‘Third force caused Karbi-Rengma clash’

Karbi Anglong Peace Forum apprise Assam govt on current situation

DIPHU, JANUARY 7 (MExN): The Karbi Anglong Peace Forum today met the Commissioner Hill Areas and Barak Valley, Government of Assam and apprised him on the current situation in the KA area. The KAPF urged the Commissioner to look into the relief and needs of the affected people.

A press note from the KAPF informed that during the meeting, KAPF members informed the Commissioner that “an attempt by a third force to cause clash between Karbis and Rengmas at Phangcherop under Chokihola police station was made in July 2013.” It stated that social organizations and student leaders went to the spot immediately and “prevented the third force to cause a clash.”

KAPF also cited that on December 14, 2013 “two Karbis were assaulted at Khriang Rengma village by unknown heavily armed people, claiming to be from Dimapur.” It added that an FIR was submitted to the police at Chokihola police station but that “the police refused to accept the FIR.” Again on December 15, 2013, according to the KAPF, “the Karbi people sent five persons to Khirang village with a letter for a peace meeting but they were badly assaulted again by the same group of heavily armed people.”

KAPF further alleged that “they wanted to kill the five Karbis but the Rengma villagers and the headman prevented the heavily armed persons from killing the five Karbis.” “In spite of requesting the police, the police did not send any police force to Khirang village and did not patrol the area,” it added.

It stated that the “Karbis and the Rengma Nagas are led to believe that Assam government agencies have intentionally caused the clash…”  As such, it said that if peace is to be restored “then the Assam government must prevent their agencies from causing clashes among the tribe people which began in 2003.”

According to the KAPF press release, the Commissioner had informed that the Government of Assam has set up several police camps in the area and that the government had already taken sufficient steps to provide relief materials and to rehabilitate the victims.

The KAPF urged the Commissioner to construct a road from Chokihola to all the affected areas through Borpung-Tarapung, Langlokso and up to Samelangso immediately. It further added that the the Rengma people have been demanding a Nominated Member of Autonomous Council (MAC), which the present government has not nominated since 2001.

The KAPF demanded that the government must nominate one Rengma person as MAC by “cancelling the nominated membership given to ineligible non-scheduled tribe immediately.”

In addition, the KAPF told the Commissioner that if a CBI enquiry is ordered than the government must order a CBI enquiry into all the tribal clashes since 2003 in Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao district, including the killings which began on December 27, 2013 in Chokihola area.

The KAPF further urged the Commissioner to hand over relief department to the KAAC immediately, as “the present works of relief and rehabilitation by the Government of Assam is very slow and inadequate.”

The KAPF delegation comprised of Benting Teron, Chairmanl; Khorsing Teron, Adviser; Kangjang Terang Adviser; Rev. KS Ronghang, Adviser and JI Kathar (IAS Retd), Adviser.

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