Rengma Hoho calls for peace

Morungexpress | January 10, 2013

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 10 : The Rengma Hoho has called for peace between Rengma and Karbi peoples, while expressing its desire for calm between the two communities. “… The Rengma Hoho as a responsible body is desirous that, henceforth, peace should prevail between Rengma Nagas and Karbis in Assam and elsewhere,” read a statement from its president, Sawathang KezSeb.
The apex Rengma organisation in Nagaland held an emergency meeting at Hotel Japfu, Kohima on January 10, wherein it resolved to work towards a return to peaceful coexistence. Reiterating that the role of Karbi civil society is crucial for peace to return, it stated, “… The Hoho would like to appeal to Karbi civil society including Karbi Anglong Peace Forum (KAPF) and other frontal organisations to rein in KPLT militants so that Rengma villagers can live in peace and security in their own lands.”

The statement further expressed discontent at an alleged unwarranted police action resulting in the “arrest” of the Rengma Naga Peoples’ Council (RNPC) General Secretary, K. Solomon Rengma on the night of January 9. The statement alleged that Dimapur police raided the residence of the RNPC general secretary and arrested him based on hearsay that Solomon was harbouring NRHPF cadres. “It defies logic that 30-40 police personnel went to arrest a civilian and a public leader” and “the police instead of finding militants armed to the teeth were embarrassed to find several Rengma Naga refugee families of Assam being sheltered by Solomon and family,” it stated.

Questioning the police action, the Hoho posed, “Is the police action guided by political agenda? How does the state government justify this action?” and appealed “to all right thinking citizens to condemn this attitude of the police.”

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