process required to be carried further at all costs. Further, he hit out at the Naga NGOs for leaving little impact on the Nagas and the political struggle.

Mulatonu clarified that the abduction of nine NSCN (I-M) activists by the GPRN/NSCN was in retaliation to the abduction of four of their members. He dismissed the claim of NSCN (I-M) that the nine abducted by GPRN/NSCN were killed and therefore, paraded seven of them before the media. He said two were freed earlier.

“The NSCN had not touched their hair,” Mulatonu said and declared that the abductees would be handed over to some responsible civil societies later.

Talking to the media later, the seven NSCN (I-M) activists said they were treated well. They said meals were also served on time.

Mulatonu alleged two of the four of their members abducted by NSCN (I-M) were tortured above third degree while two others “2nd Lt” Kiyeto and “Sgt” Ikavi were still missing.  Others who were present at the press briefing included Azheto, and kilonser Singson.  Meanwhile, the media was asked to refer the group as GPRN/NSCN.


5th April  2008

There is a strong indication that the newly formed ‘Reconciliation Forum’ with Rev Dr. Wati Aier as the convener bears no meaning to those who are determine to wreck any prospect of peace in Nagalim. The voice and conscience of the public when not given the value it deserved is just one symptom of the destructive mindset. Unfortunate as the ongoing spate of abductions shows on 4th April at around 6 pm one Sgt. Maj. James of Naga Army, NSCN was abducted from his residence at Burma camp by unification group. he was forcibly taken away right in front of his wife. There is also the report that this same group is checking all suspected houses of NSCN in the Burma Camp area taking maximum advantage of the NSCN not going for any counter-action. But the NSCN’s priority has always been to respect the public appeals to give peace a chance no matter what provocation. Because truth will prevails ultimately.

But the incidents of open confrontation through abductions, snatching of arms and vehicles belonging to NSCN is increasing by day. On 1 April Tatar Khriinuh Angami’s house raided in his absence but his security guards had to face the intrusion. In the process his pistol was taken away. On the same day Dy.Kilonser V. Markritsii  Angami’s house was raided and finding him absent his vehicle was forcibly seized. The next day 4th April another Tatar K.V. Paulus was confronted in his house by the unification group and after beating him black and blue they snatch his AK. and Sten Carbine. Again, on 4th April, Shomy Sharon, SO. And T. Shangreingam ASO were abducted from super Market.

It is now left to Naga Civil Societies to interpret this direct confrontation in a very perspective manner because an unprecedented show of provocation is deliberately enact with the active collusion of certain forces out to change the course of the Indo-Naga political peace process.


6th April 2008

Unification of peace and lootings:

MIP/GPRN:The deception of unity is getting all the more a reality if the ongoing incidents of unification group against the NSCN are of any indication. It may be recalled a three day national leaders ‘fasting and prayer’ program was organized at CHQ church, Hebron from January 11-13, 2007 on the theme ‘forgiveness and reconciliation’. Throughout the meeting the Collective Leadership actively participated.

Significantly, among the many prayer items, it included prayer for NSCN peace initiative towards people and other groups, and prayer for the support and cooperation of the people, civil societies and churches towards peace process. On the last day of the program the Yaruiwo Isak Chishi Swu in a landmark proclamation stated thus, “In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to glorify His name, I, the Yaruiwo of Nagalim, solemnly do hereby declare this proclamation on this day, the 13th January, 2007, that whosoever committed crime against the people and the NSCN is forgiven. We also earnestly urge these groups and individuals, who have committed serious political mistakes in the past to seek forgiveness from the people”. This is a historic national proclamation on unity and NSCN are committed to stand by it in spirit and in action.

To the bewilderment of NSCN the Yaruiwo’s proclamation was snipped by Khaplang group when Mulatuno responded “we don’t have anything to do with Isak Chishi Swu and Muivah”. Going further he likened the NSCN as terrorists having link with Al-qaeda.

