War like situation created in Ukhrul: UNC

DIMAPUR, JULY 13: United Naga Council (UNC) had demanded immediate revocation of prohibitory orders under 144 CrPC promulgated in Ukhrul district headquarters following the killing of an Autonomous District Council member at Finch Corner in Ukhrul on July 12 last.

The UNC publicity wing in a press statement said on Sunday morning (July 13), denizens of Ukhrul town found themselves under curfew and their town besieged by the provocative presence of Manipur Police Commandos in hundreds from Imphal valley, “armed to the teeth and in battle-ready armoured cars.”

“The war like situation, created in Ukhrul town was reminiscent of the 6th May, 2010 incident at Mao Gate, in which young and promising lives were cut short by the bullets of the armed police of the communal GoM and hundreds of women  and men were subjected to inhuman police brutality,” UNC stated.

The UNC stated that the promulgation of the prohibitory order was based on the “preposterous apprehension” of nuisance and disturbance of public tranquility, which the “state police forces from Imphal valley have now brought about.”

Terming the “communal action” of the Government of Manipur (GoM) as highly condemnable and another insult to the Naga people, UNC said GoM was trying to assert itself as a police state in Naga areas.

Further, UNC said that the Government of India as the custodian of the Constitution, which guarantees the democratic rights of the people, must expedite its intervention with an alternative arrangement outside the GoM.

“Should the prohibitory orders be not revoked immediately and the situation not allowed to normalize with the withdrawal of the Imphal valley based police commandos and IRBs, appropriate and democratic civil actions will be taken up in protest in the entire Naga areas”, UNC cautioned.

UNC informed all tribe councils and frontal organizations to be in readiness for effective enforcement of the protest against the infringement upon “our democratic rights in their respective jurisdictions.”


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