Rise against intimidation to protect life: Naga Hoho

Dimapur, January 5: The Naga Hoho has noted the recent surge in threat and intimidation against civil society leaders. The Naga Hoho referred to the report in the Media about the NSCN-Khaplang “intimidating the life of Mr. Kitoho Rothoka, vice president of Sumi Hoho.”

The Naga Hoho in a statement issued through its President Keviletuo Kiewhuo and general secretary P Chuba Ozukum said: “It is univocally clear through statements issued by various Sumi organizations that what ever was done or uttered by vice president of Sumi Hoho does not reflect the individual’s interest but the voice of the Sumis as a whole.”
“In this backdrop, we fervently urge upon the NSCN (K) authority to withdraw the allegation against the Vice President of Sumi Hoho and the very word ‘dire consequences’ in the interest of the common Naga people,” the statement added.
“The Naga Hoho shall rise against intimidation in order to protect and safeguard the life and property of common people. Over and above, it shall be the collective responsibility of every tribe hoho in the event of any unwarranted provocation or threat meted out to any social workers that are tirelessly working for the Naga people as a whole,” the Naga Hoho stated.
Pondering the threats and intimidation to civil society leaders by different “political groups,” the Naga Hoho reminded the various groups to a point in the 5th Naga Hoho Federal Assembly resolution. “Threat perception to various Naga leaders from different groups of Naga national workers without having an iota of common dignity and mutual respect has become daily phenomenon and thereby creating hatred among Naga families which are not at all acceptable to Naga Hoho,” the statement said, quoting the resolution.

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