NSCN/GPRN warn kidnappers of dire consequences

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 27 (MExN): The National Socialist Council of Nagalim has stated that going by the recurrence of abductions in Dimapur it has become a matter of shame for the security agencies and also the public for not coming up in the manner expected by helping each other curb the menace. A press note from the MIP stated that the time has come to “go beyond lip service of condemnation against abduction” and that the “NGOs and civil society groups in the level of students, women, mothers, GBs etc should no longer sit in the fence”.

“They should come forth to see that these kidnappers are hunted down and given the severest punishment irrespective of any tribal or party affiliation. The judgement of the people has to come with a vengeance as the abduction and kidnapping for ransom has gone too far and the sooner an exemplary punishment is demonstrated the better for the society.
They should be liquidated at any cost”, the MIP note stated. It stated that in the “madness to make easy and fast money an innocent children’s psycho has been damaged and fear psychosis implanted deeply in their minds”. “Who can forgive such anti-social elements that have fooled the society far too often”. On its part, the NSCN/GPRN stated that they were “committed to do the urgency and shall be without mercy” while pointing out that no “public outcry to be entertained in the event of NSCN taking the severest action upon the culprits”.
The MIP note also suggested for public interest that the abductors or kidnappers should be made unbailable once caught and they should be made to “rot and suffer inside the four corners of the jail”.

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