Ukhrul eagerly waits for Ava Kharar Muivah

Ukhrul eagerly waits for Ava Kharar Muivah
Ukhrul | May 21 : No matter how long the time will take and no matter how the situation may turn the people of Ukhrul is ready at all cost till they meet or receive face to face with Ato Kilonser of the NSCN (IM) Government of the Peoples Republic of Naga Lim (GPRN) Th. Muivah also nick named as Ava Kharar (grandpa) by the Tangkhul critics and regarded him as the “god father” of the community. Hectic preparations to roll out a “red carpet” for the Naga patriotic leader within the Ukhrul main town and all the linked villages is done well and completed or ready for warm felicitation occasion.
Though the map of Ukhrul town down sketches small but a saying, “small is beautiful” goes perfect and suitable this time as the whole stretch-out Ukhrul town looks clean and tidy, the district folks busy walking in street meeting, chatting and sharing each other the news of the visit of Th. Muivah everyday though no one knows the exact day and time of the leader’s visit in Ukhrul so far and that is the talk of the town amongst the public section of the people who spend the day in town life and the section people who mostly spend the life farms, fields of whom the topic of Th. Muivah’s visit in his birth place Somdal village and Ukhrul head quarter also remains burning.
The Ukhrul street runs full of “bill-boards” with the posters of the Prime Minister Dr. Manmahon Singh and Th.Muivah the Ato Kilonser of the NSCN (IM) with a word imprinted as “ long live”, the posters of “we love Ava kharar”, “ we welcome Ava kharar” filled the street walls and cabins of the Ukhrul hotels, motels or inns. The welcome gates at every edge of the Ukhrul localities erected, the main reception hall traditionally constructed by all the villages and respective localities in the district stands beautiful and well ready for the reception host the moment every body is eagerly longing for.
Tight Civil Security arrangement is also made. The whole localities, local-wise strictly “keep an eye” any intruders defying in prepared “historic occasion”. Tight Social and Civil Organizations’ volunteers in the district dispatching the alertness duties keeping vigil all round the clock in and around the villages borders, heart of Ukhrul town intrinsically or extrinsically and a “fool proof” security arrangement is specially focused prior attention to the main reception hall constructed at Ukhrul Tangkhul Naga Long ground (TNL). And interestingly it is noted and observed that out of the enthusiasm and spirit of zeal rhytmatic and hysteric heart beat of joyous aspiration to meet or see personally after almost four decades of missing Th. Muivah’s presence due to the inevitable Nagas movement the liquor vendors, local brewery shops commonly known the place “Rayotang” plus the alcohol consumers and drunkards in toto vanished simultaneously and now no drunkards seen loitering in Ukhrul town as a sign respect precaution to avoid any nuisance to occur in view while the Naga leader enters the Tangkhul soil or the birth place of the “god father”.

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