Ukhrul protests

IMPHAL, July 22: Rejecting to Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam’s claim on the present situation of Ukhrul district head-quarters, a large number of womenfolk staged a sit-in-protest in front of TSL office, Wino Bazar, Ukhrul today.

According to the women protesters, the State Government has disturbed the peaceful atmosphere of the town by deploying additional security forces and clamping 144 CrPC in Ukhrul town.

They said that State Government’s recent move was to sabotage the Indo-Naga peace process.

In a press statement, Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL) alleged that deployment of additional security forces is a provocative militaristic act, which has threa- tened the security and safety of the people.

No confrontation with security personnel and unwanted incidents have happened in the town so far only because the people of Ukhrul are restraining themselves in order to maintain calm, the press statement said.

However, people particularly women and children are being psychologically traumatised by the presence of large number of State security forces, it added.

As such, the notion of ensuring people by deployment of State security forces is totally wrong, the statement said.

In fact, the State Government’s recent move is nothing to do with restoring peace in the town and ensuring safety to its denizens but a ‘communal’ political agenda, the statement added. The wish of the people of Ukhrul is clear that they do not want deployment of additional State security forces and clamping of 144 CrPC. The agitating womenfolk put on black dress to show their collective protest against the State Government’s recent move. TSL urged all school and college students to wear black ribbons on their left arm to mourn violation of the rights and freedoms of people of Ukhrul.

The press statement said, as mothers, daughters and sisters, TSL would like to remind everyone that peace through militaristic and martial means is not peace. The State Government must remember this, it added.

Meanwhile, Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) has decided to stage sit-in-protest at different localities of Ukhrul town from tomorrow from 10 am to 12 noon daily. Womenfolk were urged to wear black dress phanek in this agitation.

TNL has also announced a daily public curfew from 12.30 pm to 1.30 in the town.

Transportation and other activities in the town must halt during this time, TNL added.


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