NSUD takes anti-Sadar Hills stand to PM

NEW DELHI, Oct 13 : Calling upon the Prime Minister of India to intervene for non creation of Sadar Hills District in Manipur, the Naga Students’ Union Delhi ( NSUD) today held a protest demonstration in New Delhi.

A memorandum for the same cause was also submitted to the Prime Minister.

Students shouted “We are against Sadar Hills District creation”, “Ibobi’s policy is to divide and rule”, “No Sadar Hills district without the consent of the Nagas”, “We don’t want bloodshed”, “Sadar Hills is a bloodshed” etc.

Student leader Joshua said, “We came here today to protest against the proposed creation of Sadar Hills district. We believe that the Govt of Manipur should think over it so that we can all live together peacefully”.

On the question of UNC’s counter blockade, the student leader said, “the UNC is an apex body, we stand by their stand and support.”

A practising Advocate in Delhi,  Worso Zimik who participated in the protest told media persons that the Manipur Government has been indirectly supporting the Sadar hills district demand and therefore the continued silence on the issue and moreover to create conflict between the tribals.

“Nagas are fully against the Manipur Government as much as the Manipur Govt is against the Nagas” said Zimik.

On the question of NSCN’s role and involvement in the anti-Sadar hills district stir, the Advocate said “any Nagas  or any organization are all Nagas.”

Stating that the protest demonstration was staged as the Manipur Chief Minister had come was staged as the Manipur Chief Minister had come to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister, Worso Zimik said “this is very crucial for the Nagas, as the meeting is to prepare the groundwork for creation of Sadar Hills District with the consent of the Government of India but without consent of the Nagas.”  “This is a ploy of the Manipur Government at the expense of the Nagas”, he added.    Over the possible outcome if Sadar Hill district was created , Advocate Zimik affirmed “This would ignite bloodshed”

On the matter of Sadar Hills being an Autonomous District Council, wherein the demand was upgradation to a full fledged district and that its has already existing areas of administration. Advocate Zimik countered “the ADC is not functioning, it is not legal.”

He further claimed that Nagas are the original land owners and that the present inhabitants are from “outside”.

Upon the State Government’s move for reorganization of district boundaries. Worso Zimik  opined that the intention is to bifurcate Naga areas.  It is also a move to create Meitei district such as Jiribam.

Meanwhile Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh met the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram today afternoon.

Sources from media reported that the Chief Minister informed that no decision has taken and would not be taken until the District re-organization committee submits its report.  Reportedly the Home Minister asked the Chief Minister to brief him on the situation and whether the CM would require his support.  The CM also reported that State Assembly elections would be held in February next year.

Till the time of this reporting there has been no report of any discussion upon the ongoing economic blockade.

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