NSCN/GRPN responds back to NPCC President

Dimapur, September 5 : The NSCN/GPRN reacts testily to the press statement of president of Nagaland Pradesh congress Committee SI Jamir “who echoed the party’s stand that ‘any Naga settlement should be acceptable to all.’”

“Mr.SI Jamir is advised to keep track of what is happening today with regards to reconciliation and peace process. The fact that FNR (Forum for Naga Reconciliation) initiated reconciliation process has made significant progress where the highest level leaders have decided to forgive and forget each others wrong doings of the past against each other and focus on strengthening peace process,” a note from the publicity cell of the NSCN/GPRN stated today.

Going further, the note said, a “high level committee” to “concretize” the formation of a “Naga national government” with the main purpose of
strengthening the ongoing peace process with the government of India.

“This step leaves nothing to doubt that NSCN is not going to allow any solution imposed by government of India and in the same spirit it is not going to impose any solution on the Naga people without having proper interaction with the people,” the NSCN/GPRN said.

The group condescended saying that the Congress party “should avoid creating confusion without first adopting to the changing political ground reality and place themselves among the larger group who are working tirelessly to bring solution that is honorable and acceptable to both India and the Naga people.”

“To bring back and apply the mistakes of the past to the Naga people’s aspiration under the ongoing peace process will never be acceptable,” the note said

The group claimed further that “NSCN have never taken the stand to isolate the contents of the political talks from the people” but had “given enough indications” that “when the right time comes” the people “will always be consulted.”

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