In the face of such deep-rooted NSCN’s initiative on unity and the magnanimity that signifies the proclamation, the forces of destruction came like a breeze before the storm. Azheto the then Home Minister of GPRN/NSCN, lifting the flag of Yaruiwo’s proclamation run away from Isak Chishi Swu at Hebron on 23rd November 2007 for the clandestine meeting with Mulatuno at Vihokhu village.

To the Nagas that comes like a degenerative disease ‘unification’ was announced in the manner that signal the beginning of the sinister game plan controlled by anti-Naga unity forces that is apparently acting like a cunning thief but showing the deceptive face of unity. Is this the face of unity? Can unity begin with breaking of unity thread?

For all practical purpose ever since the joining of Azheto and Mulatuno at Vihokhu in the name of the sugar-coated unification ‘abductions and lootings’ has become a part and parcel of this unification process. Whereas the NSCN has gone all the way to exercise utmost restraints despite provocative confrontation through abductions and lootings of its arms and vehicles these so called traitors and defectors who are calling themselves as unification group have gone overboard by indulging in all sorts of anti-unification activities.


8th April 2008

(NSCN not an arm dealer with the Sikhs)

MIP/GPRN: In reaction to the media reports of NSCN’s role in reviving militancy in Punjab the media are caution not to go overboard to throw a challenge to the political ethics of NSCN as far as the Indo-Naga political talks is concern. The NSCN knows where it is going and what India is doing all about in handling the Indo-Naga political issue. The media are also advised to go deeper into the matter and know the truth of the India’s hand in creating trouble in Nagaland.

At the time when the NSCN is contemplating another round of talks with the government of India it is ironical for the government of India to be actively involved in sponsoring rogue elements in the name of Naga unification and solution. Such clandestine relationship is an open secret in the Indo-Naga political relationship when examined through the pages of the unpleasant records of Indo-Naga history. But the present crisis in the name of unification has taken an unprecedented turn due to the fact that India is finding her relationship with NSCN too close for comfort after undergoing the travails of over 60 rounds of political talks in the last 10 years. This is the realistic face of the government of India in creating such unpalatable situation among the Nagas, and thus building the groundwork for undermining the NSCN’s position as the chief negotiator. The legitimate stand taken by NSCN in pushing for the acceptance of its political rights has forced the Intelligence agencies to look for an amenable force to balance the hard stand adopted by NSCN. This is the game India is playing and NSCN is not too naïve to ignore this political misadventure indulged by India.

NSCN is not restricted by any international human rights laws and shall respect and understand the inalienable historical rights of any legitimate nationalities across the world. And therefore, for the same reason NSCN never undermine the rights of the Sikhs and diplomatic respect is always reserved for them.

As far as maintaining the spirit of the Indo-Naga ceasefire is concern NSCN has been faithful to the core, and there is nothing NSCN has not done to pursue the Indo-Naga political talks incorrect spirit in consonance with the historical rights of the Nagas. The problem is with the government of India by deviating from the spirit of the Indo-Naga ceasefire. The offshoot of the rogue elements taking the name of Naga national workers to work for Naga solution as prodded by India is the exact face of the Home Ministry of India Government under its Intelligence agencies like Intelligence Bureau (IB), Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Military Intelligence (MI). This is a violation of the ceasefire agreement, as these intelligence groups are going too far to give comfort to NSCN and the Nagas as the Indo-Naga political talks are unnecessarily disturbed and delayed.

The Sikhs are an enterprising people, both in politics and business. And it is the political will that matters for the Sikhs. And for the same reason NSCN does not matter in reviving the Sikh’s political struggle. Notwithstanding NSCN’s diplomatic advancement across the world it is not in NSCN’s interest to indulge in clandestine arms dealing with any group that will jeopardize its ceasefire relationship with the government of India. The problem will always be on the side of India in not honouring the spirit of Ceasefire and not demonstrating her sincerity in dealing with the Nagas.


