Our View On Unity

Our View On Unity

Author’s name : Th. Muivah    Published by : GPRN
Date published : 12/21/2007

Th. Muivah
Gen. Secretary
National Socialist Council of Nagalim

It goes without saying that everyone is for unity and no one is for division. I can affirmatively say that no Naga hates unity. Like it or not, unity among brethren or a people in a principle, for a common future is not an option; it is a must. Therefore, unity among the Nagas in their national salvation line is a necessity and
National Socialist Council of Nagalim stands for that.

But can we say a conglomeration of different kinds of people with different shades of opinion in a place as Unity? Certainly not, that is only a crowd which has
nothing to do with the politics of unity. Any initiative for unity must carry the message of common vision, common faith and common political agenda. Unity goes its
own way. It comes from the law of cementing principle, without which it is an artificial edifice. It must, therefore, address the policies of a common future.

I do not believe in the policy of making new friendship with the unprincipled at the cost of the faithful and steadfast old one. Neither do I believe in the politics of
negotiation with the adversaries at the expense of one’s own principle. Some talk of unity devoid of common agenda, some talk of unity only for the sake of unity. And
some other talk of it with ulterior motive behind to deceive the people. Unity among the Nagas is a serious matter which can never be dealt with by any irrational,
un-authorised and un-mandated individual or group of individuals. We must always beware of false preachers who are out to do away with the national issue in the
sweet name of unity, peace, development and democracy.

Ours is a political issue which is now increasingly capturing the attention and support of the international community. Indeed, it is the issue where the future of
the present and coming generations of our people are involved. Hundreds or even more may run away from people to join forces with the adversaries, but people will never
run away. Thousands of spineless workers may be purchased with bloodstained money and tinsel status, but people can never be bought with money in the bank. Hundreds
or thousands may be killed, but the issue can in no way be murdered. India using her military might, divide and rule policy, collaborators, instrument of state terrorism
and money has tried the best she could to wipe out the spirit of Naga nationalism, but all have ended in futile exercises. No matter how long it may take , we, the
Naga people will stand our ground against aggression.

By unity we mean unity of all Nagas irrespective of the artificial boundaries, not the unity of a few sections of people. By unification we also mean unification of
the whole Naga homeland.

Now some Indian-state-backed unruly elements are attempting to create undesirable situations, to disturb the on-going peace process and the peaceful co-existence in
Nagalim. Before the enemies of peace carry out their plot, I warn our people to be alert so that we do not become victims of the divisive forces. This is the right
moment to stand up against such socio-political evils.

(Th. Muivah)
Gen. Secretary, NSCN.

Oking: December 21, 2007.

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