Organizations condemn Ukhrul incident

DIMAPUR, AUG 31 :Various organizations have condemned the incident in Ukhrul town where two innocent civilians were killed and several others injured during a United Naga Council (UNC)sponsored rally on Saturday.

NH: Naga Hoho (NH) has vehemently condemned the brutal murder of Ramkashing Vashi and Mayapam Ramror by Manipur police commandos on August 30 at Ukhrul.

Naga Hoho communication cell in a press release said “their only sin was joining the people of the district to participate in the rally to emancipate the people from living under the scourge of draconian laws”.

Expressing solidarity, NH said “The loss of innocent lives have been offered at the altar of indifferent and belligerent attitude of the government of Manipur”. The hoho prayed that their soul rest in eternal peace and Almighty God grant peace and solace to the bereaved families.

NH said the unfortunate incident was an indication “of the bent of mind of the Manipur government”, showing no tolerance to any peaceful demonstrators living in difficult circumstances for no fault of theirs. NH said that the Manipur government had no compunction but to take away innocent lives and injuring several other rallyists.

Sensing that the citizens were subjected to “undue harassment ever since the imposition of section 144 CrPc”, NH said it had earlier urged the Manipur government to relax the law long. However, it said their pleas had fallen on deaf ears and the imposition of the law remained.

It was as though the Manipur government had been waiting for the people to assemble in large number to register their protest, and thereby demonstrate their military superiority on innocent citizens, NH stated.

The hoho further urged Government of India to immediately direct Manipur government “to revoke the imposition of laws that restricts citizens to a life of honour and dignity”.

THN: Tangkhul Hoho, Nagaland (THN) has condemned the high-handedness and the “barbaric atrocities” committed by the Manipur Police Commando and IRB personnel at the behest of Manipur government which led to the killing of two perons – Ramkashing Vashi (26), son of Christopher Vashi and Mayopam Ramror (30), son of Hangyui Ramror and injuring several others on August 30, 2014 in Ukhrul Town.

In a press release, THN president Shai Raleng and secretary PA Ramsing said the citizens of Ukhrul were registering a democratic protest against the promulgation of Section 144 CrPC in Ukhrul district. The promulgation of 144 in Ukhrul district for more than one month was in no way justifiable but a direct threat to individual rights and freedom, said TNH.

The hoho called upon all civil society organisations to condemn the “barbaric action” of Manipur police and IRB and support the citizens of Ukhrul district in this trying time.

THN also offered deep condolences to the bereaved families and prayed that their sacrifice would not go in vain and wished all those injured persons a “speedy recovery”.

NSF: Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has vehemently condemned the killing of three innocent civilians and injuries caused to many other during the United Naga Council (UNC) sponsored rally in Ukhrul Town.

In a press release, NSF vice president Joseph Nguori and speaker RS. Jollyson said the incident took place when UNC was scheduled to organize a peaceful rally demanding the settlement of the long pending Naga political issue and removal of Section 144 of CrPC in the Ukhrul district.

The federation questioned the government of Manipur on the rationale behind the continuous promulgation of Section 144 CrPC when the public has sought to lift the same.

NSF said the August 30 incident has clearly shown the intention of the government of Manipur that its commandos and IRB personnel were deployed in the district not for safeguarding but for “militarization and bring fear psychosis” in the minds of the peace loving citizens. It said there could be no reason to open fire “randomly and bombard the town” when public were democratically carrying out peaceful procession.

“Such a barbaric act is tantamount to direct challenging to the whole Nagas and also amounts to sabotaging the Indo-Naga peace process”, said NSF. NSF has asked the government of Manipur to give adequate compensation to the family members of those killed and also to take care of all the medical requirements of the injured persons.

The federation further sought the government of India to set up an independent enquiry committee to thoroughly investigate the incident and punish the officer(s) responsible for the mayhem in Ukhrul.

NSF also offered “deep regret and condolences” to the bereaved family members and pray for early recovery of those persons.  The federation urged all Nagas to come together and stand resolutely for “our inherent birth rights.”

NSUD: Naga Student Union Delhi (NSUD) has also strongly condemned the August 30 incident in Ukhrul Town.

In a press release, NSUD expressed its extreme displeasure against the government of Manipur for its “inhuman and callous treatment” meted out to civilians at a rally organized UNC and the killing of three persons.

The indiscriminate and deliberate firing by the police on unarmed civilians during the rally has clearly shown that the Nagas in Manipur cannot live with the dominant community under one administrative roof any longer, said NSUD.

The union said the “communal colour” of the state government has been repeatedly displayed and there was no respite from its oppressive approach toward the Nagas.

NSUD extended “heartfelt condolences” to the family and kin of those who laid down their lives for the cause and dignity of the Nagas and said it would continue fight and strive for truth and justice. The union said it saluted the “heroes and martyrs” and acknowledged their courage and sacrifice.

NSUD also while stating that the demand for the revocation of Section 144 of CrPC in Ukhrul was not enough said that it demanded a CBI inquiry into the brutal killing of unarmed civilians and immediate intervention of the government of India for a lasting political solution.


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