11 April 2008 (NSCN K attacks NSCN camp)

MIP/GPRN: Coming as a great setback to the efford of the civil societies to bring reconciliation and unity among the Khaplang group and NSCN, a large force of Khaplang attacked the NP Battalion Headquarters, Naga Army at Biunning, Tamenglong on 10 April, 10 am. But the vigilant Naga Army repulsed the attack and force the Khaplang group to flee in hurry. There was no casualty on NSCN but the fleeing Khaplang members suffered injuries.

In the related counter attack at Tamenglong town, the  Town Command of NSCN attacked the hides out of Khaplang group and killed 3 of them on the spot. The Khaplang group retaliated in another place at Dikeoram near Kaphun Tamei and abducted one Sgt/Maj. Themreishang.

In keeping with not going against the public interest for maintaining peace it was not in the interest of NSCN to attack any treacherous groups unless provoked by attacking. The inconvenience caused to the public in Tamenglong town is then regretted.


12 April 2008

MIP/GPRN: In what could be construed as a deliberate violation of their own call for unification and a cynical disregard for the greater interests of the Naga people who are emotionally concerned for the Naga unification and peaceful state of affairs among the Naga people, the 11 April night comes as another horrifying experience for the family members of four Sumi’s in Dimapur at the hands of the unification group.

On 11 April, at 7 pm, the unification group raided the house of Captain Negato, Section Officer Khewoto, Mrs. Hekhuli, widow of late Khuska (NAP) and Sgt. Ito at Pudumpukhri Colony, Dimapur.

With fingers placed in the triggers of AKs not allowing them to utter a word, and not even sparing the children and female members, the house of all the families’ member was raided and every nook and corner of the room was searched and ransacked. Not surprisingly, the ways of the wrong are always done the wrong way. Unification was started the wrong way on 23 Nov. 2007 and what follows after that shows nothing worth for the Naga people who genuinely believe in the meaning of unification. After all, the wrong can never make right no matter how big the attempt was made to preach unification. To preach ‘unification’ is one thing and to work against the very spirit of unification has become another thing. And everything in the name of unification is turning out to be nothing more than an alarm bell for violence. But the issue of the nature of Naga unification can never be processed through intimidations and abductions. All these activities will only go towards pulling down the bricks of unification.


13 April 2008

MIP/GPRN: The Eastern Naga National Workers’ Union (ENNWU) is not at all happy with what is happening behind the call for unification. While respecting and honoring the voice of its own people’s organization ENNPO, the national workers under the able leadership of Chairman Isak Chishi Swu, Vice Chairman Khodan Yanthan and General Secy. Th. Muivah, the ENNWU have attended the 18 Dec. 2007 Tuensang meeting along with their brother organization Eastern Naga National Workers Association (ENNNWA) and FGN. In the meeting they had listen and honoured the appeal made by the people to have peace in the land among the Naga brothers. It was considered a positive development towards establishing peace in the region and in Nagalim as a whole.

It was however, noticed that nothing really happened as per our hope and understanding. Everything that happens turned and just the opposite of what was agreed upon in the Tueusang meeting. The abduction and killing of Mr. Chameng and his friend deserves condemnation, significantly, just before and after the 9 April ENPO and SUMI Hoho led Peace Rally in Dimapur, many national workers from ENNWU were abducted along with other Nagas, and tortured like criminal. We wonder if the law of the jungle prevails under the new Scheme of unification. And we are also bewildered as to why the Naga Civil Societies are so timid to raise this voice of condemnation to the spate of abductions. ENPO and SUMI Hoho’s initiation for peace bears no meaning when they exercise no guts to face the reality of the situation. They need to work with their eyes opened. Mr. Rongshen Khiam, Steering Committee members, Mr. Daniel Tikhir, Dy. Kilonser, Mr. Shahoto Yimchunger Tatar are some of the members abducted and tortured by unification group, and without a word of condemnation from the civil societies who are raising their voice for unification. What a hypocrisy and duplicity!

It may also be mentioned Mr. I. Konlong Tatar’s house was ransacked by K-Group on  2nd April ’08 at his native village, Kongching within ENPO jurisdiction after the 18th Dec’ 07 Tuensang Resolution.

