PM, Pandey sincere to solve Naga issue: Shürhozelie

State urban development minister Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu has expressed his optimism that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is “sincere” in his efforts to solve the longstanding Naga political issue. Talking to NEPS Wednesday, Shürhozelie who is also president of the ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF), said Dr. Manmohan Singh is sincerely looking to find solution to the protracted Naga political issue. RS Pandey, Center’s interlocutor to the political negotiations is also sincere to solve the problem, he added.

He also said in order to translate their “sincerities” into a “reality,” New Delhi should have to oversee works of “intelligent agencies” in the state with extraordinary efforts. “I am saying this that many Nagas, not all, are susceptible to flattery and of course, they have other weaknesses also,” the minister pointed out.

Shürhozelie said the role of intelligent agencies in the state is not to break process but to report “actual facts” to New Delhi, which he said they (intelligent agencies) were not doing so. And as long as they continue working in the same old ways, situation will continue to be fluid as ever before, the minister cautioned urging New Delhi to translate “sincerities” into a “reality.”

Admitting that he was still not aware of the contents of the ongoing talks, Shürhozelie said the state government had also not asked the parties concerned for the contents either. “Because we are not interfering in the process as our role is a facilitator,” he added.
“If they don’t want us to interfere, we have no comment. But if they ask our comment, we are ready.” Shürhozelie said.

He also said observing the current stage of political negotiations between the conflicting parties, it seems that “They are also not clear in their minds how to go.”

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