Phek Town condemns armed group action

PHEK, JUNE 3: The people of Phek Town have condemned the alleged murder of Chivoveyi Nienu by Vekuvo and Thomas of NNC (N/A) “through false conviction.”

The ACAUT’s media cell informed that the Phek Town public has demanded a response from the NNC (N/A) “whether death penalty is appropriate and befitting for a mere theft if committed by the victim.” It also questioned whether any “law and order” exists within the NNC (N/A). The public warned Naga political groups “not to disown its cadres and their acts when committed to cover up the status of the outfit.”

Stating that “the act is not acceptable to the peace loving people,” the public of Phek Town have resolved to stand by the resolution adopted on May 19, 2014. “If the concern outfit authorities failed to handover the criminals within 48 hours, the public will resort to flushing the NNC (N/A) out of the town through any means possible and impose non-cooperation to the said outfit,” the ACAUT stated.

In a separate statement, the Phek Chamber of Commerce and Industries condemned the “act of cowardice action carried out by indiscipline cadres of NNC (N/A).” It offered to render “full co-operation and support” to the public urged “peace loving organisation to condemn such anti-social activities.”


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