NSCN/GPRN slams Khole

IMPHAL, Dec 22: Reacting to reported outbursts of Gen (Retd) Khole Konyak against Chairman SS Khaplang, NSCN/GPRN spokesperson P Tikhak observed that being an illiterate, Khole might not be aware of what is appearing in the media every day. Describing the media reports as ‘all construed and bereft of facts’, the spokesperson referred to Khole as an old man in his 90s who must be mentally unstable for the latter allegedly claiming all credits.

Today he claims saving Chairman SS Khaplang, the other day I came across a news article wherein he claimed to have saved the lives of Isak and Muivah. I feel pity for the old sick man who is completely under the control of Ketovi, the latter holding him as a pawn and using him left and right for his petty benefits, opined Tikhak. Recounting that Khole affectionately sports one camouflage jacket brought from China during the early days of Naga movement and he use to tell the Naga Army confidently that he will never put-off his Jacket until Naga people gets independence, the spokesperson also noted that Khole promised his Konyak people that, he will never step across the international border unless Nagas enjoy freedom.

Posing where are his (Khole’s) promises, the spokesperson in a statement issued today alleged that Khole, who is no more ‘our hero’ is now talking only about Nagaland state and is enjoying a lavish lifestyle who, otherwise spent all his youthful days and almost all his life in the jungle of eastern Nagaland dreaming that, one day Nagas would become independent and die as a national hero. It is sad that, he has forgotten the sacrifices made by his very own people the Konyaks, Pangmis, Lainongs, Khimyungngan, Sangtam, Phom, Yimchunger, Tangsang who died protecting him and his leadership.

Sadly, all the martyrs of yesterday who sacrificed their life under the then army chief Konyak and his own sacrifices for his people and the Naga nation is now cooked and construed by some inexperienced and undergraduate boys in the name of MIP.

Let me also remind Mr. khole that, both Khoiwang and Pohwang being Konyak and since all three of them comes from the same community, there was always an affinity towards each other and for that reason with the undivided NSCN (K), he conveyed adding that they are upholding the teachings and principles of none other than Khole who had always advised them not to abandon the Tangsang brothers of eastern Nagaland under any circumstances.  They are the true leaders of the Konyak people. Therefore, it is not Khoiwang or Pohwang rather it is Khole who has strayed away and is now a changed person and who has not only betrayed the Konyaks but the entire Eastern Nagas. On the issue of reconciliation, he reminded the Naga people that, it was chairman Khaplang who even before the Reconciliation process strongly advocated  for forgive and forget policy among the Naga groups.  Although, it could not materialize, the fact that Khaplang was among the signatory of Covenant of Reconciliation is a known fact. And in fact, the reconciliation process could reach this far only because chairman Khaplang agreed to the reconciliation process during the undivided NSCN (K).


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