Reconciliation is the only road to Naga solution: Muivah

muivahcopyNational Socialist Council of Nagalim General Secretary Th Muivah paid a historical and emotional visit to Longkhum and Mangmentong under Mokokchung district where he mentioned that reconciliation among the Nagas was the only road to Naga solution. It may be mentioned that the graves of Imkongmeren and Tajenyuba, who died standing for the truth of Naga history, are buried in the two villages respectively.
According to a press note issued by MIP, Muivah during his visit to the grave of Imkongmeren at Longkhum said that in his life “Phizo and Imkongmeren are the two persons he admired most”. “When the British left India Phizo and Imkongmeren and others took the right decision at the right time for the Naga, not to join India but to stay separate as an independent nation”, Muivah said and that the “Naga people and the nation was saved”. “We owed our salvation and survival to Phizo and Imkongmeren” Muivah said while paying rich tribute to the leadership and wisdom of Phizo and Imkongmeren. According to the MIP press note, Muivah turned emotional as he stood to place a wreath over Imkongmeren’s grave. Muivah gave his commitment to Imkongmeren and said, “We will follow the way shown by you and we will never betray the nation”.
The people of Longkhum extended a civic reception in the village and a warm welcome was arranged by the Longkhum Village Council, the MIP note informed. He reminded the people of Longkhum how they had suffered in the past for the cause of Naga political rights and the fact that the Aos were the ones who showed the way to save the nation and inspired the Nagas in their political struggle. “Aos have taken the decision along with NNC to save the nation”, Muivah said.
He narrated the circumstances that led to the condemnation of Shillong Accord “as it was never the decision of the nation”. He also touched on how the government of India gave up military solution in favour of political solution; how the ceasefire was signed and how the Indo-Naga political talks started, and how far it has gone was shared with Longkhum people. The reconciliation that was started by NCSN collective leadership after undergoing three day fasting at Hebron was also explained to them. He made his mission very clear that we need to understand together to bring reconciliation among the Nagas, which he said is the only road to Naga solution.
Going back to Mangmentong village, Muivah paid respect to late Tajenyuba. He said Tajenyuba was a person who stood for the right of the Nagas. He was never neutral when it mattered between right and wrong. “He was a man of wisdom who knows best for the Nagas. And he stood for the right till the last moment of his life” Muivah said. Similarly Muivah narrated on the Indo-Naga talks, reconciliation to the Mangmetong people.

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