Torture by ZUF-Khaplang combine forces: NSCN (IM)

Bewildering was the action of ZUF-Khaplang combine forces that tortured innocent public leaders and we bewail such brutality meted out against the Haochong village public leaders on 28th June,2012 at Tamenlong district. The ZUF-Khaplang forces called out the Haochong public leaders for a meeting and apprehending something fishy the villagers responded with huge turnout but seven public leaders were selected and taken to a particular place at Nagaching. Giving the reason for supporting NSCN they were beaten black and blue and heavily tortured and throwing at them filthy words for supporting NSCN. They were so badly tortured that they were immediately shifted to Imphal for further treatment. The victims are BT.Baram, Vice Chairman Village Authority, Haochong village, Nambi Khumba, Secretary, Village Authority, Baku Inka, Chairman, Village Authority, BT.Guanjan, Youth Club President, Haochong village, Laban Khumba, General Secretary, Youth Club and Arei Khumba, President, Inpui Naga Union.
It was a daring act of the Inpui people who stand up for what they feel is right in the political sense of the term and they were targeted in the most despicable and brutal manner by the ZUF and Khaplang group. We express our solidarity and sympathy to the victims for daring to identify and differentiate the colour of political groups operating in their area.
It is pertinent to recollect the statement of Wangtin, MIP Kilonser of K-group who earlier denied their association with ZUF and said that ZUF was not for “Naga sovereignty” and it was just a group of people whose issue or agenda not known by his group. And NSCN (K) cannot be a part of this group of people and we are not aware of their issue or agenda”. Would Wangtin again deny his group nexus with ZUF? But repeated denials will never change the ground reality where the footprints of their evil nexus is well planted and is in the full view of the public.
It is ridiculous that while Wangtin tried helplessly to show his political responsibility by issuing press statement to distant their link with ZUF nothing is seen down the line to collaborate his high profile statement and thereby making himself a mockery in a very deceitful manner. Or their regional command  given free hand to act independently? Wangtin is reminded that falsehood never last as fire cannot be covered by cloth.
It is a pity for the ZUF-Khaplang forces when they warned the Haochong people not to report to the press or face much heavier punishment if they expose before the press. Any right thinking Naga society should find the incident worthy of condemning in the strongest term.

Issued by MIP/GPRN


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