Uphold CF ground rules, safeguard peace

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DIMAPUR, APR 20 : While coming down strongly on the April 19 incident at the NSCN-IM’s Hebron camp, the Naga Hoho has appealed both the ‘Indian occupational forces’ and the Naga political groups to safeguard the hard earned peace and to desist from aggravating the situation by upholding the ceasefire ground rules with all sincerity.

In a communiqué issued Friday, the Naga Hoho termed the intrusion into Hebron camp as ‘another attempt to abrogate the ceasefire’ by the 12th Assam Rifles under the direction of camp commander Maj Sukanta, who is a Metei by origin. It stated that the traumatizing of the entire Naga areas speaks volumes of the mollified intention and breach of trust on the part of Indian Arm Forces. It further stated that the Naga people still have a vivid memory of a similar incident that took place in the past at Pfutsero under the command of one Captain from the Metei community.
Their motive to derail the peace process is highly questionable and beyond human comprehension, the Naga Hoho said.
It also voiced amazement on why the Indian soldiers are ‘dying to commit unlawful activities’ when the Naga people are celebrating its Platinum Jubilee under the aegis of Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) with many foreign delegations from different parts of the world. We strongly feel that the Indian soldiers have once again exhibited their military might and suppression of Naga people against their historical and political rights, the communiqué said.
The Naga Hoho strongly appealed both sides to safeguard the hard earned peace in the land by desisting from aggravating the situation and upholding the ceasefire ground rules with all sincerity ‘so as to fulfil the assurance given by the Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to walk extra miles towards bringing Indo-Naga political settlement’.
The release was appended by Naga Hoho president Keviletuo Kiewhuo, speaker HK Zhimomi and general secretary P Chuba Ozukum.
NSF: Taking serious note of the ‘nefarious act’ of the Assam Rifles, the Naga Students Federation (NSF) felt that it had been done with the clear intention of disrupting the peaceful atmosphere in the Naga inhabited areas.
Strongly condemning the incident, a release by NSF President Kelhouneizo Yhome said while all the Naga national workers, irrespective of faction, are in ceasefire with the Government of India for a permanent political settlement and peaceful coexistence, the action of the Assam Rifles has created fear psychosis in the minds of the common people and sent a provocative message to the national workers which is against the ceasefire ground rules and wishes of the public.
It further said when Naga people are craving for the permanent peaceful settlement with the Government of India the Assam Rifles had carried out such provocative incidents even in the past which is totally against the ceasefire agreement.
The student body stated that it will not tolerate any incident which would possibly trigger chaos as experienced in the past, while appealing the Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group to ensure that all abide by the ceasefire ground rules and respect the will and wishes of the Naga people.

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