Top Naga leaders vow to reconcile

Kohima, Sep 19: Top leaders of three Naga underground organisa-tions have met for the first time and vowed to work to-wards ending hostilities among themselves and con-solidating understanding.
NSCN (IM) general secr-etary Th Muivah, NSCN (K) general secretary N Kitovi Zhimomi and NNC/FGN pr-esident S Singnya held a me- eting organised by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) at Dimapur yesterday.
“We commit to cessation of all forms of hostilities, including any territorial expa- nsion (supremacy of one group over other in geogra-phical term), and for this the Joint Working Group (of three factions) will meet from time to time,” the three leaders said in a joint declaration.
The joint declaration was made honouring the spirit of “Covenant of Naga Reconciliation” signed at Chiang Mai in Thailand in June last year by the three groups.
The “Covenant of Reconciliation” was only sign- ed by the top underground leaders at the initiative of the FNR but they never met face-to-face.
The FNR, comprising re-presentatives of Churches, NGOs and civil society groups, has been insisting on the top level meeting for consolidating peace and re-conciliation process.
“In the spirit of love and respect with each other facilitated by the FNR, we are reconciled based on the historical and political rights of the Nagas; and henceforth, we commit to working out our differences as outlined in the Covenant of Re-conciliation,” the declaration said.
The leaders “emphasiz-ed the need for Naga recon- ciliation and to end all forms of violence and bloodshed amongst the Nagas, an FNR statement said, adding “this historic meeting” was the beginning of a new phase in the reconciliation initiati-ves. Since the FNR initiated the peace and reconciliation move among the warring Naga underground groups, Nagaland witnessed substantial reduction in violen- ce for past two years.

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