NSCN (IM) slams ‘unfounded allegation’ of Assam govt

NSCN (IM) slams ‘unfounded allegation’ of Assam govt
Dimapur, January 22 (MExN): Taking strong exception to what it termed as the “malicious unfounded allegation” of the Assam government blaming the NSCN/GPRN for instigating unrest in the NC Hill, an MIP press note clarified that it was in no way involved in any sort of “unleashing terror” in the district as was claimed in a report prepared on the basis of the visits of a fact-finding Committee of Justice on Trial that appeared in some local dailies.
“The NSCN/GPRN term such unbecoming and unscrupulous statement of the Assam government much to the indignation of the Naga people as highly unfortunate and uncalled for”, the MIP note stated. The NSCN (IM) pointed out that the Assam government had failed to “carry any political correctness” in restoring peace and normalcy in the trouble wrecked district” and that it was only adding insult to the injury that would not serve anything good but instead create further confusion, suspicion, misunderstandings and division among different ethnic groups in the area.
“It is totally unwise on the part of the government of Assam to make NSCN/GPRN scapegoat of its own failure and ineffectiveness to contain the situation coupled with the divisive policy of the government of India towards the region who has been maintaining a silent spectator over the sensational issue for quite some time”.
The NSCN press note alleged that one Capt. Hemanta Singh of 45 AR was found working hand in glove with DHD outfit in attacking the Zeme Nagas when the ethnic clash between the Dimasas and Zeme Nagas was at its peak. According to the MIP note, the AR failed miserably to clarify and come out clean on the issue.
“Such misgiving allegation implicating and dragging the name of the NSCN/GPRN with malicious intention is another candid exposure of its (Assam) inability to deal with the problems of its own making”, the MIP note stated while going on to add that the NSCN/GPRN never ever intended to disturb the centuries old peaceful co-existence between the Kacharis/Dimasas and the Nagas or with any other community in the region and that it has no hand in the present turmoil in NC Hill whatsoever.
The NSCN/GPRN as such has strongly refuted the allegation that it is providing training and helping other revolutionary organizations in the so called North East. “NSCN/GPRN neither has clandestine nor official relation with others to create situations in any part of India after signing of Cease-fire agreement”, it stated.
Further it stated that the principle of NSCN/GPRN itself strongly prohibited imposition of one’s culture and religion to others and thus the question of pressuring and forcing non-Christian to convert to Christianity does not arise at all. The MIP note demanded that the so called fact-finding Committee of Justice on Trial and Justice MV Tamaskar should come out with clear evidence to substantiate their claim to clear the air and to avoid any unwanted consequences.

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