‘Translate Lenten Agreement into reality’

Naga Bodies welcome signing of Lenten Agreement

SENAPATI, APRIL 4: The United Naga Council has welcomed the Lenten Agreement signed by three Naga Political Groups and acknowledged the “courage and the vision of the Naga leaders in upholding the “Naga Concordant” and taking it forward towards realisation.”

A press note from the UNC stated that the “spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation have found strong expression” in the Lenten Agreement. It further approved of the open invitation to the other Naga political groups to be partners of this “enlightened process.” “It is the ardent wish of the people that the Agreement will be translated into political reality at the earliest possible time,” it stated.

It further congratulates the Forum for Naga Reconciliation for facilitating the reconciliation process tirelessly and with undaunted hope. The UNC pledged its continued support for the “noble mission and undertake to extend our humble efforts where and when called for.”
‘Uphold commitments of Lenten Agreement’

The Naga Women’s Union and the Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights, while lauding the signing of the Lenten Agreement, has expressed hope, that the spirit of willingness and commitment towards the agreement is upheld.

A press note from the NWU and the NPMHR called upon all to ensure that the objectives set forth in the agreement are realized. They further appreciated the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) for its tireless and continuous efforts to bring together all Naga political groups toward the formation of one Naga National Government and pledged their support and participation “in this very crucial and significant process which we believe will go a long way in fulfilling the common aspiration of our nation.”


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