Zeliangrong organizations grateful to NSCN

September 13 (MExN):
Zeliangrong organizations are grateful to “collective leadership of GPRN” for what they said is the “reorganization of Zeliangrong region and upgraded with 3 CAOs” and “CEO” to look after the region under “ministry of kilo affairs.”

“We the undersigned, on behalf of the Zeliangrong People living in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland would like to extend our gratitude to the collective leadership and the government. That, recently your excellency and the GPRN have affected the reorganization of Zeliangrong region and upgraded with 3 CAOs by maintaining the region intact with a CEO to look after the region under ministry of kilo affairs. It is a long felt aspiration of the people for administrative convenient,” stated a note appended by the leaders of the Zeliangrong Baudi of Assam, Manipur & Nagaland and All Zeliangrong Students’ Union of the three stated states as well.

The organizations also appreciated the underground group for “reorganizing the contribution of Haipou Jadonang.” The Zeliangrong organizations assured “our steadfast commitment to the national cause headed by the collective leadership.”

The organizations also ‘endorsed’ the ‘reconciliation’ of ‘all’ the Naga underground groups “which culminated the formation of Naga national government which is a right step at the right moment for the glory of our nation and its future.”

The organizations pray to God to bestow longevity, wisdom, courage and strength to the ‘collective leadership.’

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