Zeliangrong Community hails MLA resignation

Zeliangrong Community hails MLA resignation
DIMAPUR, MAY 16 (EMN): The Zeliangrong Nagas have welcomed the historic decision of the seven Naga MLAs for resigning from Manipur Assembly in expression of solidarity with the Naga people whose leader was unceremoniously barred from visiting his own ancestral village and whose peaceful congregation was indiscriminately fired upon and killed, injured and brutalised with the imposition of prohibitory order and the deployment of State forces in Mao area by the autocratic government of O Ibobi Singh.
The Zeliangrong people has strongly condemned the brutal acts of state terrorism on innocent Naga public who peacefully came out to welcome the Naga leader Thuingaleng Muivah, who is negotiating with New Delhi for a peaceful solution to the protracted Indo-Naga conflict.
“The present territorial boundary of Manipur which the government of Manipur so zealously swear by is a British colonial construct, effected after the Anglo-Manipuri political expedition led by Jenkin and Pemberton with 700 Manipuri Levy in 1832, Gambhir-Gordon Treaty in 1833 and many other similar arbitrary agreements that arbitrarily balkanised the Naga territory between Manipur and Assam on the condition that the king of Assam and Manipur kept the Old Cachar Road between Imphal and Cachar safe for the British subjects from the ‘hostile’ Nagas and supplied arms and ammunitions to Gambhir Singh,” Tingenlung Pamei, president All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AMN); Phillip Kamei, Chairman, Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Manipur, and Wichamdinbo Matainamai, President, Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Delhi, said in a joint statement.
Stating that kings of Manipur sporadically raided and extracted tributes from adjoining Naga villages as much as the Nagas also raided the Imphal valley, it said such should not be construed as the establishment of the political boundary of Manipur over the Naga territory. Substantiating its argument, it said that Burma which invaded and occupied Manipur for seven years do not mean Manipur is still a part of Burma just because Manipur was once conquered by Burma.
It said one of the Naga peoples’ aspiration and the Naga Movement was the correction of such historical injustices meted out to them. It has lambasted O Ibobi Singh of re-enacting the role of Gambhir Singh, the king who with his newly acquired British muzzle-loader guns and sepoys marched up to Kohima.
It has also accused Independent India as no different from the British colonial regime in its strategy in the north-east, whose stoic silence to the unfolding unrests in Manipur was likened to the proverbial monkey adjudicating the cats in dispute. Further it also viewed that the short-sighted acts of the government of Manipur would only squander the opportunity for dialogue for better relations between the two communities.
It has, meanwhile, decried on the part of the two sitting Zeliangrong MLAs of Tamenglong and Nungba to be clinging to their seats. It has, therefore, demanded for an immediate resignation of Khangthuanang Panmei, MLA, Tamenglong sub-division, and Gaikhangam Gangmei, MLA Nungba sub-division, in the greater interests of the Naga people. Failing to comply with the wishes of the people, the statement said, it would be compelled to conclude that they are against the Zeliangrong peoples’ interests and Nagas in general.

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