Zeliangrong Baudi not apex body of Zeliangrong: Rongmei Council

Rongmei Council(Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) in a release issued by its present Thuankubi Pamei has asserted that there was “no apex body of Zeliangrong to fit the name”  in response to the assertion of the Zeliangrong Baudi(Assam,Manipur and Nagaland) that the latter was the apex body of all Zeliangrongs spread across three states. Pamei said the Zeliangrong apex body is split into two-Zeliaingrong Union and  Zeliangrong Baudi, both of which claim to be apex bodies.

He said the purpose of the Interim Body so constituted  was to reunite these two groups as an apex body and therefore Zeliangrong Baudi was not the apex body of the Zeliangrongs as claimed by it. Pamei said the Zeliangrong Baudi was only a “faction or a splinter group” of the Zeliangrong Union(AMN) and that the Peren convention of July 30,2010 was “not a people’s mandated convention” since it was convened only by a few people with vested interests.

He said the Peren convention was not attended by eminent leaders or by the ZU(AMN) or any of the former presidents of the ZU(AMN). Further Pamei said nether the councils of Zeme, Liangmai, Inpui or Rongmei were invited and so they abstained from attendance.

Pamei said the Rongmei Council (AMN)had issued an appeal to the Zeliangrongs to “convene afresh” a “people mandated genuine convention” just after the Peren convention. According to Pamei Zeliangrong is a tribal body and common platform of the Zeme,Liangmai,Inpui and Rongmei like the UNC,Naga Hoho etc.

He said therefore the Zeliangrong Baudi(AMN) concept as a single tribe was not ethical and not based on reality and “therefore not acceptable to the four tribe councils”.

Pamei said the Baudi’s assertion and term “self style CAO of Zeliad region” against T.A.Rongmei, appointed by the GPRN was “most unfortunate and deplorable”. He said RC(AMN) therefore condemned it in the strongest of terms.

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