NSCN/GPRN Kyong region decries AR raids

Morung Express

Dimapur, November 22 : Members of the ‘Kyong region’ of NSCN (Isak-Muivah) have demanded that the 41st Assam Rifles return arms and ammunition seized allegedly from the faction’s cadres during raids in Wokha. A note stating the demand, from the group’s ‘Kyong Region GPRN’, no name appended, was received here today.

The Kyong region members of the faction have asked the security forces 41st Assam rifles “to produce the seized arms and ammunitions to the office of the cease fire monitoring cell. The Wokha unit reminds them to enforce and honor cease fire ground rules in letter and spirit so as to prevail peaceful co-existence between the security forces and the Kyong region GPRN.”
The group said that that the “last couple of months” have seen ‘anti socials actively engaged in supplying banned drugs and alcohols choosing Wokha-Merapani road as a safe passage.’ To “control these activities suspected vehicles are being frisked from time to time and from different locations.”
The security forces are “taking advantage of the situation” and arresting the NSCN cadres “who are sincerely performing there duties,” the ‘Kyong region’ claimed.
“In fact, the security forces are acting in a partial and biased manner against cadres of NSCN (IM). Under the guidance of local informers, movements of Naga armies are being monitored round the clock resulting in seizure of arms and ammunition,” the NSCN group said. Alleging that the security forces “often commits gross violation of cease fire ground rules without fear of any intervention or exposure,” the note accused them of resorting “to violence, harassment and even raid.”
Claiming that the NSCN/GPRN is restraining from acting in retaliation, the note said “the GRPN choose to remain a silent spectators which should not be miss judged or miss construed as assign of weakness.”

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