NSCN/GPRN response to NSCN Khaplang on ’33 points’

response to NSCN Khaplang on ’33 points’

Morung express

With reference to the K group wanting clarification from NSCN on why the group was branded as anti-Naga it will be ridiculous to give any explanation to Khaplang and his followers. The historical fact shows that Khaplang is a person impeached and expelled from NSCN in 1989 National Hoho for committing murder of hundreds of national workers on fabricated ground. NSCN however, in response to the reconciliation process initiated by FNR and giving due respect to the sentiment of the Nagas who long for a lasting peace and solution to the Naga
political tangle, we were ready to meet him. But he turned down the move on whimsical reasons.

With regards to the alleged 33 Points proposal for Naga solution as mentioned and questioned by the K group it is like a bold from the blue. Because the nature of the Indo-Naga Political talks is such that except the negotiating teams of NSCN and the Government of India nobody knows the exact contents of the proposals and counter proposals.. Moreover, the points are seen to be twisted and invented to serve vested interests.

But mind that Nagas have missed the finest opportunities for a number of times in the past. Rest assured that the present Indo-Naga political talk is in the right track. It is going on in the spirit of shared sovereignty’ and ‘unique identity with inter –dependence relationship’.

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