Shillong Accord brought divisions amongst Nagas, says Muivah

WOKHA/TSEMINYU, JUN 26: NSCN-IM ato kilonser Th. Muivah, while expressing that Nagas had declared to be a sovereign and independent nation, said the signing of the Shillong Accord had brought about divisions amongst the Naga national workers as it was an agreement to sell the Naga nation and the rights of the Naga people by accepting the Indian Constitution. Addressing a mammoth gathering at the Wokha Local Ground, his fifth ‘peace mission’ destination today, and also yesterday at Tseminyu Town Hall en-route to Wokha, Muivah again voiced appreciation of Naga leaders like AZ Phizo, Imkongmeren, Khudao Yanthan, Kakhalu Sukhai, and Whenha stating that they had taken the right decision at the right time to save the Naga people. However, he said the signing of Shillong Accord brought division and fighting among the Nagas.

“We condemned the Shillong Accord, decided not to accept it and wrote three letters to AZ Phizo to condemn it, but he never did,” he said, adding that even the public meeting in Khiamniungan area during that time had condemned the Accord which was done during the NNC/Federal time. He also reiterated that the non-accordist group did not condemn Phizo but reaffirmed support and retained his president-ship. He recalled that Nagas had decided not to go with Delhi but remain a sovereign nation and no one can be above the nation. Muivah also regretted that the Shillong Accordists are yet to condemn it while also recalling the way they were treated by the accordists. Therefore, the NSCN-IM supremo challenged the Nagas in general to think properly and stand firmly on the decision to remain a free nation. Maintaining that the ongoing peace talks are being held at the highest level, i.e. the Prime Minister’s level, based on the Naga history and political situation, he asserted that imposition of the Indian constitution will not be possible.

He also expressed that at this point, despite the differences, Nagas should come together and reconcile. “It is high time Nagas come together not under Khaplang or Muivah’s leadership but on the documentary evidence of India recognising the unique history and situation of Nagas,” he stated, expressing that ‘reconciliation is the right thing, both politically and spiritually’. Reiterating that NSCN will not betray the aspirations of the Naga people, he said “if we cannot take the right decision now Nagas will perish and time has come to decide for the salvation of Nagas by coming together and understanding each other”.

He further stated that it is for the present generation Nagas to understand the Naga history and stand up for it.
Meanwhile, recalling his interaction with Khudao Yanthan in Europe, he revealed that that the late leader had regretted and condemned the Shillong Accord as it was selling out the rights of Naga people. “Yanthan understood us and thus joined the NSCN,” he said, adding that had he (Yanthan) been here, he would have been the better person to tell about the past.

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