NSCN (K) blames govt. for victimizing ‘NSCN workers’

Dimapur, June 3:NSCN (K) People’s Army of Nagaland ‘Lt. Gen.’ Niki Sumi has blamed the state government agencies, “especially the police and bureaucracy” for victimizing “hundreds of NSCN workers” merely on grounds of law and order situation. In a statement titled “Cease-fire quagmire: augmentation of state govt’s (Nagaland) anti-Naga posture, “ Niki said polarization of Naga political groups and “diabolic cease-fire engagement” of Centre with various groups regardless of authenticity of their stand on the Naga political issue, has created significant “anti-incumbency environment” in the “Indo-Naga” political standoff.

He said the state government was only a facilitator and not a party to CF agreement between government of India and NSCN. However instead of facilitating, the state government and its agencies especially police and bureaucracy without discretion victimized hundreds of workers. Niki pointed out that “Indo-Naga issue” was over and above law and order issue and therefore “zealous effort” of state agencies to underrate the same by emphasizing on “law and order” prerogative was an open defiance to the Nagas in general.
He said NSCN “properties worth crores” and assets including human resources have been seized, destroyed or scuttled by state agencies with an ulterior motive to incapacitate NSCN. Arresting hundreds of NSCN members under NSA despite the cease-fire was a clear indication of “anti-NSCN campaign,” said Niki. He said every single instance was recorded for further “interpretation” and none would be absolved from the “crimes committed against NSCN without explanation.” Niki said state officials/ individuals, “taunting the legitimacy of NSCN” as people’s struggle by the “puppets of GoI” would never be tolerated and added that “even the progenies” of such elements would be held accountable.

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