NSCN questions AR on violating CF rules

DIMAPUR, MARCH 10 (MExN):  The NSCN/GPRN (IM) has stated that in the case of conducting any search, certain rules cannot be ignored and that “giving free hand to the Assam Rifles or state police is never the rules found even in the Indian Penal Code (IPC)”.  “When Rev. Puni’s house was searched by the 29th AR of 5 Sector under IGAR (N)  and police it was simply a mad rush as though they have come for looting”, stated a press note issued by Issued by MIP/GPRN.

As per the rule mentioned in 100 IPC the search has to be done in the presence of the house owner or the local GB. But no respect was given to the IPC and nobody was allowed inside the house once the search started, the MIP press note stated. It was stated that a long lists of items seized was prepared after the search was finished and “Rev.Puni was made to sign under duress”.
“What is so cheap on the part of the search parties was that no eye witness was allowed and to his surprise Rev.Puni found that cash amounting to Rs.50,000/-  belonging  to his wife’s business income was missing and that amount was never even mentioned in lists prepared by the AR under the command of one Major”, the MIP note explained.
According to the press note, given in the lists was one Chinese Grenade, which the MIP note stated, was not true. “How come AR led by a Major cannot differentiate Chinese made from the local made? Why so obsessed to link with China for any Grenade seized?”
The MIP press note stated that Rev.Puni as a Red Card holder asked the AR and police when they entered his compound the reason for coming to his house. He was given the reply that the directive to search his house was given by the Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG). “Who is respecting rules and who is violating rules? Assam Rifles cannot simply trample rules or any civilized ethics to accuse NSCN member of violating Ceasefire Ground Rules (CFGR).CFGR is not made to be placed at the whims of AR”, the MIP note stated.
“What is made by the government of India and NSCN with mutual respect for each other’s position cannot be given free hand to Assam Rifles and to be violated at its own conveniences”, the MIP note stated while pointing out that this was “totally against the ceasefire spirit”. “Assam Rifles and police must answer before the people why rules have to be broken to search somebody’s house by not allowing eye witness during the search”. It further stated that the Assam Rifles cannot put themselves “above rules while going against NSCN member in the guise of guarding ceasefire ground rules observation”.

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