UPLA cadres captured in Dimapur

Dimapur June 10:Nine cadres of the United People’s Liberation Army, a Karbi militant outfit, were captured in Dimapur in a police operation on June 8. The cadres, suspected to be connected to the killing of Karbi-Anglong’s Hamren Police District Superintendent of Police, Nityananda Goswami on June 5, were taken into custody by the Karbi-Anglong police.

Dimapur police stated that the nine were captured from a hideout at Darogapathar (Block B) by a joint team of Karbi-Anglong and Dimapur police around midnight. The police team from Karbi-Anglong was led by Bokajan SDPO Sankar Brata Raimedhi.

All the nine captured were reported to be cadres of the United People’s Liberation Army (UPLA). Bokajan SDPO, Raimedhi stated that the UPLA’s ‘commander-in-chief’ Nikunja Sing Kathar (32 years) and ‘deputy commander-in-chief’ Langmi Terang Bey (27 years) were part of the group arrested in Dimapur. The rest were identified as Biswas Tisso (20 years), Wellesy Terang (31 years), Joseph Ingjai (25 years), Bidya Sing Timung (18 years), Bijoy Milik (34 years), Sorkari Timang (18 years) and Men Sing Ingti (19 years).

According to the Dimapur police, all nine were holed up in the servants’ quarter of a house currently under-construction. The one identified as Bijoy Milik was reportedly employed as a caretaker of the house. No arms or ammunition were recovered, however Karbi Anglong police took possession of some incriminating documents and one laptop found at the hideout, it was added.

The capture of the cadres in Dimapur resulted in the arrest of the UPLA’s ‘foreign secretary’ identified as Baliram Rongphar at Balipathar later on Tuesday, the Bokjan SDPO informed. An operation was further launched at Hamren, based on the confessions of the arrested cadres, resulting in the recovery of weapons ranging from SLRs and AK-series rifles, it was disclosed.

The SDPO further stated that six of the ten arrested revealed during interrogation that they were involved in the killing of the slain Hamren SP, N. Goswami. The SDPO added that the arrests and the subsequent recovery of arms is equivalent to a death blow for the newly floated UPLA, whose cadre-strength is reported to be around 20-25.


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