Dated: OKING Jan.31, 2008.

My dear Countrymen,

I thank God of all nations and praise His Almighty name for sustaining my life thus far to continue my humble service to the cause of his people, the Nagas. I want to say a big thank you to all the representatives from various organizations, the church, GBs, ladies and gentlemen present here on this auspicious day.

It was on this day, the 31st of January 1980 that NSCN was established and the first NSCN day was celebrated at Tonyu with great joy and revolutionary zeal. Formation of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) became inevitable as vacuum was created by the demise of NNC, the then political organization of the Naga people. NSCN was approved by the National Assembly and mandated with the National trust. It is no doubt, a Principle-based organization.

We had to form NSCN because the issue of the Naga nation is too dear to us to be buried with the dead organization. We had to form it because a people without an organization to guide to a vision are dead. We had to form it because unorganized people are always vulnerable to the danger of enemies of both within and without.

NSCN is issue oriented. Every member of NSCN is also issue oriented. We value this National issue above everything in as much as the future of the Nagas lies in it. We risked our lives in defending the issue against all odds in every national crisis that shook our land. I salute those departed revolutionary patriots who had laid down their lives in defending our nation. My deep gratitude goes to our people and all those friends of the Nagas who stood by us in times of long national trials and tribulations.

In spite of human frailty, NSCN has not failed in the military front. It is during the time of NSCN that Indian Generals stated-‘Military solution is not possible’. It has raised the issue from the zero point to the highest level. It has also made great achievements in the diplomatic field. NSCN name sells. Nagas are not alone. The world will no longer sit idle on the fence. Above all, the presence of the Lord has been with us. Let us only be firm and stay the course.

Unity and reconciliation has been the agenda in many public meetings that have so far been conducted by the civil societies and the church. We highly appreciate their sincere efforts. Unity, as we understand, is highly political which calls for political approach. We do not totally rule out emotional factor. But we give more emphasis on unity founded in the declared National Political and Faith lines. We have already declared ‘Unity through reconciliation’. However, it should be understood that unity is too big an issue to be dealt with by any Jack and Harry. Being political, it should be handled politically by political authorities or by any authorized organization or persons.

The crux of the problem is delaying the solution. All kinds of human sufferings, social problems like- poverty, unemployment, diseases,   backwardness, division, fighting, killing etc. come from this. Nagas will be assimilated into the foreign culture if solution to the chronic problem is further delayed. We will be totally uprooted if we give up resistance and give in to the aggressors. Solution will neither come from the east nor from the west. It will come only from our unwavering stand. And that 4 million Naga people must speak one language with one mind.

The world today is now well informed about the Naga political history. They too admit that ours is a case of invasion, not domestic problem of India and Myanmar. Many a writer agrees that Nagas are free from time immemorial. In spite of the fact, it must be understood that to be a free people is not enough. We must have the courage to defend our freedom. We must have the knowledge of statecraft of running our country. We must have the science of managing the national economy to develop our country. We must have the political wisdom to build up good relations with our neighbors. And we must be able to deliver message to the world for global peace and progress. NSCN is fully aware of all these realities. And that it is prepared to take the great historical responsibility of equipping our people with the right education for making ourselves master of everything.



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