Talk was on ‘meeting point’, says Muivah

Hebron 14 Aug, 2014:NSCN (I-M) ato kilonser Thuingaleng Muivah said that the government of India and NSCN (I-M) was deciding on a “meeting point” during the ongoing peace talks when the then interlocutor R.S. Pandey left and the UPA government was replaced by Narendra Modi led government.
Addressing the gathering during the ‘68th Independence Day’ celebration in Hebron, Muivah said this was the “whole state of affairs” of the ongoing talk.
The ato kilonser said the present statues of the talk pained “our hearts” urged Nagaland to “cry to Juhovah” so that He would fight for “us” and asked them not to doubt as God has not failed the Nagas.
He said the talk was based on three points i.e. no pre condition before the talk, talk to be held at the highest leave i.e. Prime Minister level and solution based on the uniqueness of the Nagas’ history.
NSCN (I-M) ato kilonser said India had admitted that military solution was not possible and called upon all to ponder upon Naga history and analyze the past, the present and how to face the future.
Muivah also said that the problem today was not between India and Nagas but between the Nagas and Juhovah.
Hitting hard on the NSCN members, the ato kilonser said that after the cease-fire, the NSCN were “everywhere after money and land” and termed the act as the “number one guilty” action of the members.
Asserting that the gap between Jehovah and the Nagas was “clear.” Muivah said Nagas have problems within themselves.
Calling upon all to repent, the ato kilonser cautioned that the nation would perish unless Juhovah was pleased.
Earlier, the programme started with an invocation by Central Pastor, CNC Reverend Heutui followed by flag hoisting by yaruiwo Isak Chishi Swu and parade by GFTHG, GHQ and ladies of unit Naga Army.
A prayer of remembrance for the fallen martyrs was said by vice president CNC Vaison Vemai while the gathering was enthralled by the faith in action, Sangtam cultural dance troupe, operation salvage, Heiningkunglwa, Rongmei cultural dance troupe and Hebron heart breakers. Benediction was said by Pastor, CHG Reverend Ruivah. A football and volleyball matches followed the formal programme.

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