Under the circumstances ENNWU is under heavy constraint to place on record that if the unification group continues to target the ENNWU members, for any consequences that may follow the ENNWU shall not be held responsible and the Tuensang decisions shall be declared null and void.


17 April 2008

MIP/GPRN: NSCN has taken strong exception to the reports of the News Agencies and published in ‘Eastern Mirror’ dated 17 April. It is a misrepresentation of fact and without any basis. The meeting was no doubt held in a very positive frame of mind and the discussion was directed toward solving the Indo-Naga political problem with accommodation spirit. Besides other, the meeting was joined by Oscar Fernandez also.

As reported quotation NSCN sources, no such thing like the ‘bone of contention’ covering five villages but opposed by ULFA and Assam Govt. was discussed in the meeting. This kind of mis-reporting is highly regretted.

Quoting from unofficial sources should not be taken at face value. Speculation has no place in such issue when everything is being discussed in a very cordial and positive manner.


17 April 2008

Unification common interest of all Nagas

MIP/GPRN: Unification is the common interest of all Nagas. There is no denying of the Nagas not wanting for unity, the only hitch was the process that went wry. NSCN’s Collective Leadership responded with prayer and fasting, and thus, the historic proclamation was declared on January 13, 2007, on unity through reconciliation.

NSCN still stands by this proclamation, and tied its hands not to go for offensive to keep intact the spirit of the proclamation despite repeated act of offensive and provocation by unification group through abduction and torture of NSCN members.

Ironically, a provocation of serious nature happened on 17 April, at Wungram colony when the unification group waylaid two NSCN members Lance Corporal Alung Zeliang and Achumo, Corporal. When the unification charged with AK-47 Alung somehow had a miraculous escape as the firing missed him by a whisker to cause instant dead. The bullet went through the skin near the ear. Achumo Lotha was taken away by the unification group.

The same unification group led by Lt. Khetovi, Guard Commander of Lt. Col. Samson Aye proceeded to the Town and attacked again two NSCN members at Khelmohal, injuring Lt. Shondhar seriously. They were in the workshop attending to their vehicle being repaired.

This message from the NSCN is clear enough from day one. There can be no unification by firing against each other; violence cannot be made the process to bring unification. The same message goes with the sentiments of the Naga civil societies.


18 April 2008

MIP/GPRN:In the backdrop of the unpleasant situation connected with the abduction cases, the unification group is again reminded to handle such cases in the manner as reflected by them. Unconditional release without any harm is what has been reflected by the unification group, though the ground reality shows something totally opposite. The abduction of NSCN members Shomi Sharon, SO and Shangreingam, ASO was abducted on 4th April, 2008 from super market area, and till now nothing has been heard of them. But in keeping with the reciprocal spirit in dealing with such cases, the unification group is demanded to release them without forcing them to sign any documents, to maintain the spirit it projected.


18 April 2008

MIP/GPRN:While the role of the GBs & DBs sub-committee Joint Forum Dimapur is expected to be confined to establishing peace and unity through reconciliation, it become imperative to advise the GBs & Dbs to grow up and learn to maintain its integrity as an impartial body. To comment and to condemn on any incident they should act conscioustiously, and thereby preserve its credibility in the eye of the Naga people who are watching their activities.

In the backdrop of the GBs & DBs sub-committee joint Forum, Dimapur District condemning the killing of two unification group members at Eros lane and keeping silent on the killing of NSCN member at Khelmahal by the unification group. it is necessary for the GBs and DBs to know the root causes that cause chain reaction. On 17 April, at 11 am the unification group attacked two NSCN members at Wungram Colony injuring Lance Corporal Alung Zeliang and abducting Corporal Achumo Lotha. And at around 1 pm the same group again attack two NSCN members at Khelmahal, seriously injuring Lt. Shondhar and who later died in Hospital. In the related incident the killing at Eros Lane took place at 3 pm though it has nothing to do with offensive operation as the standing order of the NSCN authority is to exercise restraint. What is happening in the name of unification process is regrettable in the true spirit of the NSCN’s irrevocable proclamation on unity through reconciliation.


