UNC set to impose 96 Hrs total bandh

MPHAL, Aug 13 : The United Naga Council (UNC) has resolved to enforce a 96 hour total bandh which was deferred earlier, this time effective from the midnight of August 20 and also to launch various forms of protests thereafter, informed a press release.

On receiving assurance of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (GoI) that the demand for an alternative arrangement was under the active consideration of the GoI, the 96 hours total bandh slated to be observed in Naga areas in Manipur from the midnight of the July 23 had been deferred with the expectation that arrangement for the next round of tripartite talk on the alternative arrangement demand would be initiated by the August 10.

However, the assurance of the GoI has not been translated into action till date and the faith and confidence of the Nagas in Manipur in the democratic process of dialogue has been betrayed, added the statement.

The eruption of sustained agitation in the wake of the violent suppression of the people movement that took place in May, 2010 had been suspended when the then Home Minister of the GoI had initiated the process of tripartite talk of the GoI, GoM and the United Naga Council on the demand for an alternative arrangement for the Nagas outside the Government of Manipur pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue.

The UNC went on to ask “Was the tripartite process just a mere diversion to defuse the situation and that our issues will not be considered by its merit ?”

The same conditions of repression, suppression and subjugation exist and continues in more severe and subtle degrees.

But the suspension of the agitation on account of the democratic process of dialogue and negotiation is now being projected as if the issues have been resolved or not relevant any more.

The Government of India cannot abdicate itself from this unethical undermining of democracy and unilateral scuttling of the dialogue process, it asserted.

Therefore, as per the standing decision, a 96 hour total bandh would be enforced from the midnight of the August 20 which would be followed up with other protest activities to protest against the lack of sincerity and political will on the part of the GoI.

It directed all constituent Naga Tribe Hohos, frontal organisations, regional Organisations, tribe women and students organisations to stringently and effectively enforce the total bandh in their respective jurisdictions.

“We solicit the cooperation and goodwill of the general public towards making it peaceful and violence free. Violation of the bandh would be considered as an insult to the Naga people and to the issues that we are fighting for and anybody violating the bandh would be doing so at their own risk”, the UNC added.

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