Tangkhul Naga Long opposes New Land Use Policy

Ukhrul, July 8: Opposing the New Land Use Policy of Manipur, the Tangkhul community today stayed away from the the ‘Stake Holders Consultative Meeting’ on NLUP held at Mini Secretariat conference Hall, Ukhrul.

The TNL submitted a letter to the Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul stating the reasons of their objection while the same copy were forwarded to all the social organization leaders, Headmen associations, women leagues and student organizations for strict adherence and compliance from all Tangkhul villages.

In spite of stiff opposition from TNL as well UNC against the policy, stake holders consultative meeting was held in the Mini Secretariat Conference hall

The key resource person who is also a drafting committee members of NLUP speaking at the occasion deliberated that the policy is an encouragement to our farmer for optional sustainable source for livelihood through Government assistance in form of scheme or grant.

The system would work in four tier system, where the funding would be directed to the concerned district administration.

The present proposal of New Land Use Policy is broadly patterned after the successful model of NLUP- Mizoram, and at same time proposed to design or alter wherever needed on ground realities or requirement of Manipur.

The status quo of land ownership and tenureship system in existence/operation in the State would remain unchanged. This would only benefit the farmers in large scale, he added.

Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner Modak Hrishkeesh Arvind elaborated the salient features of NLUP through slide show to the presence.

Despite TNL notification and caution about NLUP, some village headmen shared their reasons of rapid deforestation, also showed their keen interest on preserving and conserving their forest land through the Government initiative.

Whereas the TNL alleged the State Government of attempting to erode and weaken the traditional institution and governance system of Naga and other tribal communities, particularly to deny our rights and control over our land territories and resources.

The TNL further contested the attempt of enacting new laws and policies with regard to land and natural resources until alternative arrangement outside the GOM is achieved.

Social organization, headmen and civil organization leaders were refrained from the stake holder meeting, only district levels officer, NGOs were seen present in the consultative meeting.


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