21 April 2008

One injured in Kohima Firing

MIP/GPRN:Ever since the call for unification was converted into a messy affair on 23 November 2007, everything about unification was rather dubious because not a day passed off without something happening and just contrary to the call of unification. And the whole slogan on unification was made to look cheap and nasty.

Unification call could not mean ‘offensive operation’ through abductions and killings. But this is what happens almost everyday at the hands of unification group. The call of the civil societies has also fallen on deaf ear. And exasperating experience for those who desire to bring unification by applying ‘human touch’.

As an every day offensive against NSCN, the unification group on 21 April 2008 attacked one NSCN member Ati Angami, Raja Peyu in Kohima town, injuring him seriously in the leg. Ati was attached to the Chaplee Department at Kohima and the attack came without any provocation.


23 April 2008


Tribute to : S/Maj. Yangyo and Pte Thotchan, Naga Army

You never wanted to kill,

For you are ordered not to pull the trigger;

You are trained to obey the order,

And you restrained yourselves,

Despite face to face provocation,

Because you are also taught

To honour the spirit of Unity and Reconciliation.

But as soldiers you also knows

Your limit of tolerance

When faced with certain death.

But you choose to die with honour,

And not as a coward.

The nation is proud of the spirit

You have displayed

For the adversaries are taught

A lesson to stay back,

Lest greater woes comes upon them

You are gone but your friends

Are not disheartened

we will take the field when asked to do so.

For you have shown them

The way to glory in the face of death

Lay in Peace, the cross is with us now

And we shall bear it

till the very end. But remember,

Your blood will not go in vain.

Yours Comrades in Arms,

Lieut. Ngachonmi and 2nd Lieut. Achanpui


23 April 2008

Press Release

GPRN clarifies scapegoat warning on land encroachers by unification team

To connivance public mandate Mr. Bohoto Kiba Secretary Unification group on 22nd April 2008 has warned the land encroachers of Rangapahar Zoological Park to abandon land encroachment activities. However, GPRN clarifies that his accomplices are the Kingpin those who defend the encroachers and also got share of land while distribution. So, Mr. Bohoto should restraint from pretension as a just and judicious deliverer, since his accomplices will tend to hate his tantamount.

Issued by:

Mr. Nikugha Sumi



24 April 2008

MIP/GPRN:With the unification group’s culture of abductions and killings still prevailing in Dimapur, the killing of Fukrul Uddin, a second hand cloth merchant has not come as a surprise. The unification group members are in hurry to make as much money as their hands could lay before the doom days comes. With no official accountability on the looting and abduction the demoralized unification group members are going in their own way for money, money and nothing.

Fukrul Uddin is just another victim of greed at the hands of unification group.

The NSCN condemn such act of insanity and greed that knows no limit. We also express our sorrow and grief to the bereaved family members.


Press Release

24 April 2008

Late Capt. Atovi (unification group) is no longer alive to tell the story leading to his dead on 22nd April, but the story is alive and the public should not be misguided and wrong judgment passed. However, the story is being twisted to save Capt. Atovi and unification group as the victim of NSCN’s unprovoked firing at 7th Mile, Dimapur.

The actual story of the 22 April firing no doubt started with the loaded trucks of log-wood brought to the Saw Mill by one Tangkhul at 7th Mile. At that instant, Capt. Atovi and his group came and demanded money from them. Despite the intervention of the Saw Mill owner on the impropriety of demanding huge amount within his Mill jurisdiction, Atovi was given Rs. 25,000/-.

Within no time of getting the money, they came fully drunk in four vehicles-one Gypsy, one Bolero, one Car and Motor Cycle and attacked the proposed mess of NSCN Town Command at 11:20 at 7th mile. That turned out to be the boiling point, forcing the NSCN to retaliate in a very ferocious manner, because the message of our forbearance and restraint has been interpreted to put undue pressure on NSCN. This time round, NSCN were driven to the point to eliminate the so-called ‘Highway commander’ who is nothing but a highway thug. In the other words Capt. Atovi dug his own grave in the Highway. This is also to serve as an alarm bell to the members of unification group who are out in the four corners of Dimapur looking for vulnerable victims to loot not only money but any valuables.

The wide spread looting spree through abductions, even leading to the killings ever since their glorified unification process was made known on 23 November 2007 gives no message to deliver anything on the seriousness of the subject. Looting and running only after money was made the priority activities of the unification group. But for how long this illegal organization is to be allowed to have their way to destabilize the socio-economic fabric of the society.

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Press Release

25 April 25, 2008

Top level sources informed that the unification group members are moving around in the uniform of IRB. Today, the unification group members wearing IRB uniform came searching for NSCN members at Chekiya B and fire upon NSCN cadres on duty. In waiting for such attack the NSCN members retaliated and forced the unification group to flee. No casualty on NSCN side.

NB. We will take strong exception if you replace the ‘unification group’ by NSCN/GPRN as you have been doing so far. Please, co-operate and don’t mess up things by giving the stamp of NSCN to an illegal organization such as unification group.

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26 April 2008


The killing of IRB constable Hanji Konyak of 10 NAP (IR) is unfortunate and the GPRN expresses deep regret over the tragic incident which happened on the spur of the moment a mistaken identity. The GPRN also share the grief and sorrow of the bereaved family members.

The decomposed body of once Sgt. Major Zaimi Hongray, of Ukhrul was found today at a place between Shakhuvi village and Chumukhedima village. He was found missing from duty ten days back. It was by chance that his highly decomposed body was found by the youth of the Shakhuvi village while cleaning the area near the stream.

The people of the Shakhuvi village was kind enough to coner the body with a shawl. Another Angami shawl was also given by chumukhedima youth.

The Tangkhul community of Dimapur expenses its gratefulness to Mr. Vikuto, Chairman, Shakhuvi village and Ihouvotsolie, Chumukhedima youth president for playing active role in giving a decent treatment and respect to the body.




27 April 2008

Press Release

Sgt. Zaimi Hongray of Naga Army, attached with the Dimapur Town Command was abducted by the Unification group on 9 April 2008. His highly decomposed body, and beyond recognition, was found in the isolated place between Chumukidema village and Sakhuvi village. The body was identified by his driving license card that was found in his pocket. A dairy and his mobile handset were also found.

To die fighting is the normal course of life for any soldier. But to be abducted and killed in isolated place in the jungle, and left to rod as carcass, is inhuman- unbecoming of any military ethics around the world. Nevertheless, a place of honour is always reserved, and Sgt. Zaimi Hongray died a martyr at the hands of the traitors who respect no human norms that governs any army disciplinary set-up.

The mortal remain of Sgt. Zaimi was retrieved from the jungle near Sakhuvi village with the help of the villagers led by Mr. Vikuto, Chairman, Sakhuvi village. The Chumukidema village youth also helped out led by Prersident Ihouvotsolie.

The body of Sgt. Zaimi Hungray was sent off from Dimapur to be received by his grief-stricken parents, and love ones at Ukhrul, Manipur.

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27 April 2008 :

The killing of IRB constable Hanji Konyak of 10 NAP (IR) is unfortunate and the GPRN expresses deep regret over the tragic incident which happened on the spur of the moment a mistaken identity. The GPRN also share the grief and sorrow of the bereaved family members.


27 April 2008:

Tangkhul Community Thanks:

The decomposed body of once Sgt. Major Zaimi Hongray, of Ukhrul was found today at a place between Shakhuvi village and Chumukhedima village. He was found missing from duty ten days back. It was by chance that his highly decomposed body was found by the youth of the Shakhuvi village while cleaning the area near the stream.

The people of the Shakhuvi village was kind enough to coner the body with a shawl. Another Angami shawl was also given by chumukhedima youth.

The Tangkhul community of Dimapur expenses its gratefulness to Mr. Vikuto, Chairman, Shakhuvi village and Ihouvotsolie, Chumukhedima youth president for playing active role in giving a decent treatment and respect to the body.


27 April 2008

NSCN on IRB killing

MIP/GPRN:The killing of IRB constable Hanji Konyak of 10 NAP (IR) is unfortunate, and somewhere somebody committed the blunder to bring about this tragic incident. Pertinently, a big question remained to be answered by the Nagaland Home Ministry and the State Police authority as to who gave the order to the IRB personnel to fir at the Naga Army of NSCN.

NSCN’s intelligence was in the knowledge of the Unification group moving around in the Dimapur disguised in IRB uniform, and accordingly, the alarm bell has been sounded to the Town Command of NSCN to remain vigilant at all times and at all places. It was in the context of this suspicious atmosphere that the police authorities were also intimated and not to dispatch IRB personnel around the area where the NSCN were having meeting lest unnecessary provocation and firing takes place. This was the extend the NSCN went to avoid any unpleasant incident. It was under such heated atmosphere that the IRB personnel appeared on the scene in Diphupar ‘B’ and fired at the NSCN. The police version of IRB being ambushed hold not validity. And the questions that follow is whether the IRB is looking for NSCN that is in ceasefire with the govt. of India or the illegal organization of the unification group that is functioning nothing less than rogue elements. What really provoked the IRB to fire at NSCN? If it is a case of mistaken identity the truth should has to be admitted and sincere apologies tendered to set at rest the public conscience. Because the rogue elements should not be place in the same footing with the legitimate organization as NSCN.

On the part of the NSCN firing at the IRB constable, there is nothing deliberate. The exact identity of the victim as constable of IRB came to light after the incident. It was retaliation on the spur of the moment when they were fired upon. And for the mistaken identity under such pressing circumstances, the NSCN express regret and treat the matter as very unfortunate. We condole this unfortunate killing.

The IRB burning down of one Gypsy belonging to NSCN is not a thing to be appreciated. Law enforcing agencies are expected to exercise modesty when not dealing with anti-social elements. The Gypsy did not belong to rogue elements.


30 April 2008

MIP/GPRN: Late Colonel. L.Y. Shanga (Yurthing) was a Naga Army Officer who has gone through fire and water. As a man of principle and determination, Col. Shanga stood his ground in the face of many crisis that confronted the nation during his 31 years of service. And he fought a good fight till God decides otherwise on the early morning of 30 April at his residence in General Headquarters, (GHQ) Naga Army when a lethod accidentally exploded in his hand. He died instantly.

He was the designated Commanding Officer for NP Battalion at Tamenglong, and was about to leave for his new assignment on the same day. But he was fated to die prematurely.

A distinguished Naga Army Officer from Khiamnungan, he hailed from Ningshat Village (Khiamnungan region) of Burma. It was by sheer dedication and commitment that he rose to occupy the rank of Colonel.

A condolence meeting was held at GHQ, Naga Army, with the gun salute by the Naga Army. The relatives and members of the Eastern Naga People’s Organization (ENPO) accompanied the Coffin to Dimapur for the funeral. With his sudden death the Naga nation in general and the NSCN in particular, lost a son and warrior of rare quality.


30 April 2008

Two NSCN members abducted:

MIP/GPRN:The despicable offensive by the unification group in the name of their glorified slogan of unification goes on unabated and the abduction is going on in the most unbecoming manner bereft of any dignity and socio-political morality. The inhuman and degrading operation launched by the most uncultured elements ever witnessed in the history of Naga political struggle.

As part of the unification group’s dirty indulgence in anything immoral, NSCN Dy. Kilonser Nemalie Metha and Joint Secretary Kahoi Chaplee Ministry were abducted by unification group.

Strange and provocative in the name of unification by violence and abductions is something unheard of anywhere in today’s world of civilization. A call for unification with a devilish charm is the exact face of the unification group today. By any standard of tolerance, the Nagas way of dealing with the anti-social elements and traitors need to be shown in a more demonstrative manner. The state government too should exercise the propriety of differentiating national workers and rogue elements but on the prowl using the stolen name of NSCN.

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